Sunday, October 31, 2010


it was is me..

yeay..i doodled just now..see i am going to  break my head ..lot of subjects need to restore..and throw in exam paper..T___T


Saturday, October 30, 2010


HIDUP ini susah kita nak DUGA...
Kadangkala kita rasa DEKAT dengan seseorang tu...
TAPI sebenarnya JAUH....
Walaupun kita dapat BERSAMA dia...
Belum tentu HATI dia dapat kira SELAMI...
Mungkin kita boleh buat dia KETAWA..
Tapi kita tidak tahun apa makna SENYUMANNYA....
Bila dia menangis, kita rasa kita dapat MEMUJUKNYA...
Walhal kehadiran kita langsung Tak DISEDARI....
Rencah dunia kita tidak akan tahu siapa KAWAN dan Siapa LAWAN...
Sehingga sampai saat kita JATUH TERSUNGKUR..
Adakah tangan DIHULURKAN atau DITINGGALKAN.....

* i love these quotes 

Friday, October 29, 2010

rajin giler ouh

rase rajin la pulak nak jawab tag mlm ni...holla..sbb x ngantok lg tibe tibe munyik kucing..time kasih la  cik layla yang tgh tido katil sbelah ni la rules tuk jwb tag nih haa..

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note

with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you.

At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

You have to tagged the person who tagged you
If I tag you, its because i want to know more about you.

oh iye..bace r sendirik pe beta mahu tulis

1. saya sayang umi abah sy
2.saya sensitif gila babe
3.lambat bagi respon..hahhahahaaha! 
4.kalau tido kepala xletak atas bantal pon xpe asal bantal atas kepala
5. i have big curve body..small boob! perlu ke? 
6.i am english language student dekat USM.
7. i have a boifie who loves to do any extreme sy ke T__T
*eh eh eh..die bukan mat rempi lol...:P
8. i am insomniac wannabe..LMAO
9. i love cuci mata
10. i love shopping
11. i love eat everything
12. x boleh makan  ayam kampung,daun sup,daun kari,daun saderi
13. i am introvert then extrovert but i am not that introvert gilerrr
14. ok..sangat manja
15. penakut dan penakut..jangan cite sal hantu ke hape...lempang kang
16.xde idea
17.i wanna be magazine editor, should be!
18.definitely i am smaller than you
19. i have chubby sis, green eyes sis, mole sis,fierce sis and a brother only.lololol
20. sy xgarang suke merajuk giler
21. sy pemalas
22. cats lover..damn! i should write this on 2nd sentence..lmao
23. mudah kna virus,insect bite..T__-T
24. xtahu masak
25.buat air mesti tumpahkan milo ke susu je tumpahkan td

done..tanak tag sape..nak jaab hamik..heee

Thursday, October 28, 2010

i am so retarded

wuuuu....i started with the same phrases ..same clauses....argghhh... i can't absorb it at all...what is going on with my brain hah? berak tengok pooooppp ke hape...alohaaa.... too many subject need to cover... result coursework cam la rely on this final to strive the excellent one.... but how can haa...

i think i am not like  this lembapss....ok called je tuh,,,,

everyone da balik..wuuu..just left me and eida roomate will back home tonight..tu lah..nape xbeli tiket awal ha? kan da padan muke....xpe,..i will go back home...cume lambat sikit je..kena la sacrifies kan..cewahh,,,,pdhal sini pon study ciput! i want home,..home..rindu nak makan umi masak..nk gado dgn alip...alaa....rindu my mister...hmm..sabar2...nt pegi beli tiket pastu balik! yehaa!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

classes are over...get your point for final exam..go baby go

yesterday was our last class for my uni subject(LSP 401)..uu!wooe wooe! LSP is english subject that you must pass it if  you  want to graduate well... it or not u need to pass it..oh okay..back to my story.. at 1st place,  this subject is not attract me at all..been monologue" ok..class ni gonna be boring with my madam look like so garang maaa".. lol..but things changed.. we had enjoyed this class so much..engaged the subject very well.. sometimes our 1st impression is wrong kan...ya la...'xkenal maka x cinta' although sometimes i felt this subject lil bit bored ..ok..don't misunderstood me..i mean the material, the syllable is no really catch my heart..the syllable is same with the other previous sem..change lal lil bit kan bring more challenges X;DD..lolol..

glad to say  i always got a cool  lecturer for my LSPs subject..last year i took lsp300 which my lecture was was totally fun and it will be remembered!  and same goes to this last LSP stages..lsp401 which is the highest stage for english preparation  for my school.. i also got the best lecture which is miss Kanchana..
my 1st impression to her is not  really good..coz she was like so strict and garang..but more and more  i went to this class..she is nice and fun to be with..and not forgotten she still the strict one which is good..:) thanx teacher for giving me a useful knowledge and u and really appreciate that :)

oh okay,,if those who wondering what kind of the subject, i will tell you a lil bit summary..
this subject is evaluate 100 % which is 40% for course works that include:

             10% :listening test
             10%:  job interview
             10%:  writing test
             10%:  individually oral presentation

and 60% for final exam.. oh thanx GOD i got  A(a or a-  still wondering)for the coursework and i need to remain the  grade for my least it helps with my bloody susah giler major subjects. here some pictures that are taken yesterday.

spot me baby spot me! lolol,...and at the very back is my beloved miss Kanchana
oklah..please don't spot me coZ  it obviously seen there kan..btw..we are 3 stooges that miss used to call us and luckily the 3 stooges that always give  a damn are all got A for this.thanx GOD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

i must admit it..ROF LMAO


AKUsuke gile lalu tepi laki yg OHmyGOD wangi-gile-kau-punyer-perfume...

i am not in good mood

yes...this is my theraphy:

4.maher zain

i feel like isolated...i can't breath at all after took that holy shit antibiotics..i went outing for the whole day today even sometime i was in pain.. it was bittersweet...but i don;t want to make any updates in this entry about's not that i don't appreciate people but the matter is how you keep telling yourself ensure in everything...i write this for me..

sometimes i feel like there's a big hole whichever place that not everyone our heart but we just ignore it...what the hell i keep fucking my words..i am not heart broken..i am happy with's not all about that...

sometimes we just learn the real ones are but sometimes it just trepassing our line..i made self assumption...i always ask more than i should coz i know when there's a time i will give you more than you should...ok..just reverse the thing...

aku ckp nk maher zain padahal aku tengah dgr lagu SOD..A.T.W.A ...hmmm

whatever your life is or my life is..keep a faith..keep your spirit have the one..the ALMIGHTY one...HE never far away from you if you always remember HIM...INSYAALLAH

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i hate antibiotic

no matter what..aku kena habiskan antibiotik nih....dlu mase mkn xikot mase mungkin jgk aku salah sbb tu rase sakit kepala yg sekarang aku sharp mkn 4jam still sakit kepala!.ish..menyampah dgn ko ubat...eee!

Friday, October 22, 2010

wide awake

it is 2.06 guysss! it supposed afternoon kan..bvia ah..i ma wide wake now...i mean..really wideeeeeeeeeeeeee!..:D ..planned to wake up at 10 ape boleh a replacement class at 5 till 7 pm..will going to hospital to check my skin T____T....Pegi cimb buat account i don't know la kalo xjadi pegi..coz it's quite late and i even xmandi pon lagi..ah...pemalas...

i woke up late today..ok i always it doesnt matter..the big matter here is I can;t stop my urge to eat....i mean snacks bkn nasi..kalo nasi mau berat aku 50 kg da skrang maa...ok la..i wan't to take my brunch now..0at biscuit and milo diet..T____T


Thursday, October 21, 2010

don't act like you are an angel if you are actually an evil

kalau nak jadi pemimpin kena la diri sendiri tu jadi yang terbaik..kalau terbaik kat luar tapi dalam only GOD knows...hmm...what a pity us....a leader should lead us into a bliss life..full of dignity,virtuality....hmmm...somehow i ma naive girl..but i know..i was taught in school..berdose seorang pemimpin kalau tahu ape yg dia buat tu salah dr sisi agama...ape punye org lah...kau suruh org ikot cara hidup islam tapi kau tudung xpakai, pakai baju ketat2..macam mane kami nak respect kat ko..

i ma student..yes..honestly i'm not even care what is currently happen..but sometimes...we are all have our sensitivity... i can't give my respect to you..i can't control my tactly to a leader like you... yea..we are nobody..we are not powerful..we dont have any cabel so called ...but who cares? we are Malaysian..and you are apart of whatever you did, think of us,think of our religion..oh hell...

apa yang aku boleh cakap..kau da buat so kau tangunla dosa kau wahai datin..semoga ALLAH bagi hidayah dekat ko dan kite semua...amiin


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

tadi len..sekarang lain

idea mencurah2 nak tulis..cehh..padahal nak luah perasaan kt ko la..sbb bosan T___T....bkn bosan...tapi malaslah...subjek belambak xstudy lagi kau taw...eaok kelass...aaaa...kenapala xbuat min hour class should start on 10 am..haaaa..kan satu2 nya kelas aku kol 8 pagi aku selalu xpegi..alah..paper wajib u..ko pandang sebelah mate je kan..alaa..hampeh...nanti nk jawab titas tu tkial2 jgk..wuu wuu wuu...macam mana mao buat..aku susah mo bangun ba...:O

nak balik ke x study week..kalau tgokr sult carrymark or whatever lah...Mesti la kau xpayah balik sampai muntah len kali jgn dpt cm macam rindu rindu rindu..rindu umi abah..mi masak...alip nakal...kucing pemalas...nenek suka membebel..heeeee..etc..rindu kt itu incik khairul awan jugak..

dah..malas nak taip panjang2..xmo xmox mo

sekadar di pinggiran

hahhaahahaha..aku ketawa x ikhlas...aku ketawa sambil xikhlas...giler..aku tension la woii...aku tension nak exam..bukan aku tension masalah negara ke hape...otak aku kosong bile aku tengok soklan ni haa macam ni haa...macam ni!..ko boleh jawab? ko memang leh jawab kalo ko study,,auntie mie yen steady je dpt A solid semua het222 test..mid term..bla bla bla..aku pon confident je leh jwab aku akn dpt a kalau aku da nama syarifah rosanida anak syed ibrahim..sah2 la ko pemalas..exam nk dekat ko still malas study love u..i love myself lah....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bye bye blog..aku xsayang ko dah..kalau aku bosan baru aku cari ko...sbb tu cerita aku bg ko bosan...hahaha..
aku banyak keje...bye bye..see u again bloggy...lolol...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


last night..after think wisely..i officially declare that i accept you mister ..but when i woke up today..i feel so scared..i wonder how will things going soon and soon...i don't want any changes happen and i hope we remain the same...
i am so afraid...we take much time to know each other and also for me to answer your question was freaking hard.. it just like i want the true love... there's no such thing to 'main main' for me now and after.... i ignored what people said and i listened to my heart... that is why i gave you that answer.. and i hope you will never betray me and us.,..

phewww... i don't know how we will gonna through this...sigh

i want you to be here with me ever and GOD knows everything..i have faith on you and hopefully same goes to you..
well....for is no turning back..what i've said is what i'll go...i should be real... whatever happen there is no turning back...

psst: t i love u and try to love you like how much you love me...

Friday, October 15, 2010

the only word for u...thank you

did i cried when i slept last nite? i dont think so -, many things happened this week..or this month..whatever..or even this day..last night...sad, happiness, wonderful moment...yea...this is life and that is why we do..

hmm..loads of expression..aaaa...gilergilergiler..

hmm...wait..patient is everything..keep keep keepkeep...

thank you

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

random update

keep silent

coz many things to settle


coming soon....

Monday, October 11, 2010

kadang kadang

kadang kadang kita jujur
sebenarnya kite sendiri tak tahu kita sedang menipu
kadang kadang kita menipu
hakikatnya kita jujur

kadang kadang kita sayang
hakikatnya kita xda perasaan pon

kadang kadang kita pandai
hakikatnya kita bodoh yang amat

kadang kadang kita cuba jaga hati semua
padahal kita abaikan semua

aku xtaw pon ape aku tulis tapi aku paham ape aku tulis walaupon kadang kadang aku blurr

Alhamdulillah for giving me a great moment

i'd through a really best week nut damn tired...cane pon sgt happy and sangat rindu kan sumpah dh xnak wt keje dh...kemas tu kemas ni...nk duk relax2 je kt umah... nk duk goyang kaki je..alah..sekali sekale je pon ko buat keje nye...

oh..before that..thousand condolences for sape2 yg terlibat dalam kemalangan ngeri kt KMM24 tu..hmm....10.10.10 bukan tarikh gembira je tp tarikh yang ngeri tuk keluarga yg terlibat..semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmat mangsa2 yg meninggal dan setiap kejadian pasti ade hikmah nye..amiin

oh yea! congrats tu my sis bugs bunny! finally u da jadi bini orang..and thanx la to me sbb jadi bridesmaid you yg very last will be uploaded soon  sbb xd pic dr kamera pro and fyi my pic sgt xde and ade pon nmpk sisi je ...T____T...wlupon hari tu sgt penat tp will be one of the best moment for you..wlaopon malam nikah sume terkejut tgok muke you..haha...even mi...huahuahaua..okay....kiddin'! heheaa
family sebelah lelaki...:-----)

oh ya...and also thanx giler2 untuk mister K.A.. sbb sanggup dtg teman sy semalam walaupon still xsihat..thanx a lot to you.    .:----)..appreciate giler okay...hee..tu je nk ckp..thanx again..and insyaALLAH nt jumpe lagi or sile la dtg penang okeh  ! semoga cepat sembuh okay...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

take it away

 step 1 : take a deep breath...hold! hhhuuhhhhhhh
 step 2: exhale.....fuewwwwww
 step 3: eat...lolololol

excited but i dont want bloody supry excited.. just be cool.. cool...going back home tomorrow..eheh...
asssignment..ah..done ..i mean! 70% perhaps..

eei ooo eei ooo...i dont know..this song played now... snow..oh hell... i need some some ..gimme gimme gimme... i reduced rice,carbo or whaTever... but i keep eating snacks, what kind of kerepek,creamy biscuit, kacang...and at this moment too... finish 1 bekas tu... i want to look skinny not curvy,chubby so whateverssssss...

but....i think i got this from my k.kiki's  blog...ok..but if you want others accept you just the way you are, you need to accept yourself 1st.. gemuk ke kurus ke pendek ke panjang ke...bersyukur! ALLHAMDULILLAH.. at least you have stomach to keep your eew foods.. you  have your feet to walk all over the world and etc..kan kan i wrong..? maybe just  0.01% wrong...mwahahhahaah!

linguistic system rule..: just set your mind and believe me it will happen..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

gonna gonna mony

everything happened for many reasons...maybe it is your time to face can blame others..or you can' is all up to you.. i can't make everyone happy with me..sorry if i hurt you...dont give any hope for others....prepare for a white flag..if you are not tough enough...maybe it was me..maybe you..maybe others..we suppose to be happy..suppose to let everyone happy.. do not fully trust your own sex or other sex..sometimes the one who closed to you is the one who will betray's gonna happen and it happened..thanx GOD..i never face this kinda of things..maybe once...and i've forget it already...because you(me) may also made a mistake and will do..

good bye peeps...

saje je aku nak meroyan ntah pape...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sometimes i feel like dirty socks

have you ever felt like you get stucked in small box and you can't move at all though you have brilliant superb brain...oh.. i can't stand to finish this assignment..

anyways i dont care as long as i can finish it in time and dont want to burden my partner during my absence...oh hell...

korang rase cam nak maki hamun tak bile taip taip 1 page assignment lepastu terdelete balik pastu kena taip balik pastu kena pusing pusing kepala sambil taip...oh.. i dont know what i am blabbering !! errrr..

i need some oxygen i need some entertainment but i dont feel like going anywhere.. i want home..enough.... there's nothing gonna change but it's relieved!


entry ini 12sx

haha...gile ah... hye to 2nd  time buat entry utk awak sbb sy malas nk ckp or nk bagitau via msj sbb sentiasa ade bangkangan dr sy tulis kt sini supaya tidak menerima bantahan apa2 dr awak...:P u know i never trust u..(ini main point ye..hehe)
2. be real be real..bkn mkan cereal..
3. saya sayang awak...(keep my word okay!)
4.i promise that i 'll never deactive myself from u...(coz i already made my promise kan) but whatever it is..GOD determines
5.semoga cepat sembuh and jangan takut nak g operate esok..kate operate kt lengan je kan...i'll pray for you :)
6. semoga cepat sembuh...kalau boleh sembuh dlm mase sehari la..insyaALLAH
7.saya menunggu kedatangan awak hari sabtu ni...sbb tu sy nak awk cepat2 sembuh...kalau x,lmbt sembuh pun xpe..haha..okep2..kidding..
8. dahh...xde ape dahh..
9.choppp!! ade lagi..kurang2 kan lah bermain snooker tu..hehe....

Monday, October 4, 2010

 ‎"Sekuat-kuat lelaki, kuat lagi perempuan kerana lelaki itu sendirinya datang dari perut perempuan yang menghamilkannya dan melahirkannya ke dunia, kemudian melatih, mendidik, memelihara dari kecil hingga dewasa. Subhanallah..! :) "‌

open house usm yang tuiiiii!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

ragam manusia

1.ade yang tamak...walaupon da ade satu tapi still belum cukup dan sanggup menipu yang beliau masih tidak mempunyai ape2,,,

2.ade yang bodoh bangang...dah ade sesuatu tapi tak nak hargai..

3.ade yang hipokrit...sanggup nak berlagak baik semata mata nak impress orang

4.ade yang tulus mulus hatinya...bila sentiasa jujur dalam semua perkara..berkawan degan yang hodoh atau yang cantik...yang miskin atau yang kaya..yang cerdik atau yang bodoh

5,ade yang buta...bila tidak tahu menilai sesuatu perkara dan dipukau sesuatu perkara yang mungkin racun..

ape aku cakap tu la manusia di mata aku
Calling someone ugly doesn't make you any prettier.

*i like this quote damn much...hehe
u can't trust everyone
but indeed
you have to trust yourself


Saturday, October 2, 2010

congratulations my Bugs Bunny!

yippi!! finally you da grad!! oh... maybe this week will be your meaningful week ever...ur graduation and your wedding..oh my...semoga berjaya and selamat pengantin baru!! weeee!! love you sis..muaxx! sorry i couldn.t go there ...last minute coz i have so many assignments and this monday i have mid's ok..your wedding for sure la i akan balik..muah muah muah!! :) i kan bridesmaid yang paling muka ketat..err.
*from dr sape?
*tahniah dan  happy newlyweds in advanced! haha..
*xtaw dh nak wt caption ape...bohoho!

there u go...oh maiiimiamia

i have plenty plenty and again plenty of works to a short a one one time,...time is running out...
tik tok toktik...

i have planned many thing and so do i have so many plan...oh dear

oh dear..rushing set 1 2 3 go!!

i need to master in phonetics and phonolgy in one day -24 hours,,
i need to be clear about grammar and structure less then one week
finish my assignment with o.o1% done...oh GOD
be my sister's bridesmaid next week..


Friday, October 1, 2010

Uncertainty is the refuge of hope.

harap maaf...entry ini bermusim..kadang2 sy emosi . kdg2 sy cool tp mostly life sy skrg sgtla  bengkang bengkok macam BANGKOK....

sometimes i feel i'm so dead..i did'nt feel anything...but when i started to feel,i tis  just fade you glance to something and a minute later you will forget just like that..i dont know but maybe i always rethink what i should do, people who i start to like and it ended like it is meaningless...

i have try it..many times...but there's nlothing can makes me feels like i am in fantasy beyond reality