Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick lunch with lecturers and classmates :)

hai, assalamualaikum..

I'm home nowwwww..waitla, I'm not back for good, just only for revision week, horeyyy.So, less time to blog because I don't feel like writing when I'm home ! such a blessed :)

So, before I went back to my home town, the day before, my classmates and I had a quite simple and last minute brunch at New York pizza with few of my dearie lecturers :) Prof Hajar, Dr.Azimah and Dr.Rita..thanks all of you for treat us although initially we want to treat them, but then they gave us money to pay. But guess what? my beloved aunty who is one of my genius classmate paid everything and she asked us to keep all of the money for another party! yeay..thanks aunty! (she is golden age student btw )

with  Dr Rita and Dr Azimah 

Dr Hajar, she's tall!

classmates <3

all thanks to Dr Rita and her Dad for the thank you card and  the gift, :)
i'm touched :)
May Allah remains our friendship and may Allah grant our lecturers barakah for everything they taught us :)

p/s : I love to edit photos but such a noob I am..failed!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

True Love

I love this video. I wish I can find someone that love me because Allah. Couple is not the way of life. Nak2 nowadays. jangan cakap dating in term of couple tu tak buat maksiat langsung.. I've been through all that phase before. Sama2 muhasabah diri kita :)

Don't you want to be special?