Wednesday, June 23, 2010

is it paranormal?

paranormal , entiti..something like that...are they really exist?? wont deny coz i am one of the ppl in this creature do believe it...*still cant watch any horror movie and i hate to sleep alone..feels creepy evrywhere...

i think muslims should believe it and of course dlm al quran pon ade ckp psl bnda2 syaitan and jin ni..due to that, any people know their existance...

going to tell what happen last night..
* ok..i admit that i sleep with my mom last nite..and usually i akn tido around 2am..and
suddenly at 4a.m i guess, my sis come to my room and waking up my mom..and i pon mcm biasa sng terjage ....the conversation:

sis: mi,,,rse xsdap la..(her voice not like ussual)
m: knp?
sis: kna tindih...lpas tu rase mcm ade bnde..
*my mom went to downtair and i pe lg ikot laa...gile nk tido sorg2 lam blik i..

okay...cerita tamat..xnk cite da...takutt

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

jiwang time like a shit

*this pic has been delete by myself coz bring abused..haha

okeyy..muke i mcm org cacat i edit ok..he will be my friend ever

no caption...saje godek laptopjumpe pic cinta zmn jepun..ngehehe

i love to hug that pink bear when i'm in my sleep
*thanx 4 u both 4 giving me that

ok la..meh nk jiwang2 sket mlm nii...eheh..i mmg bkn yg jnis tngkap leleh lgsg ...ngiaaa...
when i recall back my love storiess..ouh.feels like stupid story...monyett gilerr citerr cinta i...ok..i'm still single now...feels like fall in love with someone again but many things makes it complicated and better i just throw that feeling...yea...

act..i'm not a nice girl like fews thaught...and i'm not evil girl though...
spgjg couple..erm..sbb clash..either i dumped him or he dumped me...motif??yada,yada...
  • always keep fighting together
  • that one he is too nice boy...cliche..nice boy is suit to the nice girl..yupp..TRUE!l
  • long distance couple
and nak mention...but that few of the reasons...auw..and the most stupid and boring reason is i easily get boring with long relationship..maybe i dont really find my so called THE ONE lah...and i hate that boring feeling! instead people will do the same thing to no no no...ngehehe

i've decided not to really fall in love and i dont wanna have any commitment until i reach my 22 age!'s so year! lolol...i mean got really true couple...bkn cinta monyet maaa...
one thing is i always crush on bad guy..ouh is not a good habit ..indeed!..but i really do..i think naughty boy is cute and machoo...not nerdy nerdy gitu..

*that pic takde kaitan antara zaman skrang...pic itu mse zaman batu..sje mau refresh..pic2 len da delete kott... lyrics everrr

Monday, June 21, 2010

it is your POV

okay..mlm ni sy mkn burgerr..nafsu x dpt nk tolak burgerr tuu...and sebijik sy hbiskann..ouh..faking sheet,,,eh eh,,tpi kalo sy mkn burger msti bawang2 nye akn dbuang sbb sy xsuke rse bwng,,kupas bwng ponn...okepp..saje je intro cam ni...hhaha...

back to the basic...
act..i bkn nak cite psl siti cume nk buat cntoh..hak3..sbb xde org len..okayla..sbnrye kite sllu judge org tgok luaran..yupp...but...meh nak bg idiom yg agk cliche..dont judge a book by kulitnye..haa..betol la admit yg kalo i tgok org tu pkai tdung den xpkai tdung automatically without any warning yg i akn kutuk jgk dat girl kdg2 i pon ade jgk xpkai tdung kt certain place like pool,waterfall etc..okayla....and i think mmg la kite xleh compare org yg brtudung dgn free hair..sbb kalo yg da brtudung tu mknenye die da laksanakan 1 kewajipan tp hatinya kite xtahu lg..x brtudung x smstinye hati we dont like just tegur that girl nicely and jgn kutuk2..

sometimes yg x brtudung lagi baik dr yg brtudung attitude dorng...everything is back to basic...SOLAT...ea...that's the point!..ok la..that's all my POV...yada yada

a walk to

tetiba je rase nak upload pic ni...if u know his name so just shut up..if u don't i will tell u..yada won't tell u nama betol beliau..i suke panggil beliau dgn mister senseless...4 sure beliau suda tido skrang sbb beliau bru je ckp nak tido...hey mister..jgn mrh ek...beliau da nak citer...hehe..papaiiii

Sunday, June 20, 2010

watcha say!

obsessed * nyanyi ala2 mariah carey gitu.. obviously obsess untkkurus...not only kurus but fit! noticed that sy sgt gemuk mse amik pics kat genting..mmg mkn sgt bnyk...and cuti ni pon sgt la bnyk mkn...but dis few weeks..i krangkan mkn and skipping brtus2 kali stiap hri..and i feel lil bit different..cket je la...aritu mkn tido mkn tido je...bgrak lgsg x... an d1 thing dat i discover is if i mkn apple msti rse nak teddy bear(ambigous meaning)lol...buang air besar la!..yup..and i take an apple a day..lpas jmpe cik teddy bear mst prut rse slim giler logically it is right sbb mknn da hadam..huh... aritu my weight is 45.5..i need to turn down less or more 40kg before my new sem..

okay...and lg 1 sy punye obsesi is music..i love to hear songssss...freaking much...skrg ni sgt suke lagu jason derulo..watchasay...and ne yo..with you...lgu lame da ni..

abahs' day

happy fathers day bah..i will always love you and i am trying to be a good daughter....our legacy of love will never end...

sya ngokngek!!!!kenal x?

mommy! <3 u!

Ask me anything

blended day!

i guess it is a stupid title..ouh...who cares! LMAO..
yea....i hate what i did this sem break so much...especially this fucked day....yea...
last night i slept at 2 am..crap! it's a standard time for me..yeaa.....people who doesnt care at all about their health camtu la...ok2...juz forget it..yea..and i woke up at 10am but still lying in ma bed till1pm..anak2 buah siap men hide and seek lg dlm blik i...nak marah pon ade...nak bgun kunci pintu malas pulak,..yea...bangun dlm keadaan mood yg giler bangang harini..opps...sooryy..harsh word for nice people kan..ehhe...bangun2 terus bkk laptop..bkk fb but dont reply any comment.....yea..i got one annoying messages from my fb inbox.. no saya..013***..awk bagi la no awk ..leh kite gayut lame2...
what the fark! i'm not a desperate single girl la....i dont want anybody who sound tat freaking desperate..ouh....which planet are you?? is not zaman mrc up oto date to what happen on earth wokey awangggg...haha..

ok la...entry aq saje nk bgtau ape aq buat is ma routine..ouh..hate routine freaking much... bgun2 ...kol 2 pegi mendgn kucing i..nope...kucing alip..kucing i lagi besar and giler smbong sbnrye..men2 jap den trus g sis da nk balik coz esok da keje..dgn hanya bertuala aq salam2 ngan my sis and ank buah aq...sadly...xsempat nak kiss baby tomey..hunnyy....ouh..u r so adorable la nini...

ptg td men ps ...tukar dgn c alip..die men game kt lapt and i ps die(i am so retarded in playing boys game esp racing car..ouh..sgt xpndai!)
den mlm beryoutubing dgn alip...tgok chipmunk nyanyi mcm lagu ...pretty good..act u just can chipmuunking the songs u want urself...juz twisted #$^^...i dunno what to call it..ok nk ckp pjg2..yada yada....

* no doubt i got english language study course in usm..spotted typing error everywhere..hehhe

Friday, June 18, 2010

new resolution..hope so..

fuhh...finally done with my subject registration..yea..this sem quite burden me..hard that i need to take 20 units this sem with all major and minor subjects 4 unit per each..geeesh...with the messy-pack schedule ...this sem totally need to break the rules...need to wake up early at 8 am..8am!...ouh...