Wednesday, March 30, 2011


my hands need a  rest, my mind does the works 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

i need some silent

i remove my blog's song cause i feel want to vomit every time i hear to it..though it's one of my favorite song..i need some changes.. i woke up just now and i saw my face..ya allah..kusamnye..i didn't scrub my face for 2 busy i i didn't lie..i didn't shave,cut my long nails and today i pampered anak org ape je dh ni..but everything's late..pimple start growing on my blemish face..i have extra sleep after i finished my 2nd assignment. i mean very long sleep like 48hours nonstop.

before sleep i always think,think and think about my life..can someone bring me to the right path? can you join me to the right path? bring it on..i need to cure my life. i just need to be home right now..i miss my parents a lot..thank GOD my mom got her medical check up already..and nothing to be worried about..alhamdulillah..

i'm not good in comforting people..but i'm good in keeping quite when i feel people need their privacy...indeed..i am not really friendly but i know what i need to do, how i need to react..ok..this is a funny part..lambat..* no need to understand cause i have no time to explain..bhahaha

i hope i can go back home next week..i miss my mum a lot..a lot and a lot..i can't live without my mom..and my dad too..haish..banyak perkara nak diusulkan bila pulang nanti..:o and i miss my mannnnn kureng skit sbb i miss my family more than i miss him..:P i miss my cat even more lol...

psst: i can't find where my handphone now..i texted with my sister just now and i think it slipped anywhere in my room..sure he will membebel nanti.

that is what make us different

Saturday, March 26, 2011

discovered ,recovered?

i'm not yet recovered from this sickness..T_T..yesterday, i'd mentioned you that i ate nonstop..yes..seriously non stop..i ate nasi lemak, roti, slices of cake, 1 set of mcd mac chicken burger, all kind of junkfood ,kerepek whatnot, milk,cereal, pepsi, nasi goreng kerabu+sambal belcan+thai sauce and plain soup ,nasi berlauk in 2 days la..but for me it 's a lot.. and now i'm suffered..i'm having a serious stomach ache,head ache,nausea, diarrhoea but thank God it is not a serious diarrhoea..

i didn't touch any rice since yesterday only slice of betik as alas perut and a slice of cake..perut i xboleh nak terima any kind of nasi dah..but today i ate half from haly rice with taufu...i need my energy back..i slept 48 seriously how can i shut my eyes like that? otak rasa berat nak mampus.

i have no mood to answer call. don't get angry with me if you called me 100 times and i didn't answer any of it..i have no mood,no mood ,no mood..xpaham paham ke,bye

SOS: i discovered someone is so childish..y u no act like your real age? you make me wanna always being sarcastic..everyone forget and move on their life..why don't you be part of them?
i need my energy back :(

Thursday, March 24, 2011

best medicine

when i have loads of assignments to finish, i started to eat loads of foods..i eat,eat and eat again..munching everything in front of my eyes..sorry,i can't stop munching..when i am happy, then my eating habit back to normal again..i'm clueless..maybe i am very stress now..i have bunch of coursemates and i stay up  at foyer until dawn just to finish our assignment..we don't have enough time more..all we need to stay awake until dawn or prof will failed our coursework..i am tired of this matter..i'm panting..i need space, i'm gasping for oxygen..GOD...haish..semester will end soon..fuhh...i hope everything will be smooth..INSYAALLAH

muke2 procrastinator

this is when we finish our last speech yesterday! hip hip hurey!

Friday, March 18, 2011


a few days ago...i saw a beautiful rainbow..i am so overwhelmed..i have no idea why..maybe the beauty of the rainbow and i think it has been ages i didn't saw it..the power  of GOD..YEA..he can create everything..every sweet thing,disaster, is all on his hand..we plan He determines

i am happy and  i am sad..everyone updates their status stated that they will going back home bla bla..i'm still stuck here with a lot of things to submit and whatsoever..kadang-kadang sakit hati pun ade..xnak belajar lagi bole?..kerja xpernah abis..hari2 tambah yang baru..xpe..tabah..but i have a reason to be  happy cause my mister still accompany me here..he will going back home maybe this monday.ok..that's sad..but i need to control my feeling..we want to be forever not temporary..i need to keep that in mind..sabo je le

i miss my home so much..if i don't have a lot of tasks, rela balik kot weekend..bia bontot sakit nek bas lame2 pon..demi family aku rela..kann..T-T..

die xnk ambik pic malam2..flash make him darker..NOT

thanks for bought me a lot of

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we live in a different world

tiap2 ari ade je task baru..hari ni dpt lagi 4th speech tuk mggu dpn..pdhl td bru siap 3rd week da last speech..apo nk buek..tmbh lagi test yg bukan satu tapi byk..assignment jgn ckp ah..major2 lain sume dh ready tuk final kot..dak english selalu last2..:( nasib badan la..xbole da nk duk ngadap laptop and movie marathon..sampai sakit2 kepala teleng sbb meniarap ats katil kpla ngadap lptop..

haa..sbnrnye xtaw nk tulis ape..kahahkah..bodo je suke ntah fingers cramp cause i did laundry myself :( haa...ok.dudeeeeeeeeeee

while i was doing laundry just now,i think of something..guess what?? ok..KAHWIN for me is like around 24 - 25,,not below then 24..i always want to get married on these ages..i really do..why? ok la..let me give you my plan...after i graduated i want to find a jod,,not too selected but ok la with my degree,..skrg kan degree dah mcm spm..makin xde xleh la nak fussy sgt bab kerja ni..ade gaji and cukup untuk tggung mase depan..then when i am in 24 i want to get engaged and early age of 25 i want to kahwin..yeay..nak baby cepat2 :)

i always told  that to my BF and i know he actually doesn;t agree with me..for him 26,27 is better cause maybe he think he wants to stabilized his life's economy or whatnot..ya la..i want that also..i want my future husband already have evrything before married..kereta,rumah..just the basics la..tu keperluan hidup and everybody needs it..

tadi,sy lunch kt PETAS BUBUS..and i saw  a married couple went there for lunch together with their son..i saw they just naik motorsikal  tengah2 panas..kesian jugak tgok.. a nutshell..we need to establish our life walaupun kite nak kahwin awal..ngeh ngeh..khas untuk sy sebenarnye :)

natural revolution

sebenarnye kena practise speech mlm ni disbbkan last week postpone..bile kali kedua mls plak nk practise...pdhl belom memorise ape2 lagi..sebab sy malas sgt skrg ni..and rase nak balik yg amat amat..believe it or not..i slept  from 7 pm untill 11 pm..damn mengantuk.malas giler nk mandi,nk smbhyg ,nak buat ape2 la..bile bangun terus rindu family kt rumah..rindu dkt kucing..rindu kt bf xpe..few days nt jumpe balik awk lepas tu entah macam mne la sy sini xleh umpe awk smpi bln 5 :'(

boleh x ,xnk buat assignment, xnk amik final paper..nk balik..nk jumpe family..haish..lame kot xbertemu..kalo la aq study kt UMT ,ari2 balik..hehe..rindu rindu rindu T_T

back to the topic,..natural revolution..ok..this related to the natural disaster happened to nihon-jin few days ago..tsunami means a lot to us..walaupun kite xkena tp bagi sy itu mungkin sign yg tuhan nak tunjuk..banyak kot kt fb ke internet ke..psl tsunami ni..and the relation with the final day..who knows..just now, i read an article from yahoo page stated that this tsunami makes our days shorter because it altered the earth location..mung teralih byk kot..i don't know..i'm not an expert to explain about it..

but i realised that we know that it will happen but we do nothing..the powerful of GOD..nothing can challenge canggih cane pon..GOD just sent water and everything ruined..MASYAALLAH..i know,you know and we know..but we did not start anything to change..yes..i simply said it to myself..i hope i can change and be a better person..INSYAALLAh

Monday, March 14, 2011

the countdown is now over :)

After big  fight, kicking each other asses, slap each other faces,..ok,part kick, slap tu drama we finally met after  37 days apart, we stick again..heh..i miss him so much.. I wouldn’t believe I’ll be able  to carry this short  LDR...but we made it!..officially it has been towards a year..still new born ni..haha..we through a lot of things ..tears  and laugh are our bestfriends J  he knows how to handle me when I’m emo or when I cried..IDK..i hope everything will be fine ever..i know we are going to through a lot of thing soon..there is still a long journey wait for us..may everything is undercontrol..insyaallah..i know i am a baby person..but i'm trying to be matured :)

kredit to me pndai amik pic

and credit to him xpndai amik

Friday, March 11, 2011

i have a message..*more actually

*i hope we are all safe from any prayer is together with Japanese..hope everything is under control..InsyaAllah

*f*** off to people who just made joke with the tsunami in Japan..there's no time to panggil ultraman ke ape..WTF are you joking with?

* at this moment i just want to be home, with my family, my dirty-ugly cat, ..i love to be a couch potato again :)

*edited* i should delete what i wrote..haha

*i stay in my room and i eat like there's no more tomorrow

*i feel want to curse everything out, i know it is not good


Thursday, March 10, 2011

spell it right

ok..this is not funny at all..and this is not related to any spelling competition or i got my assignment..and it was  so embarrassing ..this is what happened just now when Dr called out my name to give my assignment:

DR : syarifahh..
me: yea
Dr: can u spell abstract?
me: a.b.s.t.r.a.c.t
DR: can you spell language?
me: l.a.n.g.u.a.g.e
DR: but why there are so many spelling error in your assignment???
me: .......

i admit that i am a forever TYPO..T_T

my Dr also said that I'd create a new vocabulary..I wrote NUMERIAL  instead of NUMERAL..kahkahkahkah..i am a dead meat..i need to type my assignment one letter to one letter with as slow as i can later..i don't want to miss any single LETTER anymore..

sincerely from..
SYA,forever typo

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the coolest youtube celebrity evah

yea..dude..for Malaysian you might know these youtuber people..mathluthfi and inianwarhadi..but for me the famous-coolest evah of course goes to nigahiga..the japanese-american guy together with his friends..go and visit his channel_nigahiga..i would say he is handsome, cool and funny yeah yeah..and damn you...with his lip-synching is so cool..

the most favourite video of mine evah  is never say ever..he tried to sing never say never(justin bieber) i don't know how to explain.just go and see the videoon ur own..heheh

now it is tremendously a trend among us to upload cool video in youtube,..but some are just annoying..if you are lucky, people will like you..but if you are not ..anda hanya dapat sumpah seranah je kot dr viewers..lolz..

enjoy the nigahiga video..* i was late to know him cause he already made  loadss of videos and he also get many offered to act in ya

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


  apesal la bile da prepare betol2 tibe nak postpone..uwauwaa...aritu test dr.alias skang speech pulak postpone..wuu..nak wt cane..Dr. plak xsihat..:"( tapi bile da postpone minggu depan plakk sume jadi bertimbun..sapa nk jawab? si procrastinator ni pandai ke manage masa? plisshhhhhhhh..ade 4 minggu lagi before final..but I still got 10 assignment+project and whatnot..mommah mommah ..T.T..nak dating pun xbest dah

 speech: 2 speeches more need to present
 japanese scrap
 psycholinguistic test
 english modern  literature assignment
 japanese drama
critical writing and reading test
 "                          assignment
 psycholinguistic project

okay..i don't what to start 1st..i just know i need a short nap now  T__T

to encik A- rajin2 kan lah diri anda buat fyp tu..sem dpn da xde dh kt USM..hargailah hari2 mu di USM..haha..and sem dpn sy xperlu nk ponteng psiko dah sbb dh abis sem ni :))

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

skip class if you don't have heart

i do prefer to skip class today..morning class..i woke up early but i don't want to answer? saja..i always told myself i hate literature so much..i mean half of the semester i do love it but when there is a changes of lecturer i am not interested anymore..i don't understand at all..why every novel need to be so complicated ? i can't think implicit-ly.. i just understand the surface of the novel..what is told is what i know..that's all..

tomorrow is my 3rd speech..speech outline still not done yet.I hope I can be more confident than me dear Almighty.. everything should be start and end smoothly..

oh ya..i'm sorry and feel guilty cause i just realised that i just call my mum if i don't have you umi and abah..:)

don't expect me to have  a lot of friends cause i just have 10 classmates plus eibah,ina,rehan,etc etc..<30 kot..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Nourishing Sleeping Mask

saje je nk mereview..muke sy sejak dua menjak ni ada masalah jerawat and hydrating problems..muka asyik nak , i tried this bio essence hydra spa energy ni..and i can say i am totally satisfied..why? because i actually had the problem since 1 weeks and I used many methods to reduce it..but nothing last night I cubela pakai and it is not like peel off masker..u just put it on ur face, sleep and when you wake up just rinse it with water..and hell ya..i am free from kulit yang menggelupas..kahkah..but my face still nk berkawan dgn jerawat..kahkahkah..geram..

actually it is not like 100% berkesan but just i can see the changes on my skin..and thank for that..oh ya..and my face feels more moisturized after using it..tq:P

we lie to ourselves so much that , after awhile , the lies start to seem like the truth
penatnye menunggu benda alah ni loadingg...haish..bukak jap loading jap..

2,3 hari ni keje sy bangun tido ,mandi,study brain..semata-mata tuk midterm yg 10%.. sy stdy mcm 50% punye tuk final terus..

tapi alahai..arini bangun pukul 9, test kul 11..semata2 nak study..nk mandi tgok air xde..hampagass betol..angkut la air watercooler tu nk mandi..xpe..wangi lg..:P..pergi kelas tunggu Dr.alias punye la sejam..last2 dr. xdtg...maknenye test xde la...haish..geram betoll.. biase DR call or x..senyap je.. rupe2 nya dr. dh msj si Radha tp die bce msj tu sejam kemudia..hahahhahahahaha...rasa nak gelak dgn geram geram

sy dah penat dah penat penat..i want to find my own happiness.. i'm sorry if u came here and regret.u said you tried everything..yes..same goes to me,you did not see my

Sunday, March 6, 2011

i is senseless

i woke up late these few days..i woke up i bathed, i studied and i felt so heart beat like i don't have no reasons..

my brain can't digest anything I read,better I close the book and start to relaxing myself..I don't have to force myself do what i dislike..what else to do than take a short nap? hehe..bye :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

happy birthday

happy birthday to my mister..may GOD bless you and may GOD shows us a right path..there's nothing can describe about you..:) you means a lot of me..i love you ..year knowing you worth everything..THANK YOU :)

tik tok tik tok..:)
i'm counting the day :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

i learned, i fall and i learned again

worried of my midterm..damn..i need to stay focus. jgn main main..oh we went to the new library of usm..It is so cool ya know..that library was like high class to study..not as old library..the cushion.the desk and the environment are so fresh..i can stay and study there 12 hours but unfortunately the new one only open till 4.45pm..

and and..,sy malu arini sebab sebab sy pakai selipar kahwin..this is my first time pakai selipur jepun g campus..aritu sy selalu kutuk2 org yg pki selipar toilet g sy buat hari ni and sy terima padahnye..T_T

i love all the interior design

one table for one person to study is cool

arini jatuh tangga lagi sambil makan betik...loklaq nye sy..bye T-T

throw out everything when your are ready

again..i'm coming with the lame ideas..i love writing but i'm suck in generating  ideas..
I actually plan to do a bit of revision but i am procrastinator..duh.i'm trying to get rid of it..please help me..

lately I've been quite emo or VERY emo..i don't bother..but sometimes it is annoying attitude..but I think I should praise myself here..I'd never show my emotion to my friends..I don't know why..I do share a lot of thinga with my closest friends but I think to be emotional in front of them it is  so not friend said a friend of her told her " eh,kawan ko tu cam sombong la,takut nk tegur'..i don't get angry but for me it is funny cause maybe in appearance I'm quite looking  as introvert person..dont know how to cop with stranger..I just can be myself  with my friend that i know since my 1st semester..that is me..I need to know how to get along with is important to make a social networking..i'm working on it now..:)

my mister said that I am too manja and he  must teach me to be independent woman..lolz..funny but I don't know..when  i feel no one cares about me i will  sulk..don't care la  my family,bf or whatnot.. I'm 22 and no one believed that..i remember on my way to balik kg the bus driver told me how come I am the university's student? he thought that I am 14years old school girl..:'( wtf? ok least awet mude..

back to the sulk things..i can't be honest when I am in sulking mood...don't ask me to tell everything or  to express everything..if everything back to normal then i can be myself and tell the truth..sorry if  I am so childish..:)
i just miss her so much :)

stay focuss

after 2 hours spending my time doing my full essay of my speech,I feel a bit release now..I give so much efforts on this 3rd public speaking because i don;t want banana fruit two times..hehehe.. Just waiting for the day to deliver my speech..and now it is all rely on my self esteem, self confidence and whatnot. I hope I can do the, I need to focus for my psycholinguistic midterm and then I will memorised my speech.. I hope I can speak nicely in front people and I can impress them. I really hope so.

now I can feel happy because i just want to be happy.. 2 days in row i cried in my sleep..such a baby. i am over sensitive when it comes to life. alah..actually there is no problem..but ya know me? i always make a big things of a small matter..xoxo..i don't want to go to class with sagging eye is so stupid...woo wooo..

i'm looking forward..i mean really forward..dear ALMIGHTY,i hope everything  will be fine and i hope we are free of any us the right way, the right path and i'm trying to be  a good muslimah..and i hope it soo..very much.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

simple is superb

now..i want my blog look as simple as it can..but i want beauty header..i don't know how ..T.T
i just want to feel like this is closed blog..not private..people still can read it but not tremendously all of the creatures..get it? I don't get it myself

still pening cari tajuk but who cares? lolz...tomorrow I promise myself to finished it..

Ya Allah..KAU berikanla aku kesabaaran, kau temukan la aku dgn orang yg beriman dan dpt membimbing aku..INSYAAllah :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

idea ooo idea

see..i love USM damn much..*sarcastic a bit :P
stole it form eida desu blog

OMGJAYYYYYYYY...i was trying to find any good idea 4 my persuasive speech..and nothing is ok for me..i mean the title is not bad but i don't know what should I write for the's hard to convince people and persuade them..i don;t know mee..:'(

such a busy week for next week..i can't wait to see my bf, i have a midterm to go and for sure..this fucking hard speech..oh GOD..please show me the me the wayyyyyyy..

rase cam nk balik another week..i need to be'm not totally homesick cause there are a lot of things to be settle here..midterm,assignment, speech and whatnot..semoga semua baik baik aja..


  • bestnye dpt bersama dgn org busy ntah ape2
  • bestnye bersame dgn org yg xde persaan
  • bestnye dgn org mcm2
  • bestnye dgn hidup tunggang langgang
  • bestnye kurang kasih syg
  • bestnye mendpt kasih syg yg baru
  • bestnye bile rase best
  • bestnye bile nangis smbil tutup muke dgn bantal tkut rumate tahu
  • bestnye hoiiiii
  • best  among the best abah aku ckp :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I skipped my japanese class today and went to sleep because i'm having PMS..i don't know how long I can't stand this PMS..xboleh sembuh ka? feels like my stomach pricked with torn..hell yeah..I slept like I haven't sleep for 1 days..xsedar ape2..i can't find where is my menstrual pills..and after i am lil bit released baru jmp dalam bag..but i don't need you anymore. 

my emotions is very fragile now cause of this penyakit org perempuan..don't bother me if  I meroyan tibe2..
i need to start searching any materials for my persuasive speech next week..thank to kak kiki cause gae me brilliant and near topic for me..:) i need to prepare earlier cause there's so much thing to do for next week..midterm for sure..i need to master ,i mean really really master in psycholinguistic :)

I hope everything gonna be fine..INSYAALLAH