Sunday, January 29, 2012


assalamulaikum and good evening ya alls..

actually i don't know what to write or nag about but i just write down anything that appear in my mind...

okla..let me share what i did after my last paper that day..for sure la merdeka habis and we celebrated that kind of freedom at Seoul case you don't know, Seoul Garden is an all-you-can-eat restaurant or simple words buffet la der with worth rm 25++ /person for students price..but honestly I'd prefer Flamming Steamboat cause I heart the japanese mushroom and crab there..but it's only available in Kl outlets if i'mnot mistaken.

apparently it is more to Korean BBq where there's a lot of meat, shrimps, cuttlefish and ecetra and you can grill them by yourself (stoves were prepared in each table to grill ).

cc : google
(was busy eating and forget to snap this)
heart you guyss

get annoyed with this pic.camwhore dalam toilet?? FTW

p/s : worried about my big thigh,ugly chubby fat but heyy..i should be grateful because i can still breath until now..Alhamdulillah alhamddulillah

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

22 years 1 month and 16 days of me

i know i's been a while and i break my promise..after quite some times, now i have good mood to update this blog.well, first thing first,.i will pen down about my birthday !! my 22nd birthday..gaga..i'm old and i should think about marriage now..and carrier..

i actually nak upload video about that but thanks to my phone sd card for your unexpected damage :(

i'm not that short..i just bended down my knee..LITERALLY

i love you i love you guyss..cium pipi sorang2 except nas..gegege

Sunday, January 15, 2012

i should start everything again

i don't think you love me like u just made my heart hurts..but i don't want to let it happen again..i think i should stop everything though it's not easy as you thought :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

this is so boringgg

i hate when i opened my blog everything looks boring..this blog is damn boring..i am too lazy to upload my pic even i have too many piccas to share..wuwuwu..

my sister didn't stop complaining i look like a face of spider..geeezee!
(one of  this sem project,2011)'s not too late to wish you happy new year! may this year bring us prosperity and be bless by Allah.insyaAllah.. so many things happened last year and maybe i will jumble everything in one entry about 2011.:) well, you see,,,i am too too busy with my final exams and my project..and now i'm jumping up and down in my homeeee..10 days gap before last paper..know that i'm not rajin to study 10 days balik je la jumpe family and pakwe,,@_@

ok la, i'm having my period pain and i think it slowly get better after i swallowed my sister pil binari.

ok bai