Saturday, April 30, 2011

i have new babies!! weee

ala..kantoi chatting gn anak buah

my sis uploaded this picture of my new kitten for me!!..actually my mom asked her to show this to me bersalin beberapa hari..actually this stray cat always came to my home and my mother fed her cause she looked so tired as she carried her babies along in his belly..then now this stray cat and her kitten will be mine nowwwww..i love u..muah muah muah..i can't wait to pinch them ..gagaga..bye

a name of a dream

i am so disappointed with all my carry marks..but I don't really get stressed because I know that I deserve what I should deserve. So, it doesn't bother me much..God knows..:)

i just recalled back that I used to have some features of my dream guy..I used to tell this over and over again to my best friend..He used to be my best friend..I don't know he still read my blog or not..but Hyee if you reading this :) but when I grow up I realized that we can't get everything that we desire..I am happy on what I have now and I appreciate it.

erstwhile, first and foremost I want from guy is he should be an educated person. maybe he should be smart than me cause I don't want my boyfriend looks silly with me.ok..bear in mind that smart consist of two type Book smart and street smart,.you can be smart although you are not degree or PHD holder but alas you have some intelligent in yourself :)

furthermore he also need to be a fluent english speaking (including writing english well)..I don't know but guy who can speaks English fluently looks awesome for me..and can teach me also la..but nowadays everyone can speak english right so nothing to worry about..sometimes kids are more fluent than adults okay :D

then he should be gentleman, i can't stand if he doesn't a romantic person but gentleman will be must for should be okay if your bf doesn't give you gift or flower or whatnot but please be gentleman to your girlfriend..I am weird cause I don't like flower or bear as a gift for me.,.I don't know why..I have two biggy bears that my former boyfriend gave me but I just keep in dusty box and now I am thinking to just throw it doesn't mean I hate my exbf but I hate teddy bears..hahaa

respect. of course itu penting. a man who doesn't has respect is just like a thug..and i hate thug..i have 6 siblings, parents and 1 grandmother..he should know how to respect all of them and can mix them well..or even he need to respect all my my relatives...respect doesn't mean you have to say yes all the time but just show some respect and you know how kan? :) 

last but not least, cause I don't have much time to write, this will be my last features today..kahkah..poyo je..
men should have their life principles! he has to know what is their life vision..for a long period la..what to do, what to think first and what to make  as his priority! but but but  A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

but..nothing can measure if you love somebody and love is blind but don't make your heart blind by love..

btw I love my boyfriend although sometimes I hate him..gaga,,bye


i am boring that is why i'm posting a new entry nonstop..i should not be busy because  I have too much books to finish up but yea..that'swhy i am here cause I am fucking boring..I texted my Kidiq but he doesn't! so here it is..I did a few reading about something interesting..from beauty tips to love tips ..remove the books ahead..

btw , i found this interesting quotes which make me think's kinda deep but just go with it

Friday, April 29, 2011

as if everything as easy as 1,2,3

wah..tenang hati tengok blog I sekarang..kemas dan rapi won't change the background anymore except the header..and btw I love my blog's song also! but it just temporary sebab nanti I akan jadi muak dengar lagu same je bile bukak suits my mood now..cause i'm coming homee soonnn baby! :) I miss my mister but I don't know when we can meet..but's okay..nanti kite jumpe love love :)

oh..and btw congrats to Prince William and her princess Kate Middleton for their royal wedding :)

 Prince William kisses his wife Kate, as flowergirl Grace van Cutsem blocks her ears
*how i wish her mother Princess Diana was here to see her son get married..:"(

i don't wish to have the grand wedding like most people do..I just love the simple..everything must simple simple (but exclusive) from head to toe..from the solemnization to reception ceremony, my Bf keep in your mind..her her..I malas study itu sebab I mengarut..tapi sejak bile I rajin study? I rajin jugak kadang2 tapi this Napoleon paper I cuak gilerr..xsuke la sastera English semua nih..(napoleon is our nickname for our lecture..hakhak)

cam bongok sikit I ..herher


actually post title I tu sebenarya untuk entry emo tapi tibe2 emmo I hilang..tapi I cuma nak cakap je..bukan senang nak lforgive and forget..but we should forgive and is not forever.,.so do or die?? :P gurau je



yes..i envy them because all of my family will going back home today..all of my sistersT_T.. i extremely wanna go back also..but I have paper on thi 3rd May.. for sure i will be enjoying myself without doing  any revision if i'm at my little niece which I missed a lottttt also balik..

dulu xpandai jalan skang da pndai..alollo

wah..ketepi ketepi bontot sape besar tu

cik su rinduuu nak penyet pipi cinonet ninii!
i am sad..yes i am..i don't bother to go home for 3 days and come back again for the 2 papers left..but this literature's paper bothers me a lot!! urghh..this sem gonna be the last sem I took literature subject..I always hate u literature!

psst: i miss everyone's home


hari ni saya rasa saya pelik..sepatutnya saya nangis lepas tu pergi bunuh diri sebab xdapat jawab exam Jepun..T_T.. siap PM kt fb k.kiki nak tanya kot2 la I kena repeat sem depan..mampus..tapi tak mo la sampai pointer jatuh..sedihnye hati..dah dah,,xnak cerita dah sal JEPUN tuh..sampai dengar nama SUSHI pon nak termuntah..ade kaitan ke??

beberapa hari ni I asyik mentioned nak makan something western..haa..dan dan je hari ni lapar gila sebab tadi habis exam pukul 10am terus pegi lucnh..ok..brunch actually.. so balik exam pening nak mampus..I rasa macam orang mengandung mengidam siap pening2 lagi sekarang..aaaaa...tak sukee...

lepas exam ape lagi, bukan nak rushing bukak novels for exam literature pulak..tapi bum bum baring atas tilam sampai pukul x best i tidor sampai termimpi I kahwin dengan pakwe I..tu entry bawah gedik semacam...ngeh ngeh ngeh

haa..i tengah kenyang g..semangat jalan kaki dengan Izza pergi Pizza Hut..dalam 5 minit jalan kaki dah sampai.

then kitorg pergi Baskin Robins..I je yg take away..Izza tukang teman je..tapi kann..abang yang jage kaunter tu memang ensemm...aa..xtido malam gue..terus lupe Bf,..haha

hoi..budak gemuk

si kecik yang tolong habiskan makanan si gemuk atas ni..T_T

ni saya punye!

ini pon!!..hakhak..Izza punye I lupe nak snap
okayla..sempena ade gap 5 ari before exam seterusnya sayaingin mengumumkan saya nak tengok movie horror malam ni..hoh xjadi..bye :"(

Thursday, April 28, 2011


saya tengah berbunga sekarang nih..walaupon dalam hati masih lagi cuak lepas jawab paper jepuntadi...tapi takpe..jom kite nyanyi sama sama ye.adik kakak abang pak cik mak cik kampung batu 24..haha..:D

VuuTV - Watch Video

don't say no no no no
just say yeay yeay yeay

i think i wanna marry you syg! haha

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shock me boo

this upcoming thursday i 'll sit for my nihon-go final exam..but i didn't revise anything..can i give up on this paper? yes i will..don't advise me anything..if i said i won't..i mean it..i am not stress or whatnot..i am just too lazy for this paper..all i want is to be home or to eat something western,.the past 3 days i have tried all famous foods in penang,laksa janggus la,pasemboqq la,char kue tiaw bawah pokok laa..yes..i did interrupted my sister and her hubby's vacation to Penang..haha..i don't

i am craving for something western now..urghhh..i xtahan dah makanan kat sini unless my mom's cooking,..makan hari2 pon xjemu..,i am imagining myself  on the white beach sand's and having sunbath.gagaga...i hate sunbath or whatever that can burn my skin..but i need something or anything that can sooth me nowwww...i feel like wanna punch myself..i am sleepy though..:(

i miss you right now ,i miss to sleep on your shoulder, i miss to cry on it :'(
but i will never change my decision..bye

Monday, April 25, 2011


i must admit i am a real fat .bye

curi laptop dy yeay sbb pic sy byk dlm laptop dyl..wuu

muke dua2 xleh belehhh

dah 2 hari i pose..tup tup arini sempat sekerat ari je batal..
sedih hoiiiiiii..pela..redhaa
dandan pulak tengah senggugut..hamik koooo...terbongkang je atas katil

xpe..misi diet masih berjalan

psst: i am sad now and i need a hug,.i miss the one who called me nida or syg T_T
sabar2..tetap pendirian kann

Saturday, April 23, 2011

fat fat fat..T__T

nak upload banyak picture..




saya da gemuk sangat sekranag..semua orang tegur..

saya kena kurus balik baru leh upload pic sendiri 


burkk blurrkk


thanks  cause makes me looks fat and yes i am though....too many people noticed thatt..i need to do some work outtt..arghhhhhhh

Friday, April 22, 2011

hitam itu manis

okayla..since now i have 5 days gap before the next exam,i will blog something across my mind just now..i always have a crush on guys yang hitam manis..okay..just skip that my current bf also that hitam manis*boo..:D
for me, men shouldn't be too fairerrrr like women if they want to look macho or masculine (as just in my opinion)
tapi janganlah hitam legam..tanned should be nice for men..i am real typical malay girl because i don't have any korean guys*actors as my idol..i just love to see their attitude(very d gentleman and romantic) but physically for  me, they just look like aww aww yang buat pembedahan plastik.. offense to die heard korean's fanatic fans okay ..chill chill..:)

macho niii..ignore the tatoos
psst: no one knows what i feel right i miss the past of my life and if i can turn back my life in 6 years ago i will give all my best effort to defend those part T-T..i know i shouldn't be like this..ok..dah tengah hari..nak tido

Thursday, April 21, 2011

exam progress


credit to

i don't want to fail so i need to study

Monday, April 18, 2011


ELS buddies of  USM (2nd year)

KAU kuatkanlah hati kami
Kau teguhkan iman di hati kami
Kau berilah kami petunjuk dan hidayah Mu ya Allah
sesungguhnya tiada tuhan yang layak disembah melainkan mu Ya Allah
sesungguhnya ENgkaulah Tuhan maha pemurah ,pengasih,pengampun lagi penyayang

good luck all for exam
bismillah hitawakkal tu alallah

forgive me for my wrong doing
pray for us..amiin

Sunday, April 17, 2011

name tag

finally got my new IC back! ho yeahh ..lepas ni tak perlu lah nak lipat2 temporary Ic smpi 8 lipatan..after 11 years i changed back my was 2000 back then when i was in standard xperlu nak tutup kat bahagian muke kat IC tu..g mane2 bile org mintak IC..nah..lempar je..haha..

*tapi asal senget sebelah tudung i dalam IC baru ni haaa
*tonight i'll be back to my Uni..ohmygaddddddddd..malasnyeee...

i am enjoying ABC special nowwww plus my dad bought yam+coconut ice-creamm..uwww..taste orang tue..T__T

i've got to gooo ..go go go..

btw..enjoy this to go go goo

Friday, April 15, 2011


my tummy is going to explode by now..i ate nonstop at home..i need to go back to my uni as my  meal can get back to nafsu is too much when i'm home..i don't know what will happen to me in 5 months semester break soon..maybe no one will recognize me anymore.hahaha....look alike Susan Boyle kot nanti..i need to find a part-time job whatever it is..tak nak duduk rumah bela lemak,bela badan..nanti drumstick ashamedddddddd...

you maybe suprise what i ate yesterday,not just yesterday,but the whole one week me at home..seems like i kebuluran baru balik dari medan perang..

bangun pagi: breakfast
before luch: makan rendang dgn nasi kunyit
before lunch again: ratah ayam
before lunch again: jambu with asam yang debu2 tu
luch: 1 plate of rice with ayam,udang.etc
after lunch: ngadap movie
*belom mandi lagi ni
high tea: junk food, milo, cadburry
dinner: ayam rendang tadi T_T (umi masak sedap sangat.pedasss)
supper: maggi kari

ohmaygodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd..what am i??? an elephant? a baby one?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sorry but i miss u badly

i don't have any pics of us cause all of my pics hilang and i don't know which folder  i put them T_T plus yg ada sume muke tumbam tembum..

i want to see his face again..T_T
bru 3 ari xjumpe dh poyo..but i miss him so badddddddd

Monday, April 11, 2011

hey politicians

you are so lame,you are so selfish,you are so never think about 'rakyat', yet you only think about your self,your status.WHAT IS YOUR PRIORITY?

i can see your efforts but i don't see your kindness,i am just a typical youth of Malaysian, i know nothing but i still can make my own observations,my views and whatnot..i appreciate some 'wakil rakyat' which fight for OUR rights..but where anyone else? they gave us lot of manifestosssss, janji kosong,janji melayu.janji cina,janji india.. we don't ask much but we just ask what we need, we don't ask properties, we asked for unity, justice, and freedom..

don't give a crap about sex video or else.hey all..i mean ALL..rakyat can think but are you hear our voices? yes you did, but you hide it,you keep it..don't use any holy crap things to maintain your exposed those video or anythings ..what for? does your purpose is on behalf of Islam? I bet's all in the names of POLITIC.

sorry,i have my view, i hate biased, i hate crony and whatsopoliticsthings.. i am 21st and i can vote now! hahah

Sunday, April 10, 2011

maju setapak.

ok guys..this is not maju setapak as i will get married or graduate with 1st class honour..i just create a tumblr of mine! wieww iweew..before this, i just like to view other's Tumblr and i love to read them..for me tumblr is a place to me to express my feeling without too much exposed myself..idk..i just feel that way..kan..

so, do follow my Tumblr BEAUTY-OF-TRASHES I'd give my tumblr's name beauty of trashes..wah..ape ke hey nye name and trashes if we mix them it will produce neutral thinggy..:P follow me wokeh bebeh!

psst : hujan ribut petir blackout all in one today ..ujian :)

shake it baby!

oakley frogskin collector

oakley grenade


Friday, April 8, 2011

i'm with all of my crushes now :))

it's 4pm..but I haven't take a shower yet..malas malas..nak baring je :P
 i didn't open any books soon la exams..
but whatever, today i just want to rest all day long..

btw, i'm in my home sweet home already..:)
after 7 hours journey..
guess what? i slept all the way from Penang to Terengganu..gile ah..selesa gile kot tido semalam..
alhamdulillah my journey damn smooth giler..xpening lgsg or maybe sbb tido xsedor diri?
sampai xsdr bus stopped at's not RnR..smth like that la..T_T
so,trpkase la tanggung akibat menahan air lebihan dlm perut smpi la ke Terengganu..

smpi terminal terus pergi cari toilet...
then,meet my mister..
* setaun lebih xjumpe..dari jauh ni..wahh..da makin puteh giler la plak bf aq ni..(tp xgtaw pun kt die mase tu) :)
then dlm  kereta tibe2 die tny

  K : nmpk putih x? 
  Me: haa..putih :P

lol..pdhl die pun perasan die da x seeburn,,heh..bole ke seeburn? lol

and now xmandi lagi..gado dgn si alip..sorry i xkan bagi laptop i kat die sbb charger ni kena statik je..i takut rosak..rela mengangkut laptop ibu die letak sebelah i..semate2 nak main game..haish..

and now i baru rase takut kena marah sebab tertinggal all my atms card and my temporary ic..uwauwauwaua..mampus la aku nanti

toyol dgn pocong xmandi

hoi orang kampung!

aku da sampai kampung ni! kahkahkah..thanx mister coz fetch me up! :)

nak mandi,nak tidor..bye :P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

classes over, final exams waiting!

esok last kelas..and everyone start to struggle and  revise back everything from early semester until last sem..oh mai.,..banyak tuh..harap2 dapat study dengan bangga dekat rumah kat rumah lagi mudah distracted kot..dgn tb, internet, aliff kacau2 kang, bau2 umi masak ,haish,..takpe..berkat penting..ngehngeh,,haaa..btw..

esok last lecture, will submit all assignments, and will present our japanese drama tommorow,.then, at night i'll go home..may God bless our journey..

btw, tadi ade budak belanje aiskrim 1 kelas..kaye kan kan..haha..padahal sundae cone mcd tu je.,..classmates pon 10 org je :P

arigatou gozaimasu Nas for the aiskrim..he used to be the only kumbang dalam kelas..tapi skrg dah tambah sorg, macho la skit ade men power!
muke xrela nak jutawan

last2 day sume men hentam je pakai..tudung seminggu yg same :P

psst: may all of our ELS buddies will get the excellent results for this semester..amiin :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

grow up please

actually i don't want to up this issue again..haish..people should move on..everybody's move every relationship you had in the past..some people might hate their exboyfriends. but me not..seriously i don't..awal2 break up memang benci nak mampus..tapi lepas tu i start to move my life..forget the past and built the new chapter..kan..buat ape nak benci..just forget and forgive.. dulu mase ko couple bukan main la die la buah hati jantung ko..lepas break kau benci giler babi dekat die..xperlu kot..tapi tu depends kan..xboleh jugak nak anggap orang fikir macam kite..but just don't show it obviously in front others. for me, i will just forget the past and move on my life.. xpayah benci just xpayah ingat pape..and i believe everyone should be happy..even your ex boyfriend..xkisah la sapa yang salah. forgive and forget is the sweetest things  to do in your life..everyone will get the benefits. :)

 don't be too may be childish but in certain things...just please don't..*okay..part ni aku 2 x 5..haha..xjadi lah nk ckp

just don't involve other's anymore..budaya block memblock fb ni sgt la childish dlm masalah2 gini..kalau nk block pervert tu xpe jgk..masuk akal..dulu  penah buat tapi skrg i dah unblock any person yg pervert je still block...and i even asked my bf to unblock his ex nasai! :P

manglish is not manglish..but terengganu-lish..just now I had a FB conversation with my nephew:

achik: along dengan angah champion

me: champion ape?

achik: ecensong along korespiking

me: hahahhahahahahaahahah!

okay..i dapat tangkap korespiking as choral speaking je..yang awal tu apebendetah..hahaha

haa..btw..i'm quite lucky today.alhamdulillah ...i didn't expect langsung i will got this sensei called my name and he gave this this certification from SOLLAT school..:) ohayou gozai masu sensei for your gift! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

lets grow old together..begin with today

bawah ni sebenarnye long journey to makan di Petai Bubus..lepas kelas..tu yang comot giler..haha..abang kedai ni handsome giler dah le baik ..ala ala korean yg sweet gitu.ngeh ngeh.

alhamdulillah..assignment Dr.rita dh siap..hureyyyy! xtaw la ok ke tak..dh analysed dh cukup2 advertisements ..harap2 okay T__T

Minggu ni nak balik kampung..xsabar..moga diselamatkan dan dimudahkan urusan perjalanan pergi dan balik..amiin

lagi two weeks nak exam..moga xkan repeat paper pun sepanjang belajar kt USM ni..wuu..takut..usaha usaha :)

tggal 1 lg assigment..Nihon go desu! nihon go drama and critical writing test!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

long journey longy longy

short period but still have a long journey..what to do..usaha!

Friday, April 1, 2011

a tired teletuby

i will story this fatigue day.u can see it in my face..nanti nak cerita..berpeluh peluh..pheww


i need time
i need time
i have 3 assignments to submit for next weeks..
i have drama tto finish


i need to struggle for my final this so soon