Monday, May 31, 2010


We seek the comfort of another. Someone to share our dreams and to share in the life we choose. Someone to help us through the neverending attempt to understand ourselves. And in the end, someone to comfort us along the way. Don't pretend what is near you..appreciate every moment of your life and it will be remembrance and keep it as your life ever.. yea..

Be prepared with anything..anything will happen..instead if it takes just a few second it will happen no matter what..your life is your soul..your heart is your whatever you think it is right and make a decision wisely before doing least you will be ready to face the risk..:)

*it is so hard to choose someone that you need most in your life..your heart is only one and you will give it only to the one..choose wisely girl...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

bad bad bad bad gurl

i ma bad bad girl in a big big world..yes i am.. always burden ma dad and everyone..with my manja attitude..yepp..wont deny it.. and one most obvious things now..i always fall in love with bad guys.



it's a freak! just read what i ate for today! but it is totally weird coz my weight is 45 but obviously i am not see that 45kilos on me! it seems like 52 kilos..oh shit...woke up today and started with

  • rendang and pulut
  • jajang
  • coke
  • mee sup
  • nasi berlauk
  • fruits
  • maggi
  • crunch cadburry
  • kit kat
ouh...i wanna jump out and outaa scream ...ouh my potbelly..i need to do something..yess..ima gonna crazy lesbigay!erghh..

i am getting fat! oh..gonna crazy!

mlm ni...pegi kua mkn lagi..ouh...bru suda mkn beger ..den mkn lg..
FYI! b4 went out,i wore my jeans..ouh..guess what! da xmuat jeans i! skinny jeanss...ermm..i bid 26,27 is not worth 4 me..!ouh..i need to fit back my belly!!..ouh...xlarat mnk pkir..ishh..nk mkn lagi..hee

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i really dont understand why guys easy to show that they sometimes really desperate to find a guys...girls can stand the temptation by the desperate guys..huh...we are not interested aT all to any desperate guys..the more macho that guy the more we get the temptation..naa..u know what i mean..please d0nt text me and ask me.."bleh kenal?" ouh please is not the right way to seduce is bonus if u are not that totally jiwang guys girls will be attracted ..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

desperately not desperate..

fyi..i was put this upper tittle since hours ago..yea..totally blanking out...ouh yea..i'm done with my and ask me with anything...'ll answer bored and trying to figure out wat will i'm
juz now i stalked a few blogs and simply make conclusion here 99% of bloggers i mean people who has blog like me not blogger like onlineshop will less or more write entry about love and realtionship between guys n girls bla bla too act..i love being loved and i am easy to fall in love and easy to forget haha..yes..totally describe me and people around me knw it..:)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

past is haunting me though~

it is 3.52 am..still dun feel sleepy..erm..erm..act..dun wanna sleep alone..mummy please sleep with me..dun wanna sleep up here alone..luckily ma snobbish cat jump up in ma bed ..and sleep
at least it same like human..indeed..
dun wanna continue with ma recent entry..huh..dunno what fucking up in my mind..
ouh...past is haunting me..
recalled everything i did in ma so called previous life..hmm
since the first day holiday started..still dun truly going out..
huh..i swear..if my jerawat-jerawat merah ni mampus i'll hanging out..
erghh...hate it,...

really good weather today,...
ima lazy person.ak mndi mls.nk kua mls..juz wanna be in static way..hoho..
woke up early 8.15am sleep last was really first my grandma..dgn gagah nek tngga wondering if i feel scare to sleep alone..ouh please gradma..i;m not child..obviously ima child and mummys'
then ma father went into ma room to wake up ignore all dis ..

beyond expectation~

u can expect everything...
xpe la's not happen like the ~~
to be continue..wanna sleep

Friday, May 21, 2010


having a great lunch with my dad's cooking..bla..trough ma day with common things..
mom's sleeping in front is going out..alip juz finished crying out after ma dad ignorance..
me? erm...waiting 4 ....

ouh..trying to find a way to clean up my room...
but still..fucking thing juz messed up..ouh..
it is so hot to do anything..even to eat...please green ur earth people...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

happy time but..

finally.smpai umah..cuti yg agk pnjg ttpi tpkse dpndekkan.:(...many things appened..ermm..too much to xleh nk citte..haha,,ouch..holidays make me fat,pimples and lazy..oh can i overcome all tensed me a lot..hehe..pimples and fat please die...! i hate u like always,,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

die PIMPLE die! go awayyy!!

shooh..what do you fucking on ma face?? i hate u..can u please dun stick with..oh grooshhh.....pimples! 3 bijik! erghh....easy to get pimple and hard to throw it all away..if i could ...urghhh...u spoiled everthing....i need to find something new...what brand?? i dun have enough money to buy damn branded stuff now..i am totally pokai ..huk3...take a granted of my mum my sis bole la..ngiaaaa.....

urgh,,u touch my big pimple!!'s getting bigger..ouhh...i'm juz kidding..:)
someone did give me last advise: 'blik umah jge muke'..."i taw u xske jrawat"..
hello mister! all human being hate pimples...if it can make u looks adorable it can be accepted...instead u kan..urghh..wait n sem u'll get suprised..:P

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


lol...nape ni..nevess semacam nervous tp menyesal..uwaa...ape ni...menyesalll menyesall...gile la aq buat kputusan dlu elok2 laen kali b4 wat mee..anyone?? no..u cant help mee...i juz can help myself,,but how?? terlatak perahu leh diundur..terlajak keputusan??ermm...xda kot,,,nt org ckp mngkir janji lak..adeiii...WTH! it's ...nt u just go with the flow..just see what will happen..happy or not it's depend..depend on what?? me?? yes..u are..alalalala...

totally REGRET! knp tibe2 nervous? b4 dis relax je...erm...xtawwwwwwwwww....
oh my..oh my..what am i doingg...dushhh...i dunno ..xnk pk..juz wait 4 the time..oh..tonight?? what will happen?? it's normal but why i am dat nervous?? freaking shake!!!ouch!! bets word of the day..R.E.G.R.E.T..."think carefully before make any decision"

having a great momento!! lol

'm back to usm..erm...da slmat smpai da pon..great time in KL ..huhu..wlaupon bnyk hlgan di sana...thanx to my sis to support everything..hak2...smlm balik dr genting..fuhh,...letih nak mati kott..hmm...but sgt1000x enjoy...rase cam da dpt blik nyawa lpas nek solero gn roller coster..igt solero yg dayst ..roller coaster lg dasyat kot...mcm nk mnempah maut kot nek xtaw la kalo x rse tkut lgsg bile akak aq pon sme cam aq..fuhh....menggeletar bdn bile ciap..time pusing kebawah aq smpat lg pkir canela kalo jtuh..uwaaa...xsggup..mmg giler aq leh nek bende kena r nek..kalo x x g genting plak nmenye kan...huhu...bez la...sgt3 bez...and sgt3 penat..bgun pg da la awl td..penat pon still terase..lam bas otw ke penang siap tidur smpai mmpi lagi...x penah tido dlm bas smpai camtu..hehe...rm18 free je dihabiskan dgn bermain token hadiah..last2 xde pon yg dpt hadiah..i mean my sis..hellow,,i got it 1 token je..dpt gk kuda laut kuning,..yg kecik pon xksah..jnji ade luck la kot,,,haha

gamba akn diuploadkan esok...hehe..

finally dpt jgk pergi..with k.niey sa n joe sem i jnji akn kuarkn duet ok...singgit kire duet jgk la kn...bercuti kt penang lak...ok la...2morrow i got a date..erm..not so call date..juz hang out with him...i dun want to call it date coz i'm not into it..knp tibe2 aq leh stuju nk kua ni..mnyesal lak ckp yes...uwaaa...erm...hrp bez je la mlm..hmmm

Saturday, May 1, 2010

yahooo...finally KL..hehe..sgt sgt penat wlupon bru 2 ari duk cini..haha....luse pegi GENTING HIGLANDs..lpas pkir mcm2 care nak bg my mum xabes lg..mmg xsdar dri...hehe...2morrow??erm...xtvty??er...jgn sape2 ngedate esok!!hehehe..

ok..later on i'll update my entry..sgt penat mau u!!