Monday, January 6, 2014

Sleeping disorder

First thing that came out from my mom's after I entering her room 'start malam ni ubah cara tidur, perempuan ni tidur lewat hilang seri muka' . God, memang pun, i;m having sleeping disorder or precisely, insomniac man. been stressed out and terrible headache these past few days. Feels like my head gonna explode every time I think of something. yes, I had a lot of problem or I created myself into a lot of troubles. May Allah make ease of everything, seriously can't endure this pain. I took paracetamol tonight hoping that I can sleep well, early and wake up early tomorrow. Well, I had to =_=

oooh by the way, I finally deleted my twitter and instagram account which I almost can't live without for 3 years i think, a bit reluctant but semoga ada hikmah InshaAllah