Tuesday, October 26, 2010

classes are over...get your point for final exam..go baby go

yesterday was our last class for my uni subject(LSP 401)..uu!wooe wooe! LSP is english subject that you must pass it if  you  want to graduate well... so..like it or not u need to pass it..oh okay..back to my story.. at 1st place,  this subject is not attract me at all..been monologue" ok..class ni gonna be boring with my madam look like so garang maaa".. lol..but things changed.. we had enjoyed this class so much..engaged the subject very well.. sometimes our 1st impression is wrong kan...ya la...'xkenal maka x cinta' although sometimes i felt this subject lil bit bored ..ok..don't misunderstood me..i mean the material, the syllable is no really catch my heart..the syllable is same with the other previous sem..change lal lil bit kan ....it bring more challenges X;DD..lolol..

glad to say  i always got a cool  lecturer for my LSPs subject..last year i took lsp300 which my lecture was   mr.rajpal..waaa...it was totally fun and it will be remembered!  and same goes to this year..my last LSP stages..lsp401 which is the highest stage for english preparation  for my school.. i also got the best lecture which is miss Kanchana..
my 1st impression to her is not  really good..coz she was like so strict and garang..but more and more  i went to this class..she is nice and fun to be with..and not forgotten she still the strict one which is good..:) thanx teacher for giving me a useful knowledge and everything..love u and really appreciate that :)

oh okay,,if those who wondering what kind of the subject, i will tell you a lil bit summary..
this subject is evaluate 100 % which is 40% for course works that include:

             10% :listening test
             10%:  job interview
             10%:  writing test
             10%:  individually oral presentation

and 60% for final exam.. oh thanx GOD i got  A(a or a-  still wondering)for the coursework and i need to remain the  grade for my final..at least it helps with my bloody susah giler major subjects. here some pictures that are taken yesterday.

spot me baby spot me! lolol,...and at the very back is my beloved miss Kanchana
oklah..please don't spot me coZ  it obviously seen there kan..btw..we are 3 stooges that miss used to call us and luckily the 3 stooges that always give  a damn are all got A for this.thanx GOD

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