Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mau nangis lagi

act..da betaun i watched this movie..but still..i cried,..love between beauty and the handsome...it remains although his lover suffered from alzheimer..T___T

nak malas boleh tak

*x nak basuh baju pkai tangan boleh x? checked!
*nk bangun tido then terus buke pose boleh x? 3 jam lg..sabar!
*nak balik ganu terus boleh x? 2 ari g..sabor


good gone bad and wanna be good again

last nite..i had a lil talk with eida..usually we used to talk like bitchy..but last nite..or maybe this is ramdhan and all of syaiton xde, ktorg chit chat bnde bek sket,,not like before,,the stupid one,,bla bla..

E: sya..
M: yup..
M: me too! jum jum
E: tp cane?
M: jgn tggal sembhyang dlu
E:yup..smbhyg tu pnting ..
it's a pillar of everything..

moral of the story: we dont want just hangat2 tahik kambing...

*nk ttup aurat
*nk jage solat..
*nk jauhkan dri mksiat
*put what is important as our priority,.but can we?? GOD willing..(^_^)

may ALLAH open our heart..amiin..amiin

Monday, August 30, 2010

bad damn picky

too honest too picky...holy crap! there's nothing to be proud of..indeed!

*there's a kitty playing with my feets while i were praying..damn u kitty!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

if u know how to cheat start now!

We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart

sumpah sedih

ala..knp kecik..


aaaaaaaa...insomniac ..two days..aaaaaa...i need a healthy sleep people..haish..berjangkit gn pak cik INSOM r nih! lmao! aaaaaaaa bloody aaaa!

*People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. ~Leo J. Burke

Saturday, August 28, 2010

another fairytale

*i miss this moment...hrp2 tiap2 raya pon still mcm ni..i dont want any change!

after a very hectic n tungang-hambar-meroyan-terbalik week! now..i'm back..my mood is on top of the sky..ooomomo!!:))

many things happen..sick,happiness..:))

start counting..5 days more..5 days more!!
nak psg pelita kt rumah..nk buka lampu warna warni...nak tgok abah psg mercun bunga api yg mcm countdown merdeka tu..harap2 abah beli lg taun ni..sy suke sbb colourful! :) dan buny die kuat..lol...n nk duit raye dr sume org..sy sorg je kot..bg la 100rm sorg..omomo!

tp sy xpenah sentuh mercun..mercun roket pon takut..eh tipu..penah je..,tp penakut..ikkikiki...

sy suke..mood sy mcm pelangi...dah x dull da..hope this will everlast..

the undefined resolution

one of them is to wear shawl..lol.. kalau belit2 shawl je mesti 5 minit je ok..pastu xleh nk bernafas dah..uhuk uhuk..

it is just like i'm panting! i have a fews of shwal in my wardrobe but mostly xpenah pkai pon..teringin je beli..

bile recall balik...bru 3 times je kot pkai..dh..xthan...cm kena ikat tali gntung nk bernafas..what the dick...OK..just call me WEIRDO..bt most of the shawl yg i penah pkai pon i pnjam..haha..

let just u judge how my chubby face pkai shawl..it's kind of embrassing..

*this is the latest..mcm sbelah tu..just xedit je..

*mse TOT..

*this is international nite..i guess..damn..forgoT!

*ni saat berat si chubby pling berat pkai shawl..ok..buruk

berbuke pose dgn aiskrim paddlepop..*BETOL KE I EJA?ngehngeh...and finally..uwekk uwekk!

Friday, August 27, 2010

dull...pathetic...emoing...blog ini..i've no reason.. but i'm totally not sort of it...:)

part of life

betol la...
sy sgt berhati-hati..smpai sy pon risau dgn berhati2 sy ni..
xpela ayt sy tunggang terbalik pon..hee
hati2 terlampau pon xboley jgk..
nt kang..
yang dikejar xdapat yg dikendong berciciran..
i get failed into this...
yg sy tahu..
ALLAH knows better..
HE decides the best..:)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

getting better

oh my god.. loads of ubat kena makan..lol
i lost a lot of water in my body and need to cover it up..

diarrhoea and vomiting nonstop..too bad in this fasting month
at least 100 plus is good 4 me at this moment...

i realized something happen here..
but i wont talk bout it..
we cant make everyone happy with us..:)

home?yeay...countdown countdown for the next week..
i'll be home..
for the same routine..nothing gonna change but that's the reason why i like to be home..:)

love? let me think it twice,thrice,,:)

our ride of lide

Why do we complain
when we have everything.
We have all we need to live
a comfortable life.
But we walk around
with ingratitude and strife.

We should stop and think
about others,
not just of ourselves.
For it is in humility
that one discovers-
true dignity…

When tragedy hits
we all throw fits
for a minute or two.
But when it’s over
we brush it aside
and continue on this
fascinating ride of

This poem was written/submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this ruined week

i slept like there's no more tomorrow for me..
woke up in the afternoon like i didnt sleep 4 gazillion of years...

n now...my mind freeze
i need paracetamol..

i need to change my attitude budak malas..
u have a lot of works to do ..

Monday, August 23, 2010

i do love this sem..:)

*first of all...roflol...:) i dont have to take any english literature paper this semand i freaking love it! i;m not into literature..i dont have such a good POV and i hate to read shakspeare, emily dickinson,play,poem etc etc...sorry prof..i wish i will not take lite paper 4 the next sem..but..jgn harap lah..u still 1 lit paper to go..T___T

* i love all of my profs..lol..esp dr alias ghani who teach me phonetic and phonology subject..i do love ur british accent doc! bloody hot! and yes,..u can make variety of english accent also..but i didnt do well 4 ur test yesterday..sumpah menyesal..coz it;s really twisted question and nah..the answer is so easy..but shame on me..i didnt study at allb4 the test..yeay..i could blame myself..

*most of my assesment, assigment will be submit before hari raya..it's quite burden coz i need to do a lot of works in such a short period,..indeed.it's a very hectic month..but bersusah susah dahulu bersenang senang kemudian..kan kan kan ..after hari raya,there's just a few of assignment but nvm..hope i'll make it:)

*i dont have any ridiculous commtment..yeay..4 me..i cant handle many things in once..i;m not multitalented person..:)
*hari raya coming soon..yeay and ok..i miss my family so much..love u guys..umi mesti sdg sibuk preparing juadah buke pose skang..and it would be nice dishes.. :)


as u wish

give me a break
give me a time..
be pleasure...

when things ruined
u decide..
tired of being trying,waiting and
just let it be...our soul our heart is all in HIS hand...:"))

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sarcastic is shit..

woke up at 1 pm..dizzy..dizzy dizzy...and my sore throat still want to attach with me..what the hell..i've drank a lot of water last nite kan..oh GOD..n now it is 2.43 pm and still on ma bed and waiting for myself to take a shower..and pray..slept at 3 am sth after having a short conversation with that mister..hey mister..hello:)

oh,..kind miss all my cats esp my late SAM...u dead..a dead cat..u was my lovely cat,,u die with ur best friend which is my neighbour's cat..oh..i miss u..perhaps u grown up already if stilla live..i want cat here to hug!..amoamalolol

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the hardest part

I had a dream and it was about you ...
I smiled and recalled
the memories we had ...
then I noticed a tear fell from my eyes ...
you know why?
Coz in my dream you
kissed me and said goodbye ...

Friday, August 20, 2010

distracted! grrrrrrr



*there's no after pixa! :)
this week is very hectic..maybe bru 2nd day i pose..wolololo.....lapa..krok krel kro krek...it is 2.47pm..lmbat lagik...will break a fast at balik pulau...can wait cant wait...:"(..hungry like steffan salvatore craving for blood..

i'd ruin up my week..oh ok..only this week..promise...didnt wake up 4 sahur..2 x skip classes,skip terawih, didnt touch book at all for today test n i felt freaking stupid for the easy "questionggg",..

xkemas katil..bgun lmbt..lapar .lapar..ok..sabar..nt makruh pose tu..tsk tsk..

and i need 50 cent more nak basuh baju! :(..i mean 50 cents...xnk basuh tangan...wuuuu..nt makin lapar T_______T

i need to repair ma brain cells..manage my timetable..get focus..start making a revision..holla!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

tick tick tick!

start counting..14,13,12 bla bla bla~~
hope the best..get the best...for the best ...

hope there's much joy tomorrow..
be blessed!..
belajar melawan nafsu serakah..woowow...nafsu je...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

having a boifie is not my addictive at all..

╔╝ (¯`v´¯)
╚══`. ¸.♥ U

*ekekkekeke..comeyyy angat angat!

1 hari d hari raya

*gmbar2 ramai2 xde lam lappy..cantum2 je la..
*tertinggal my sis sorg sbb die yg edit

giler ah..aq nak balik..da x tertanggung rindu aq kar rumah aq..rindu umi,abah,nenek, anak buah,kakak2 ,abg,..pfft...da lme x balik...sabar la hati...xlame dh nak balik..belaja dulu rajin2..smpai mase balik la jumpe umi abah..raye dah nak dekat yeay...nak duit raye bebanyak!!

it is hard

thinking,and thinking and thinking.........

yeay..i need to make decision for my own..think wisely big girl!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

eibah's birthday

*i kissed the girl
*fake sis n momma
*hush hush darling

he is bloody hottttty!

i have never read the book..but when i first watched it a year ago i absolutely love ot! steffan salvatore who completely has romantic relationship with elena..lol..i dont want to give any review here..but steffan is freaking hot vampire! melt-kill-pschoing me out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

cara pakai shawl yg xbetul!

*lolo...jgn pakai shawl mcm ni len kali..llolol! it's kinda liltle-moron-me tonight..
*it's a shower time after the whole day..lol!

oh ..i miss this precious moment!

*this is very beautiful scenery i've ever seen of my entire life..OH GOD..i miss this
*this is where we were taught water confident**and i'd fail! lol
* i miss u guys..badly

  • sometimes when we used to hate what we did ..but after we r no longer in that situation we start to know what He has given to us..yea..experiences is the best teacher while we life..we know how to through this life wisely..
  • duh...miss everything in kem benum hill resort badly! no..infinates! though it has been 3 or 4 years ago..feels like it past a minute a go
  • i'd learned everything..how to be strong..how to bulid ur character in any situation..oh..thanx to all jurulatih..kinda love n miss u..
*charlie is the company in that batch..
charlie hot to go

Sunday, August 15, 2010

double check


*sila double check routine kamu
*sikap kamu
*nafsu makan kamu

ganu kiter! woot woot!


1. putih-lepuk
2. manih-leting
3. tawor-hebeh
4. meroh-nyale
5. kuning-sior
6. bising-bangor
7. hancing-pering
8. busuk-kohong
9. besor-jalor
10. gemuk-metong
11. kuruh-kekek
12. kecik-tuek
13. pahit-lepang
14. come-lote
15. huduh-sepang-ko ong

boleh buke kamus dewan bahasa nih! huahua
  • kalang - pensel
  • kalang petek - pensel mekanikal
  • kalang cat - pensel warna
  • ghobar - pemadam
  • . gorek - pengasah pensel
  • . kayu gho - pembaris
  • pale-bapok
  • hijau-menaung
  • kelat- sebat
  • kerah-kekong
  • lembek-lote
  • kelabu-asap
  • jeng-kreng
  • hapowk-kooh
  • bolowk-wok
  • klabu-nale
  • beng-tebeng
  • SUWOK = JENDOL ( dahi luas dah nak botok .. terutama untuk lelaki )
  • gustang=go stand=undur
  • kona=corner=selekoh
  • houk=hold=berenti
  • pulut lepha=pull out punk gangs=pulut panggan
  • wakaka=weight sixty six=berat nanam.... :))
  • .rudung-rapok
  • .guling-bating =))
  • .netang-nerak
  • .kesok-wok

*yang di boldkan adalah perkataan yg sy gune..eh eh..bnyk lagi..sy cume sempat google ni je..hek hek

no boundaries

at this moment,this time, this second, this minute ,this and that..lol..holy crap!
i've no idea about my so soon presentation..oh GOD..i don't know what i want to relate with spirituality in AVATAR story..lol..ideas!...where the hell have u been thrown! i need u gessh! *sorry to Siew Ping my presentation partner coz i didnt have too much and brilliant ideas to discuss...times ticked! ticked! ticked!

Friday, August 13, 2010

hectic weekend! tsk tsk

*eida the sunshine..my classmate.. only 10 students doing my course..:)

*today..did lil bit so called part time job and get 10rm per hour..
*laptop finally da dpt ..and memory card pon..rm100..check! :(
*2morrow need to finish and find some materials for my presentations....run out of ideas
*will attend eibah's birthday makan coz we r in fasting month..
*got discussion again..
*didnt reply any msg coz forgot to topup after a month..
*usually my mom calls me..and that mister...others i always x sedar nk pick up ur calls
*maybe i just spent 30 sen per day...with same conversation with eida:

S:wake up! tutor
E: baru bagun
S:waiting for u at sk
E:fucking shit bas xde!
S:begayut je...nt smpai le
*it happened everyday for this sem..lolol

Thursday, August 12, 2010

when i managed to spoil everything!

as we grow up we learn that one person that wasn't supposed to ever let u down probably will.
u will have ur heart broken probably more than once and it's harder everytime. Sometimes u will break someone hearts too...and urself too..u will fight with ur own and ur friends. u will blame a new love for things and old one did..u will hard to believe the new one though u know his sincerity.
u will cry because time is passing too fast, and u will eventually lose someone u love.. So do appreciate someone,and love like u've never benn hurt because every sixty second u spend upset is a minute of happiness u'll never get back..

* .i just let GOD decides..*HE knows the best..cheer up!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hello maderfager! please dont read this....u know who u are..

*i wish i didnt say dis..

mixture of emotions..

*eh,,,jemput ke rumah die mau kawen..hikhik

*i love my sis..and my only one brother also

*my sis akan kahwin soon..tsk tsk...after this there's no more 3 anak dara...da jdi 2 ank dara da..as if my sis sa xkawin lg...ouh..i pon nak kawen jgk.but not soon la..haprak..pakwe pon tadak..lolol..i dont want mak makcik call me anak dara tua..

*the up pics maybe the last vacation of 3 anak dara and after this no more..tsk tsk..
*but sis bug(i used to put her name as sis bugs in my contact num..wonder y)..i'm glad that u will be abang awi's wife..so soon....maybe things lil bit change and we r not like before...u have ur own family..not anak abah umi lagi..eh tak tak tak..hik2
*lpas ni xboley da la nak tido dgn u...xkan mi nak teman i tido lagi kot pasni..sian abah...lol
*u r nice to me same as sa and my other sistas..
*u r lil bit sensitive but not as much as me..people knows that rite..:)
*when i was a kid u both always ignore me..u n sa,..like angah and along ignored achik..and i'll go to mom and duk bawah ketiak umi..
*but when i grow up..things changed...i'm still manja but thanx GOD i have sisters like u all..
*i dunno why i just can attached with just two both of u..maybe sbb usia..but i do love all..


*oh yeay..i ate this doublecheesy burger..tell u what..the taste was freaking suck!go go for burger mamak lagi best kot...

oh..i need to watch my weight..after had this faking burger, i had varieties of sushi..lala suhshi,tomago sushi etc etc etc..i dont have any idea why i love sushies..sometimes the taste is so sick but the temptation always makes me day dreaming..lololol! waderubbish speak!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i miss my mom badly...u r my otomen mom! :(
if i could reverse a time...
i cant wait to see u ..soon sooner sooner!!! tsk tsk tsk

*u tend to be my everything...i love u..:)

yoop yoop

fasting month will start 2morrow! what a fast year! ..
tp 2morrow i xpose..hik hik..
what a lucky unlucky me...=,=..cuak mau ganti

xde tajuk

yeay...it may annoyed u guys..i keep posting new entries about 2 or 3 times today...i just wonder why i love to do dis...but when times come, i will feel bored and bother to write any entry..

sometimes i hate my figure..what has given by ALLAH to me...i hate my boob! i keep jealous when i saw girls with nice figure walk in front of me and wondering why i cant be like them? yea...sometimes i hate it..no..most of the time...

*but no matter what..u just ask urself...
if u keep sigh with ur life but compare to what?

there r so many people out there somewhere are not lucky phisycally....but they are so grateful they have good mental so called mentality...me? enough sya..when u get the worst..naah ..now u know how to thank to GOD..

at this moment,,,i just want be at home..keep dreaming la big-unindependent-me..though i was in home i couldnt make my mom happy...i just stayed,,watched tv ..when meals preapared my mum just call me......she never eat without me because she knows the fact..I HATE TO EAT ALONE ....without her,,i love u mom...although my child attitude always annoyed u...i miss my dad and my grandma...tsk tsk..tsk..i cant wait forhari raya...loads loads loads of love,food,happines..

Monday, August 9, 2010


woot woot woot ..
ramdhan..puase +,+

selamat berpuase...
mana kuih pelita? mana soya bean? mana kurma yusoff taiyoob?

*belajar tahan sabar

Sunday, August 8, 2010

what a day

*it's 11.18 pm..i'm craving for variety of sushi and just had it last few days..*srot srett srot srett* while having my PMS pain..erghherghh*it was 6.30 am and it was raining through the thunder..lil bit wide awake and rushed 4 solat subuh

*it was 7 am and the sleep temptation came..zzzz

*it was 12 pm..i hate to wash clothes by hand ..but i didnt have any coins left..wadafark

*it was 5pm..zzz...i need to sleep to reduce my pms..


My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya.

small but priceless..

*oh yeay..i got a gift..oh yeay!


olololo...my bff finally da bertunang...unfortunately..i did'nt attend her 2nd big day..felt lil bit guilty,,tsk tsk...hell yeay..but i'm happy for her..and i know they had trough this with hardship...

i hope both of u wani and safuan reborn...haha..will end ur engagement soon with a very gorgeous and bedazzle wedding! love u guys! :)

*jgn lupe plak balik u ye babe...hik2

Saturday, August 7, 2010

girls day out!

pada suatu hari yang xhening..ecece.. cam nak esei plak..ngak sih..ngak..aq bukan mau bikin itu esei..dah..stop it..jgn mengarut...

yesterday eida,eibah and i went to window shopping at gurney plaza and perangin mall..ok..bukan window shopping...tp mmg shopping pon..tak..shopping pon 1 item je...that calvin klein..erghh...i cant pretend that i didnt have any tempted to buy it..uwawa..

*like before and it's my trendmark..although gurney plaza tu dpn mata..yea..we all sesat jln..mula2 pergi xtaw name mall tu pe...huh...that's all eibah and eida's fault..(act me ..hikhik..confident sgt nmpk hotel..)* i have huge problem to remember road..T___T
*i need to cover up my stone pimples..
*we all were damn fatigue
*i need to pee!
mak cik mak cik*

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

weird so called ridiculous

seriously..didnt expect what was happen to me last nite..early in the morning...
i dunno where's in the world they all come from..

just nak conclude je kat sini..xnak citer pjg2..
laki kdg2 nak tgok die tu baek ke x ade 1 cara...kalo die kutuk gile ex die lpas clash mmg xleh diterima..sbb kite da nmpk da mcm mane prgai seseorg tu.. and bile da couple balik die akn jadi buta...

and girls..please dont believe whatever guys said bulat2..serious..we r womEn..and kite kaum yg lemah..
pompuan mmg cpt ikut nafsu..nak2 nafsu marah,dengki..lepas kite buat baru kite pikir ape yg kite ckp...think wisely before say sth..

aku ckp mmg berdasar kan pngalaman aku and ape yg org buat kat aq..kdg2 aq da surrender dgn bnde ni semue...*last night experience ok..
ye..mmg aku da surrender...and sbb smlm ade org maki aku tanpa sebab and alasan yg giler mirror punyer alasan..aku pon mmg pompuan yg xckup iman..aku maki balik..last aku jgk pk aku berdosa..kalo aq ckp care baek kan elok..

kalau dia maki aku xsemestinye kite kena maki org tu balik..
nak berdendam pom xde makne,...pelik bin ajaib ade org berdendam and ckp aku p-enyebab semua mslh...

masalah xkan dtg kalau kite sendiri yg berusaha elakkan...

camnila..cube kite berfikir..kalau kite da tua and ada anak nanti..and ank kite nak kawin dgn org yg kite brdendam tu...msti akan huru hara family kite family die and sampai la kite mati dndam tu xkan selesai..(contoh yg agk mengaban tapi mmg xmustahil akn terjadi..dunia kecik babe)

ALLAH akn bagi kite blsan samada ats dunia atau akhirat or both..
jadi kite jgnla ikut nafsu sgt..(this is for remind myself and u also)

*alaala...da mmbebel pjg dah..tp aku harap ALLAH celikkan hati aku..dan hati awak semua juga..insyaALLAH

idea evil aku terpk lepas gado smlm: aku nak tgok je korg kawen ke x smpai mcm ni skli benci kt org..kalau x kawen mmg aq pegi boo la umah pakwe ko,...(smlm punyer idea evil and ade skit2 lagi prsaan ni..)
tapi: aku doakan ko bahagia and bertaubat sekali dgn aq ..insyaALLAH..kite manusia ,hamba yg lemah..dunia ni kecik je...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


rasa nak menyampah ke..

ok..those who read this..its up to you..
tell me..harsh me...i dunt wanna keep those words..
it doesnt make any sense..

name me jiwang if u want to..
bear in my mnd..
we r human..

but now..
i'm so tired of all this fucking stuff..
yea..i love being loved and for sure everybody does..
even either u r gay or practically had an accident in ur life..LMAO

but..yet..i dont want to have any relationship that related to someone someone someone..
it sucks....although we never talk but we know each other pompuan..
dah..stop it..the end...

i did call my mom and feels like crying like cats and dogs..no..it just if it rains la..
i mean cry baby cry..

hye peeps

wake up in the morning and feels like hell...
yeay..still skip my titas class 4 2nd time...
slept at 10.00pm last night coz all of sudden mcm pengsan..
seriously when i woke up this morning still rase pening and nausea...
oh damn..i dunno why...
i dont wanna laugh at this moment..hell no...
dun laugh..

i thought there's no buses today..
i was wrong...and the lucky-slightly-cuai is me...