Saturday, April 30, 2011

a name of a dream

i am so disappointed with all my carry marks..but I don't really get stressed because I know that I deserve what I should deserve. So, it doesn't bother me much..God knows..:)

i just recalled back that I used to have some features of my dream guy..I used to tell this over and over again to my best friend..He used to be my best friend..I don't know he still read my blog or not..but Hyee if you reading this :) but when I grow up I realized that we can't get everything that we desire..I am happy on what I have now and I appreciate it.

erstwhile, first and foremost I want from guy is he should be an educated person. maybe he should be smart than me cause I don't want my boyfriend looks silly with me.ok..bear in mind that smart consist of two type Book smart and street smart,.you can be smart although you are not degree or PHD holder but alas you have some intelligent in yourself :)

furthermore he also need to be a fluent english speaking (including writing english well)..I don't know but guy who can speaks English fluently looks awesome for me..and can teach me also la..but nowadays everyone can speak english right so nothing to worry about..sometimes kids are more fluent than adults okay :D

then he should be gentleman, i can't stand if he doesn't a romantic person but gentleman will be must for should be okay if your bf doesn't give you gift or flower or whatnot but please be gentleman to your girlfriend..I am weird cause I don't like flower or bear as a gift for me.,.I don't know why..I have two biggy bears that my former boyfriend gave me but I just keep in dusty box and now I am thinking to just throw it doesn't mean I hate my exbf but I hate teddy bears..hahaa

respect. of course itu penting. a man who doesn't has respect is just like a thug..and i hate thug..i have 6 siblings, parents and 1 grandmother..he should know how to respect all of them and can mix them well..or even he need to respect all my my relatives...respect doesn't mean you have to say yes all the time but just show some respect and you know how kan? :) 

last but not least, cause I don't have much time to write, this will be my last features today..kahkah..poyo je..
men should have their life principles! he has to know what is their life vision..for a long period la..what to do, what to think first and what to make  as his priority! but but but  A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

but..nothing can measure if you love somebody and love is blind but don't make your heart blind by love..

btw I love my boyfriend although sometimes I hate him..gaga,,bye

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