Sunday, December 12, 2010

when your brain is just like your shit

ok ok...i can't stop write tonight..feel like want to post bebey.. you still remember about the viral video? alahhh....yang budak laki gothic yang entah pape tah dgn awek die cite byk..klik je la link ni nk taw..apihelnino ...hiks..cik nino pinjam link blog jap.. the picture above tu was comic parody made by nabil..i found this on his tumblr! reblogged kt tumblr aku post kat blog..lolzz...whateverss...i found this very funny one lahhh...!
maybe i sound like xde keje..HAHAHA..yes i am...i am boredddddddd! demmmmm

gonna shut my eyes but wide awakee :(

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