Friday, December 31, 2010

i can't tell how much i miss you

Gratisan Musik

you know what..i miss you so much mister..tremendous feeling..maybe we are apart now...although we haven't meet just almost 5 days but for me it is like 5 months..i am waiting you here..cause i need you so calm me, to make me comfy know i hate been miss you a lot...

you know me well.. you know i always start a fight with...with no reasons..but i love you..deep in my heart..i want to be serene with the best moment..with you much sweet talk here..:P...i discover i am not romantic at all...i;m pointing my finger over you but now i admit..i am the one who say less the sweet word to you but you didn't get bored to say it to me everyday..thank you..:)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

well done MALAYSIA!

congrats our team for the superb match! and awesome attitude!..hidup MALAYSIA! :) well..i did watched the match in my ferdinand pon give a compliment to our team..yeay!

night live

aku menyampah...i need a good helath pening kepale...slaah sape..salah ko sendiri...bye

pfft: bodoh,,,salah eja!  helath habir=health habit.. nila..sbb otak i da mereng

start count your finger

hello hello milo...happy new year in advanced!so far..i don't have  any resolution this year..ah.i previous resolution sumenye xm tercapai...sbb ? ask have my wish list + must have list for this upcoming new year! :)

  • score score for this sem
  • be more solicitous to people around me
  • jadi gadis yg sgt proper..:)
  • pndai msak..boleh x? :P
  • make my parents feel happy with me
  • slim,slim,slim,slim..SLIM
  • belajar berjimat cermat 
  • doesn't procrastinate anymore..rase ni anagn2 kosong kott..heh
  • more deeplier in love with my mister K
  • be a good hamba ALLAH 
  • good health
  • good mind
  • make difference a bit


rindu giler kt budak kecik nih..nk picit2 je pipi die..heh...tapi xnk basuh berak die..hee

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

forever alone

lame gile title..penat..seperti yang sedia maklum esok pulau pianng tiada air ye...dan untuk kawasan universiti sy air tiada selama 12 aku xtaw kawasan ni ikot ape..butterworth ke, bayan lepas kejadian xdiingini berlaku baiklah kita mengangkat air beramai2.. tapi kan..dpt menaikkan lagi tone lengan aku nih..dr ber tonekan otot2lemak..heh..ade ke camtu??  selepas penat mengangkut air beramai, baru la ingat ade barang yang xmasuk duit da banyak keluar..beli tu la ni la..haish..botak kepala ibu bapa ku..  sy dgn kwn sy pun pergila ke tesco...rupe sy pun da macam mak cik nk pergi  market beli ikan...

nk dijadikan cerita...punyala panjang queue kt counter td..pdhal kol 9 lebih dh kot aku pergi..rmai bebeno mak cik shopping brg dapo mlm2 bute...btwaysss...heyeheyehe...dpt mkn sushi sushI..terengganu tade ok...blame terengganurian..:'(...esok xmndi kot so ta yah la nk mengade rajinkan diri nk g kelas tiem air xde ni ye.haha...lmao!XD

Monday, December 27, 2010

valentine's day

this movie sgt best...all of the actors/actress are so hott and famous..and the story  tell me something..sometimes we felt like she or he is the one for us..but maybe not..and maybe the one who used to be your best friend is your true love..sometimes la kan..and taylor swift was so gedik in this movie..haha...and weird,,

all in one update!

 hello hello..been very busy..i just have one week at home and there's no time to update....sbb knala spend time bersama org2 tersyg..and internet kat umah da tade...Alahai..T__T..bbbtwayss...i have no pics at all..ade act tp godek2 kamera sume buruk giler..T.T...

1st..spend time with my family..went out for dinner with my parents,accompany my sis bought her new lappy and went to TM survey the streamyx and so on..malas la plak nk citer..but for me..being with the whole family is the best therapy and best thing to do with..kan kan..oh..i miss you guys..for sure aliff will miss me..miss to fight with me..lolol...

2nd..went shopping for my stuffs..ok..bkn shopping pon...beli2 je..tudung, pnggan mgkuk,shirt.. da mcm baru nak msuk u balikje..

aahh..thanx my sis for giving me ed hardy t'shirt..though i didn't adore that brand anymore..wohu

last but not least , met my 1st i was refuse to meet him cause we are not in good situation for the past few that i'll not be able to meet him soon(i don't know for how long but i wish i can meet u again this PENANG ..ok) initially it was ok..but the last hours, bad thing happened..won;t story here ..bile recalled balik it was funny thoughhh...and sad..lolol..there's no pic taken cause i sgt selekeh  that day...but i miss u syg...:P

gambar bdk kecik dgn her mum saja yg menjadi...padahal muke sndri yg xmkn gambar...lolz

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

serious way to lose your weight

lol..da macam blog kesihatan la plak..whatevers..oh..btw..this is only my view andd i might say  it is the best way to controlyour weight..

before that..let take a look my FAT meee..:(

ohya..the picture was taken last xboleh lupe betapa tembunye diriku ini..that was the fat pic mmungkin nmpk xbape gemuk..but i dunno why..oh..pic itu tidak di edit...for colours yes..i make it more saiznye nggak dong..

ok la..berbalik kepada asal..semua perempuan nak kurus and do i..i keep complaining  that i am so gemuukkkk but my bf said i am just nice...ok ok la tuh..unfortunately my mum said i am gemuk..yes..she always make a doubtful  face bila sy cakap nk baju raya sama saiz dgn one of my sis..huh..!T.T make few tips on how to potong your fat..

1st of all...anda mestilah taw kadar kalori yang anda perlu setiap hari..setiap org berbeza kadar kalori mngikut keaktifannye..oh ya..and aklik saja disini utk mengetahui jumlah kalori anda patot ambil ye.. mestilah tidak melebihi kalori yg diperlukn krna badan anda tidak mampu untuk menghadam nye..lolz.feels like i am ..ape pggil pakar diet ni..? lupe2 :D

seterusnya mcm besela..bersenam , drink up, oh,..don't skip your meal baby, d,makan buah sgt will clean your stomach dude....and please don;t eat after 9 pm onwards...kadang2 xpe lah..hik..and get plenty of sleep.. ckp 4 am but i am still awake...not really wide awake..:8..

that's all..i don;t want to upload my latest pic of me..haha..but i think i am lil bit kurus..ya la..ptg2 exercise, krg makan and penat jage anak2 buah ni...haih..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

random lagi..ngeh ngeh

i don't know what should i write..ah..bia ah...i am bored but damn ha?

simpanla dulu dalam draft..da xde idea bebenor nih :B

Sunday, December 12, 2010

over exhausted

entah la knp..tibe2 rase nk upload pic muke sendiri..da lame xbuat camtu hoiii...:P

yang sebenarnye..diri ni tengah mengerang kesakitan..alah..sore throattttttt, nauseaaa,..maybe terlampau penat jage si baby baby i..ade plak i bawak baby pegi taman org tny i mudenye u jadi x gomar ni...BUT BUT BUT..i am so PROUDDDDDD of being a youngest mak cik to my nephews and of my nephew , angah terpilih untuk masuk ke dalam program permata insan negara...btw..the program was held in usim..and will be held in every school holiday..only 50 kids in this country yang terpilih..based on their IQ..banyak jgkla stage nk kena attend ..BTW..ANGAH is the lucky one..or maybe lucky to be as one of the highest IQ in malaysia.

..ok..let me inform you..he will going to study in  university mase  form 1 nanti...haish..aunty ko ni pon xmcm tu..and he will going to ARAB SAUDI's university mase dia standard 5 nanti..according to the plan still in uni sains islam malaysia for a camp...he also get a special teacher to monitor him and get many benefits..dpt streamyx, camera,hp..geeeeeeeeeez... proud of you angah..and hope you will be success not only in academic but also dalam agama..:)*oh..btw..he is only 8 years old lah budak tu...:

keras kepala kadang2..and kalau main badminton mesti nak kena shuttle cock tu  straight je kena die..apelaaaa

when your brain is just like your shit

ok ok...i can't stop write tonight..feel like want to post bebey.. you still remember about the viral video? alahhh....yang budak laki gothic yang entah pape tah dgn awek die cite byk..klik je la link ni nk taw..apihelnino ...hiks..cik nino pinjam link blog jap.. the picture above tu was comic parody made by nabil..i found this on his tumblr! reblogged kt tumblr aku post kat blog..lolzz...whateverss...i found this very funny one lahhh...!
maybe i sound like xde keje..HAHAHA..yes i am...i am boredddddddd! demmmmm

gonna shut my eyes but wide awakee :(

oh tolong!!

been very busy..oh oh oh oh..jerit cam tarzan plak...tido 5 minit bangun...bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaa....buhsan cang cang cang..
xde motif upload pic lame..tapi serious..skrg sy anti begamba sorang..haish

Saturday, December 11, 2010

vintages style the world

finally....dpt layan cite dgn aman damai restu saujan da nama hostel la usm la pulak...ohbtw..
just now i watched doghouse..British horror comedy..geli pon funny! but..cite ni nak2 same je dgn zombi kampung pisang..tapi cume ubah2 sikit je la...otak same kot..heee....
whatevers..both i like..just admit..malays film never go beyond oversea..i mean kalo based on technology maybe we should forgive la kan..we are still develop country people!.wakeup..tapi asal jalan2 cite xleh lain dr yang lain sikit eh..asyik asyik nak same je..cliche laa...:P..*eh zombi kg pisang kua dulu la! :) salute!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

oh oh i love this!

i'd found this in stranger's  tumblr..lolzz...whatevers...i dunno why i love to watch/read any people's tumblr ! but i don't have one :P

my different routine

well...the tittle is not really suits on what i mean.. by the ways..yesterday was my plenty of birthday wishes via inbox,messages,facebook and phone calls..thanx everyone...but nothing to review about coz i'm not with everyone wrtite friend ,my boifie or even my family..the baby is exclude..lolz..

seems my niece never had experience going where ever with bus, so i took her yesterday and ride the campus sis need to study for her, alang2 we went to pharmacy and i bought 2 items for scin care..i mean mine la.. i bought himalaya walnut scrub and organic aid vitamin e moisturizing cream like below

btw, i must promote you allss the himalaya scrub..i applied it on my face last night and feels so licin after i rinsed my face..lolzz..but no good for the moisturizer has stated on the bottle that it is non sticky and non no sticky !!!!! goshhhh!

oh..and i just reviewed about the organic aid moisturizer, many complained about it..huh!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

makan hati..bye

Monday, December 6, 2010

i is ashamed

i've made a's friggin' embrassing myself..can i pull it back? maybe it will haunt my life after this or it will be clear things...nga nga nga nga...i wish i didn't confess anything last nite..:"..but i did ...whatevers la..i did that stupid thing   so i should confessla..urgh..maybe not...sigh..T.T sem begin on 27th dec..a few more weeks to go...i need some make up stuff of mine..a basic one la..

*empro liquid eyeliner
*m.a.c foundation(maybe i should skip this..i just need dual foundation compact powder)

i just use basics..but i must use best compact compact and compact powder..

i have fair skin but dull and pale...i want it look radiant..naturally...i must work on it...T.T

Sunday, December 5, 2010

what i l0ve about my sem break now is i am not a couch potato lame with myself again...but i am happy for that...coz i will not gain my weight as much as i did before..but still...i ate little but i feel like 60 kg person...i think i have problem with my hormone.. did i bersungut sangat ke?? urhh...bersyukur..alhamdulillah..

ok lah..nak makan

Saturday, December 4, 2010

hello december

been shitty busy...this month is actually need to be memorable month for me..but..i know it will not happen..i'm here in this room...though i should celebrate the day of this month with my boyfie...being nanny got limited time and i feel like hibernate in small room with 2 kids..duhhh...takpe takpe...redha aje ye...ikhlas sya....ikhlas..dpt pahala...lgipon those kids are too cute,...sejuk hatiku..XD...i haven't met him about 10 days.,'s like a shit 10 months...lolsss....i know anda mesti sudah gelap kan gelap mcm mamat bangla pon i syg u...cause nt if i fat like zombie+elephant you must syg me okay...:P..

Friday, December 3, 2010

enough is enough... you make a stupid must dare to one will go over you....there's no one one...

the sweetest things sometimes will ruin your life..the bitter one will save won't realize until it save you..

i have no  idea what i write..i wrote stupid thing..the dumbest thing is being stupid..hell i am..but i like being me though in broken heart...


i feel so bad..sorry if i am over sensitive..i can't change the way i am..
sorry if i hurt u a lot..sorry if i didn't get into you..
sorry if i am not really understand you like others..
i have a feeling..
i have a thought..
sometimes i have my second thought..
i will admit..
just only to clear things..
but things happened..
there's no turning back..
i know i hurt you a lot..
but do you realise something?
you hurt me..indeed

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Jenny: Finish your story yet?
Dan: Almost.
Jenny: Good. I'm hoping that by reading it I can find out why you and Serena broke up anyway.
Dan: Yeah. Yeah me too.


Serena: It was so romantic,what you did. Showing up here. And it feels so right to be together.
Dan: But you're having second thoughts.
Serena: No. I, I just think that we should think before we get back together. Right?
Dan: Yeah, I, I thought this meant we were back together.

Serena: Who are we kidding? What do you say we just forget about thinking and follow our hearts.
Dan: You sure it's your heart you're following?

the bad nanny gone good..lolzz

thank GOD..the baby didn't create any disaster with her tearss... just see her ceria face after her mum went back...

alaa...xreti nak upload video la....asal jdi plak sore den..lolz

same mistake

I'm not calling for a second chance,
I'm screaming at the top of my voice.
Give me reason but don't give me choice.
'Cause I'll just make the same mistake..

                                          *james blunt

i speak your mind

this is maybe me..hahaa
ok..this week was very hectic...with the baby..sigh..i'm dead  on how to comfort her..felt sorry and sometimes geram bile die bangunan leh dgr kot...closed story...

well,i had a phone conversation with my boifie just now..and i have no idea when he told me the way i walk...he said i langkah pendek..haish,,,no what, penguin had crossed my i walk like that? lolzzzz...
no, i won't change the way i walk...haha...bia la you ckp comel ke hape..and i know you criticized me actually..kan kan kan?

maybe i'll walk like this bile kite jumpe blik  nanti..nak?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the most readable blog of mine

i love her blog..
i love her style..
i will read every new entry of hers..
go la visit her blushingambition

saje je..don't kno what to update..lolzzz