Thursday, February 24, 2011

hello silent unknown reader

i think i want to change my blog link so that it will be more private and just only my friends and my family  read this blog..i know just a few reads my blog but i feel like i don't feel secure now .. cause i over exposed my life when i'm sad or many peeps here ad there..

i just want to dedicate my blog  to my friends,family and beloved one only..strangers allowed but no stalker..ya know what i mean?and sometimes it is embarassing for me to write crappy think about my life and if  hater or stalker read maybe the will give a big clap for 'm so not welcome,i t trying to figure out  the new and precise name to replace the old link..oink oink..

i am looking forward for the next week onwards cause i can't wait to see you here..wink wink..and i miss you..oh yaa..

and encik A: alaa...jgn rase bersalah cause it is naturally happen.everyone does do i..lame2 ilang la:)

my mood is on now and tomorrow maybe it will going down again..i know it already,..

bye2 :)


IMAfiq said...

can i be your reader too??

sya rossa said... are also one of ma friend :)

Layla Zahara Isabelle said...

aku pun silent reader tp boleh x klu aku nk bc gk?

hee :P

sya rossa said...

yes u can..:B