Monday, February 28, 2011

big headed

no..i'm not the big head person..and i don't mean anyone..saje je tuh..i'm retarded in giving a title..seriously..
today's class was so so..we had a test and i can do just half of the questions je kot..i don't know..just wait for the result..

 i feel like want to skip my tutorial 4 mggu lepas da skip dh..ala..leceh la..i hate literature so much..i don't know anything when my lecture start talking in front..he asked us to search about the logical ideology in the novel..all i know the novel is all about the old man who actually in a death age want to have a sex with 14 years old adolescent virgin..damn..i hate literature..i'm not a creative person..i can't think any implicit or explicit  messages or what not..ok la..i don't want to read that novel..nk google je cari summary..well..orang malas :) we had a photoshoot with i don;t know people from somewhere..heh..all my classmates ade :) tp xde la pic dr photographer sbb xsiap lg..just upload from our camera je dlu :)

complete major mates sy..go english go! :)




budus gambo ni..berat sgt i..muka bambam..:P

Sunday, February 27, 2011

i thought i did but i didn't

when I wake up every morning I always had a mission to be a good muslimah.. i thought I am trying but i did not try at all..I don't give any effort to be a good muslim..I realised that i always make a mistake although I know it's wrong..but i still did it..

i know..I'm still weak in my own pillar still not enough..still not strong to hold me in my life..i know in Islam, pray is a pillar for muslims' life..i always rush in solat,didn't pay attention, procrastinate and skipped if i'm asleep..i know i do so much sins and i realised it is more than my kindness.

seriously, it is shamed to be myself..i want to be on the right path..can I?

i miss him

janggut kambing da ilang :P

can I skip this week? i can't wait to meet the next week to see you :)
I miss you now

I admit LDR burdens me a lot..we only meet each other on my semester breaks..but we miss each other everyday. skip all the fighting days la..hehe..sometimes i get confuse and sometimes i don't..i just let it on GOD'S hand :)


hari ni sy belajar satu perkara..kadang2 bila kite yakin sesuatu kan mnjdi sprti yg kite sangka boleh menjdi seburuk yg kite xsangka..dan yg terjadi dkt sy hari ni.sebaliknya..jd alhamdulillah :)

nothing much to say..went lepak2 with ma friends today and makan2..tetibe malam perut buncit sy lapar balik..mkn telah makan pada waktu yg diharamkan makan utk org diet..:'( dah la byk ..

td tibe2 jumpe loong lost friend..6 tahun xjumpe..and she came to my campus for olahraga..everybody's changed! and me changed bentuk badan je kot.. she was totally suprised because of my gemuk body..sad to hear :(

dap angat angat
masa lepak2 td xde gmbr..heh..sbnrye ade dlm kamera sy tp nk bia  mmber upload :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

weird dream

i hate dreaming..seriously,..but i always dream in my sleep..maybe cause i always sleep after dawn..and mula la syaitan mengacau..yea..i mean here nightmare and sometimes didn't make sense at all . no, i won't story all my dreams here cause it sounds really scared and stupid..i even cried in my sleep until i woke up and immediately gasped! i still can remember my dream for 4 or 5 hours and it will disappear itself.. i woke up today and i want to be better than yesterday..that is always what i think after i woke still remain the same..mine la.

hello pipibambam

this is what we did on previous public speaking..we need to demonstrate my friend yg buat..kitorg 3 stooges menyibuk je jap..sbb kitorg da lpas da..:)

Friday, February 25, 2011

oh thenn..:|

  • menyesal x ikut kwn pergi TOT malam sy baru je dah basuh baju,wat assignment, ..xsempat dh nak pergi..:"(
  • tetap menyesal xpergi jgk..kawan lame dr engineering campus baru msj ckp ade kt induk ni nk jumpe..haish..menyesal kemudian xberguna,,happy2 la selalu..T____T.. rindu ko..lama dah xjumpe...
  • masih lg merajuk..bia lah nak ckp sy org paling emo di dunia pon.:/
tapi at least assignment dh siap separuh dan tadi saya bersyukur sgt sebab saya xsangka akan jumpe ape yg sy nak! yeay yeay! *jumping up and down!

tibe2 rajin nk jwb soklan tag malam ni..:) bace blog org td mcm best je soklan..

Apa yang penting dalam hidup anda? 

ALLAH- cause of HIM, i'm still alive.
FAMIlY- my life backbones
FRIENDS-my life-teachers
BOYFRIEND- my future life *insyaAllah
Kalau kebendaan pulak?
 MONEY- my priority
handphone,internet, make up stuffs,foods, etc etc..byk hoi
Apakah anda sedang bercinta? 
 too random for me..but i have a boyfriend
Seberapa lama anda akan mencintai kekasih anda? 
depends on our fate
Novel/buku/majalah terakhir yang anda beli? 
Memories of Melancholy Whores..sape yang bernama lelaki suke la bace buku cam gini..aku beli pun sebab compulsory.
Nama penuh anda? 
Syarifah Rosanida Sayed Ibrahim..ce cube google search ade ke x..heh..kidding!
Antara ayah dan ibu, mana anda paling rapat? 
umi. dari kecik samapi besar duk bawah ketiak dia lagi
Namakan orang yang anda betul-betul nak jumpa? 
FAMILY aku la kalo skrg!
if in my dreams i want to meet face to face and ask him question mesti la president Iran (Mahmoud Ahamdinejad)
Adakah korang basuh baju sendiri? 
terpakse la dh duk kat hostel ni pon yg betol2 gune tgn bru 2 kali..yg lain mesin..kalau kat umah sekali sebulan kot  :)
Di manakah tempat yang betul-betul anda nak pergi? kalo skrg aku nk g ATM..amik duit lah hui
tapi kalau ikut cam soklan nih aku nk g MEKAH, NEW ZEALAND AND JEPUN..oh TERENGGANU kg halaman jugak..:B
Pilih satu. Peluk atau cium? 
hug me then kiss me..
Bilakah tarikh hari jadi anda? 
8 december 1989
5 orang yang anda nak!

ehem ehem ehem

nak berbangga dan bersyukur jap..ngeh ngeh
proud to be USM!..yeahhhh <3..setahun lagi..sayou nara lah :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

hello silent unknown reader

i think i want to change my blog link so that it will be more private and just only my friends and my family  read this blog..i know just a few reads my blog but i feel like i don't feel secure now .. cause i over exposed my life when i'm sad or many peeps here ad there..

i just want to dedicate my blog  to my friends,family and beloved one only..strangers allowed but no stalker..ya know what i mean?and sometimes it is embarassing for me to write crappy think about my life and if  hater or stalker read maybe the will give a big clap for 'm so not welcome,i t trying to figure out  the new and precise name to replace the old link..oink oink..

i am looking forward for the next week onwards cause i can't wait to see you here..wink wink..and i miss you..oh yaa..

and encik A: alaa...jgn rase bersalah cause it is naturally happen.everyone does do i..lame2 ilang la:)

my mood is on now and tomorrow maybe it will going down again..i know it already,..

bye2 :)







Wednesday, February 23, 2011

penuh itu saya

saya rasa macam tipu diri sendiri je..saya xhappy pon tapi saya wat2 happy..
tapi bile saya bagi tahu kebenaran saya tarik balik..wth?

tapi tipu diri sendiri makna nya kita tipu orang lain jugak kan?
saya rasa macam tu la.

saya rase kosong tapi kosong itu penuh orang cakap.
jadi saya kena tahu arah hidup saya..

saya berharap menjadi seorang yang matang
pandai buat keputusan
tahu mana yang terbaik untuk hidup saya

nak buat keputusan tak perlu terburu2
bila kita dah ade peluang baru kita buat keputusan
dan tak kan berpatah balik :)

my wonderful february is going to be complete .*literally

 damn.saya xboleh sabar..sabar dan sabar..

my laptop is dead..
persaan macam nk buang je laptop ni dalam longkang..
nk kopek satu2 pastu nak flush dalam lubang jamban..

nak ambik penukul nak ketuk2 je skrin die..

damn..i hate you..
why don't you wait for the end of this semester and just die peacefully..
i promise i will bury you nicely..

but now..u sucks..go fucking yourself  dear laptop..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

heloooo Februaryy...raw raw

something across my mind.. ok la..i want to forget that malu things just now..wuu..he still laughing at me.jahat ..jahat...wuu wuu..haha..forget it..:P

this february i think is the most ruined month for me..ya know y? 

all because of my procrastinate attitude..and the result is ? hands down to me lah..what else :(
today i had my nihon-go test..and it was suckss..i can't do well cause i'm too sucks in Hiragana's writing..damn..
i need to refer every single words in nihon-go books.. i mean when i studied derr ..

and now..i am broke up..i don't have enough money,..but it is not like i don't have any single cents to eat,buy necessary stuff and what not..but for shopping spreeeee..a big noo to them :(
honestly i don't like window shopping..there's no thing for cuci mata and it just cramp down my legs...i just like shopping and buy at least one thinggg so called.. dah la..i hate thinking i can't get what i want..

oh but but but..i love to online's window shopping..this is what we call CUCI MATAAAA! .actually. i don't want to show u about any branded designer shoes, jacket, wayfarer, expensive make up stuffs and what not..tapi sy cuci mata tgok hair style tadi..herher..but tu bkn  window shopping kan? lolz...sumimasen*japanese ma


saya malu dekat seseorang..wuu..saya malu lagi dan malu..saya malu..malu malu..wuu..rase cam naked in front of your lecture sahaja rase malu sy not like that..but i'm freaking maluuu just now..damn...why la my day like this today..

to encik malu...T__T...bye..

jgn komen ape2 disini..wuu

Monday, February 21, 2011


hari ni..semangat bangun awl..ok..early for me  is like 9 am onwards je kot..woke up...took a shower...texting ..went upstair for the selection process..* xleh blah..undi rosak sbb pangkah 1 je..haha...went to class a bit early..just Haifa there ,revised again about brain's diagram..had a test..
then my day started  to be distracted..
i had two classes today which are psycholinguistic and contemporary literature..
as usual, dr .alias"s lectures for me are quite interesting but mind went nowhere..
i switched on the computer and start facebooking while dr. talked in front semangat giler about speech perception..sorry dr..:(

yes..masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri..haish..2 hours class is like 24/7.. i knew that Dr. also noticed me..alah..ya know..bila mate konon bagi 100% attention tapi tubuh badan otak melayang...haha.. in my mind, i just want dr. to stop his lecture immediatelyy..geesshh..but today we finished our class sharp on time la pulak..what to do..herher

and we continued our literature class with doc.R on 2pm..yes..i am kinda punctual person..ecece...not..but we finished our lunch early and straight to the class.. kalau dah nama study literature so mestila kena beli buku..soooo...we learnt about ideology and memories of melancholy whores(tajuk pun agk sensitif ye) and mee? still like before..i seat at the 2nd row and really at the centre of the class and straight to the dr...but i still can't give my attention..i started to explore dr.'s face and wrote a short note to a friend next to me..i was so boreddd just now..:P
          eh..tgok telinga dr..bersambung la..hahahaha..
          eh..tengok seluar dr...funny..hahhaa

yaa..i know it is quite lame..but GOD..i can't help it..i can be distracted of any simple things...maybe i should skip classes if i'm going to act like this again..hehrher
waiting for ina

psssst:congrats to my sis finally dpt keje di HSBC bank..haish..2 org keje bank 3 org keje i still don't see my future :(

selamat hari raya in advanced tengah dengar lagu raya sekarang..walaupun raye 7 bulan xsabar nak tunggu raya…sy x sabar nak tengok abah saya pasang mercun bunga api yg cantik tu..xsabar tengok ank buah main bunga api,mercun ketupat,mercun roket bagai.x..saya xmain..sebab saya takut..saya cume tukang ambik gambar dgn video je..

tiap2 raya kitorg pasang pelita..tiap2 raye jugakla umi kena beli pelita baru sebab bile dah pasang  malam 7 likur xreti nk simpan lepas tu kena hujan mane dah boleh pakai..wuu..saya rindu sangat2..kakak2 saya…dulu sy,k.nie dan sa selalu kua malam raye sebab ade je bende xsempat nak beli..
tapi,sembahyang raya mmg sy jarang pergi..hehehe…lelaki2 yg kat rumah semua wajib pergi,sy macam biasa lah..xsempat sebab bangun lewat..lepas tu nak make up2 gn rindu sangat..umi pulak sibuk masak ,prepare rending malam raye dgn kaki wajib rending dgn mee goreng…apesal aku tulis rendang tu rending.. aku xtaw..harhar..

tugas saya malam raye letak kuih raye,sy ni pemalas,kemas rumah sikit mengeluh penat…kak nah pulak sibuk  upgraded baju raye kitorg agar tampak makin lawa..uwa..rinduu..rinduuu
tapi tahun ni lain sikit sebab k.nie da kawen..tambah lagi satu org..abg awiee..lagi xbest la kalau semua xberkumpul kt rumah niii…

ok..sambung2..pagi2 raye kitorg bermaafan dulu..tahun lepas sy menangis tp bkn mase salam dgn umi ,abah sy..tapi mase salam peluk2 dgn k.ipar sy k.sal namenye..sebab die nangiss..die seorang yg mudah menangis pun ape lagi..nangis la same sedih tgok die nangis..heheh

lepas salam2 kitorg wajib pergi umah tokwan..tapi tahun ni tokwan dah xde..hmm..abah pun dah jrg pergi kg.halamannye sbb mak die dah xde..kalau pergi pun ade kerja je..tapi kitorg selalu jugak pergi kalau all my sisters balik, sbb cousin sy selalu buat events..,bbq la,birthday party la..etc etc..mungkin itu yg mendekatkan kitorg anak beranak smpai sekarang..
waa..rindunnye semua..rindu umiii,abah,chekkkkk,kakak2,abang ,ank buah.semua la!..T_T
kiiii diq pun sy rindu jgk sebenarnye.:”(

*actually, I still tengah buat revision ni..i need to remember any single part of brains..medulla oblongata,spinal cord,cereblum, etc etc…letih hoi yg blurr gler..sorry la kakak2 yg lain xde sbb gmbr xde lam lappy ni..:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

hello beauty-dirty world =)

Why do people always say “If 

we’re meant to be, we’re meant 

to be”. Don’t they know that, 

without effort, destiny won’t 


normal people always rude eh?

today was a damn fatigue day.. i ended up my day at almost 1 am..went to rapat umum *pilihan raya that, calon2 need to introduce themselves to the voters and convey people about their manifesto and etc etc..

whf! i can't hear at all ape yg calon2 ni ckp..cause of that rude and un-behaved  fanatic supporters and  the opponents...c'mon guys, we are in  university,think like educated people..just gives the candidate a chance to deliver their speech..don't interrupt them with all unappropriate thing..haish..penat giler and rase nk pekak telinge..i don;t want to go but my friend yg bertanding for kerusi, i just went there with my roommate dgn mata mgantuk giler..

eh eh..and i also met that budak tu budak tu..ahaha..

balik bilik dgn hati kelaparan nk mkn laksa ,tgok2 da basi...what to do..T_T

tomorrow nak study..i need to study for my own sake..i must get an excellent result wlupon test je..cause i love dr.alias subject..hehe...

tibe2 gntok..bye..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

)= bye
)= bye

Friday, February 18, 2011

perhaps perhaps perhaps

i feel like posting every minutes so that i can feel release. i don't like to share with people..ya..sometimes i'd like too..but on the halfway i will stop  cause there's nothing much to utter out and about.

i need to go for mind is like dying...x cergas langsung..wth! fat is welcomed me with stick to me like there's no other skinny people alive..i am super hungreyyy baby! nakmakan..wait la a bit..after org sembhayang jumaat..jap je lagi hoi..

my hair grows well until i woke up today and i look myself as a twin to hantu kak limah balik doubt..lolz.. to tesco to buy some groceries..groceries? hahaha

rindu nak tengok LEGEND wait for it...DAIRY..!..u know if u r a big fan of it..i love Barney although he is gay btw..:)






to be honest to be honest
can i break this up though it is already halfway?
 i don't want to believe people who keep asking me to do this and that but at the same time cakap x serupe bikin?
 i dunno why..

there is no believeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in both partyy..
believe is what i need ,
believe is what we need,

i don't have any feeling
i feel nothing,
i am senseless.
i don't have any sympathy
i don't have any sense of humour with you

i can take it if you told me what i did is obviously wrong
but i can't take it if you did it as well!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

did i was trying too hard or i didn't try at all?i dunno..sighingg

sometimes i feel guilty and sometimes i don't see it was my fault at all
i have my own reason why i did that?
can you reflex yourself?
again.woahh..byknye grammar error..typo.

yg len confirm byk..i mls nk check balik

my mind thought other words,but my hand wrote another words..or i'm just sucks in writing..horhor


caption by nas..i can feel my emotion..bile die amik pon xtaw..
ok..again..mind yaa..don't read this..i feel like writing on my private diary..fine la..all my entries are about my luahan like my life over pathetic kan..i don't want to make it private cause i want certain people bace ..:)

haish..mula2 rase xnak marah2..but now my blood boiled at a high temperature..geeshhhh..WTH haa..
i can even switch my mood even in 1 minutes..seriously..i don't want to start a, i'm not that kind of girl yah..i fight for my right but sometimes i can be backstabber or a smart liar..feel it ya..

this is for's kind of mix poem,songs,quotes and  what so ever la that genuinely my thought

i won't say goodbye cause it seems like a fake goodbye
hye is not my words,but bye is what i feel most..

malas pulak nk buat..

as a check your self and if you feel you are so that honest,
don't fuvk

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bad day ha! but still..chill ya! was  a bad day today..damn bad day.

i left my phone ..dlm lif bru igt's still not consider as a bad day for me..chill la...i still can live without it:) even my boifie bising2..haa..bru taw skarg prsaan i mase awak tibe2 tido xsdarkan diri! :D

scolded by lecturer..not really stressed me out but i think it was my fault..ok..chill..buat ape nk marah2 lecturer sbb marah kite dah kite mmg salah kan..:)

then, i got my mark for my demonstration public speaking..not really good..but ya know, i prepared the speech a few hours before the show babeh!..and it is a demonstration! so, xyah kecoh2 k jeles2 kt org yg dpt A la..i got what i deserve kan..chill la lal lala li tamplon..

i don't mind if i get damn fucking teruk giler result as long as what i did is what i la padan muke i sndiri and prepared well for the next persuasive speech baby! :)

nothing more..we went to disable people's rehab centre.. and my project is half done..thank GOD for that unplanned activity.. and happy for that centre sbb x banyak birocracy*i dunno how to spell it..duhh thingy..:)
their parents gave us full of cooperation and the subject(the guy) too..they are so cute and aggresive.. we chose syndrom down guy..but ya know..the way they act just like kids and fyi we are doing a project about  speech disorder..i wish i could upload the video here but i afraid if it is not appropriate  by doing that..

he knows how to read,write and draw quite well..but he speaks malay,english,chinese all together with me..cutie!

hye geek

i saw sunset in the moonlight..

oh..lame post..stupid either..bye

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 mengatuk hoi..sabo je la..tapi xnk tido awl2..nt jadi mcm semalam..kol 5 da terjage..ape mau buat? haiyaa..please..don't shut your eye ,lids..heh? FTW..

when i recalled back my lifetime..or even my childhood time..i am kind of a sensitive girl..easy word..cengeng la kot..i easy to cry for small thing but at the other side, i hardly cry for a certain tears heavily drop if:

  • watched any sad dramas or movies or even video clips!..even 1 minutes of scenes! haish..xkire la  putus cinta ke, mak mati ke, bunuh kucing ke..
  • i can't see any of  my family cried..i remembered the last time i cried in my sister's of my sister cried sbb  our parents  nk balik hometown right after the reception....and me too cried seeing her..haha..sometimes it can be funny..but we cried! :|
  • i can't see my friend cry, at first maybe i want to comfort her, then i yg leleh air mata
  • kalau ade bnde xkena dgn sy,i wil cry.yes..maybe it's too much and sometimes i feel like i've been pampered so much..dat's y i am like this..
there's a lot more,but i can't think if my brain keep telling me to sleep..
**sometimes i feel it is so embrassing having too much emotions ..but i can't stop it happen..:P

btw..oyasumi nasai... dozou yoru suki :D


can i talk about blogging? okay..i'm not a famous blogger..i didn't do blog walking everyday..maybe once a month..tu pun blog people i know..i just like to be a silent reader..some  i know very famous one ..maybe cause of her/his writing and perhaps she/he is famous but being hated by most of people*get what i mean?. it is up to you to evaluate them..

you can write all your crap to your blog..ya la..your blog kan..and if you don't want others read your little crappy blog, private it. 

mind you,blog is technology thingy to express all of your feeling,creativity,business and etc.. if you don't like it,do not read it again. if i come to read to the blog that over exposed of their personal and single day lifestyle,i won't visit that blog again.  

my blog is little piece of mind that sometimes i can't utter with words..but just only with fingertipsss..despite my words might be a bloody rubbish ..who cares? i am always a typo..making grammar error and i don't give any bombastic words..maybe if read it again i can understand what did i write..

i feel like i want to disabled the comment section..yea..i am the one who hardly can;t take any shitty comment..but think twice, just a few knows about my blog..and again..who cares? :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

cerita oldskul ungkit balik

saje nk cite..sbb aku ngantuk tapi still xnak tido..haa..tetibe semalam kan aku dapat mms..from someone in my former school..he was my senior actually..and nak kate lost contact x jgk, nk kate contact  pon x jugak sbb facebook ade..*oh, i deactivated my fb now..heh.. he sent me a mms..guess what? ok..don't guess..i'll show you..

kisah ni da enam tahun lepas rupenye..mind you, i was in form 4 okay..heh..and that was my card which i gave to him..tapi i da lupe giler bile mase i bagi..cause we used to give each other cards, songs yada yadaa... he still texted me, but i don't have time to reply..yeay..i am super bz with myself kot..and  the point is,HE STILL KEEP ALL OF MY SURAT AND CARDS! *puppylove moments*

ok..i'm having a damn problem now..i asyik makan x brenti bile tido kat blik eida..haish..i can be 42 kilos anytime and 46 kilo now in 45.8 kilos..FTW!

SPOT ME IN 46 kilos..shit! oh ya..don't blame me for having such a tall and beauty friends ya.:P

Sunday, February 13, 2011

whoah whoah

whoah whoah..rase best rase best..xigt dunia..heh..:P

byk lagi keje hoi..tapi tibe2 rase happy..xtaw kenape..kena lamar kot..heh :}

x best lagi nih

eh x x poyo pon xbest.:P

yang sebenarnye gamba yg best next entry..ngeh ngeh :P

Friday, February 11, 2011

what i did in CNY holidays

malas nk upload pic byk2 tp i ni manusia pelupa ...jadi tuk recall balik memorIES i nanti i post la dlm blog..heh

cousin's 10th years wedd annivesary

nephews birthday party
sorry la ank2 buah ku..adiah auntie paling murah skali..last minute hoi..i gave them 6 bars of cadbury and big set ofcolour pencil..heh..xde duit nyah
ade lg sbnrye activity i..makan tido makan,online and mls nk upload..sbb muke i je byk nt..holidays were 7 days..the 3 initial days were terrible cause i'm having super serious PMS pain...hiudpi i tido je.. last2...ank buah i memalukan i dpn sume abb,kaka abg ipar i ckp yg siang2 i xidup..malam je i muncul....haish..jahat betol..g umah abg i die cite, dkt bro in law i pon die cite....t_t

ima be imab be

yo must be wondering i did blog everydayss since 2days a go..yea...i'm bored but happy..cause my works were half done and hell yea i'm in the middle of world yall..i can't say i'm too much happy cause i need to study for psycholinguistic test which is a very next week, literature assignment and presentationS* yea..i still fucking hate literature...sorry to Shakspeare, Karim Raslan and what guys are fucking awesome in writing but your masterpiece don't suit me...

time for laundry..i am too lazy to wash all sort of my clothes with my rough hands..i wanna wash it with machine..yea/ always help you but soon it will destroy you..:|..why ha kena masuk duit syiling pkai..susah taw nk kumpul duit syiling 5ringgit semnggu..haish...duit kertas udah la

antara garisan gadis dan wanita

sebenarnye tajuk tu aku dpt mase aku dgr ceramah dkt u aku tadi..tibe2 aku dpt kesedaran..haha..sbb tu tajuk aku tip top la..i mean aku dpt byk dr ceramah td..lgsg x gntok kalo pncramah kelaka..haha..tibe2 aku ketwa..apesal..aku xgila lagi lah..:D

pengajaran hari ini:(ingatan tuk aku jugak dan semua kaum hawa) kachingg!

*harga diri itu jgn sesekali dibveri walaupun kekasih kite

*sejahat2 lelaki akn mencari sebaik2 wanita untuk dijadikan isteri..tetapi wanita? xkisah..sebab wanita itu emosi tinggi..jadi wanita pandai2 la menilai..kalau kita senang bagi maruah kita kat laki yg bukan suami, belum dan xmungkin lelaki tu akn ambik kite sebagai isteri(nak test power je tu)

*lelaki x kn sentuh wanita yg ingin dikahwininya..salam2 mase kapel tu bukan nye hormat tambah haram ade la..nak salam2 g mane2 tunggu kawen dulu.

*lelaki akan tunggu kita if diorang betol2 nk kahwin dgn kita walau sejauh mane kita lari

*jadilah wanita yang bersopan, dan sentiasa sensitif dgn persekitaran..

tu je kot, ceramah td kelaka..hahah..last2 aku nangis jgk tnjuk video sedih2,,haish,,aku mmg sensitip nyah..:D

credit to mister sy edit sbb sy musim jerawta time pic ni..
psst*belum tentu die ni jadi laki sy :B

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sokmo xde idea nk letak tajuk

seriously i can't be a procrastinator anymore..i will get all oldies punye penyakit nt..blood pressure, diabetes, migrain and what not..dam..mlm2 wat assignment smpi pagi..ok..i lied a bit..i will start doing my assignment from 1am till 4 am..bkn la straight  3  hours but i still feel depressed doing that..pagi2 woke up at 8 am and went to class till 5 pm..yea..i have a few hours gaps but if i balik bile confirm xpegi kelas petang2 nt..i think i am the same level as the PHD student..duhh

still got a lot of assignments to i said before..i am too much procrastinate, so i know i will do everything 1 day or a few hours before i submit all my assignments.. and my face look like damn dull and dehydrated a lot..*maybe due to depressed and diarrhea previous day .. so..just now i bought a few masks to moisturize my skin and sedut air balik..haha..ya..silly me..i don't know how to describe..gaga..

ade x lotion yg bagus tuk kulit kaki? feet's skin xleh klik dgn johnson,nivea and what so ever named  lotions..i need any moisturizer lotion..damn ugly my feet now..kering hoi

photo disabled..
sbb buruk hoi ::B

*gmbr ni kan sy upload tp sy xnmpk rupe gmba ni cane..laptop ni kabur2 sbnrye..laptop lagi 1 x update lg wifi..kt bwh 10rm  nk regis wifi..mahal sial..haish..g lab cen free je daa pic ats ni true me kot..x edit secoet pon..and yes..muke xckup tido langsung.mata ade eye bag...panjang giler caption pic..harharharh

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


bz sangat2 and skrg nk cerite perkara best2 mase cuti aritu pon dah xde mood dh..kadang2 bnde yg terjadi 1 minit pun leh wat kite kecewa ever..kan? and yes..i feel that right now..entahla..maybe GOD wanna show me something. and public speaking aku tadi teruk giler babi..maybe previous week better than tadi..obviously !

manusia mmg susah nak percaya ..depan baik belakang jahat..haish..sumpah aku susah nak percaye manusia ..
and mmg betol dr dulu aku x percaye pon. you explain me everything but it doesn't change anything la..

dtg u je mmg terrible..3rd day dtg u kena keracunan makanan..sepanjg malam smpi pagi aku duk lam toilet..nk bring skit perut..wlaupon ngantuk sgt. last2 tetido mase duduk..g toilet berpuluh kali smpi tetido dlm toilet..tekak loya tapi x keluar isi..sabar je la..dugaan..alhamdulillah..tapi dugaan fiikal x la seteruk dugaan hati... skurangya nye dugaan fizikal mcm td leh kluarkan..skit perut g toilet ,nk muntah jolok jari dlm mulut bia kua isi muntah2.. T_T

tapi hati? kalo sakit ape sgt la leh kuarkan..nak marah nmpk sgt syaitan tgh kuasai..tapi kite marah ..manusia mmg mudah tewas dgn setan..i mean myself..xpela..dugaan..ALLAH duga kite ade sebab..alhamdulillah :)

byk keje sgt2 ,kepala berat lagi..tiap hari ade keje kena buat..xpe..student kan..chill je..

psst: aku taip blog bile aku bosan, bile aku kecewa,sedih je kot..once aku happy habis blog dilupakan..haish..dasar xkenang budi..hehehe

Thursday, February 3, 2011

to do list on this short giler holidays

xdapat nak taip..
tenet lembap giler..
xpe..nanti upload selected pics on what i did on my sem breaks :P