Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mixture of emotions..

*eh,,,jemput ke rumah die mau kawen..hikhik

*i love my sis..and my only one brother also

*my sis akan kahwin soon..tsk tsk...after this there's no more 3 anak dara...da jdi 2 ank dara if my sis sa xkawin lg...ouh..i pon nak kawen jgk.but not soon la..haprak..pakwe pon tadak..lolol..i dont want mak makcik call me anak dara tua..

*the up pics maybe the last vacation of 3 anak dara and after this no more..tsk tsk..
*but sis bug(i used to put her name as sis bugs in my contact num..wonder y)..i'm glad that u will be abang awi's soon....maybe things lil bit change and we r not like before...u have ur own family..not anak abah umi tak tak tak..hik2
*lpas ni xboley da la nak tido dgn u...xkan mi nak teman i tido lagi kot pasni..sian
*u r nice to me same as sa and my other sistas..
*u r lil bit sensitive but not as much as me..people knows that rite..:)
*when i was a kid u both always ignore me..u n sa, angah and along ignored achik..and i'll go to mom and duk bawah ketiak umi..
*but when i grow up..things changed...i'm still manja but thanx GOD i have sisters like u all..
*i dunno why i just can attached with just two both of u..maybe sbb usia..but i do love all..

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