Sunday, May 23, 2010

past is haunting me though~

it is 3.52 am..still dun feel sleepy..erm..erm..act..dun wanna sleep alone..mummy please sleep with me..dun wanna sleep up here alone..luckily ma snobbish cat jump up in ma bed ..and sleep
at least it same like human..indeed..
dun wanna continue with ma recent entry..huh..dunno what fucking up in my mind..
ouh...past is haunting me..
recalled everything i did in ma so called previous life..hmm
since the first day holiday started..still dun truly going out..
huh..i swear..if my jerawat-jerawat merah ni mampus i'll hanging out..
erghh...hate it,...

really good weather today,...
ima lazy person.ak mndi mls.nk kua mls..juz wanna be in static way..hoho..
woke up early 8.15am sleep last was really first my grandma..dgn gagah nek tngga wondering if i feel scare to sleep alone..ouh please gradma..i;m not child..obviously ima child and mummys'
then ma father went into ma room to wake up ignore all dis ..

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