Tuesday, May 25, 2010

desperately not desperate..

fyi..i was put this upper tittle since hours ago..yea..totally blanking out...ouh yea..i'm done with my fromspring..so..come and ask me with anything...http://formspring.me/syanida...i'll answer it..lol..juz bored and trying to figure out wat will i'm doing..lol..
juz now i stalked a few blogs and simply make conclusion here 99% of bloggers i mean people who has blog like me not blogger like onlineshop will less or more write entry about love and realtionship between guys n girls bla bla bla..ouh..me too act..i love being loved and i am easy to fall in love and easy to forget love..wtf? haha..yes..totally describe me and people around me knw it..:)

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