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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mind you loooooooooser **

don't you ever think what others think about you? how sarcastic you are..and me too..lolzzz..nak cakap ,ckp r depan2, kalo xnk ckp r blakang2 tapi jauh2 r sket..jgn kasi aku tahu,,lolzz,..pathetic giler punye manusia.. i don't have enemy..mine la..others i don't know either kalo ade yg anggap sy musuh or what not..i mean one person maybe..or many..i don't know and i don't care..sometimes i care always bad..

saya da besar..and sy da gune cara diplomasi sekarang kalau xsuke ke ape..:|...even my friends pon ckap depan2 about my carrot..lolz* my friends only know that word..and i don't care cause i know mereka xkutuk and if someone kutuk you mesti dorg kutuk you tapi  dpn org lain. xpon g heboh kat facebook..c'mon guys/girlss/looserrrr...we are grown up kan..there's no such thing to perli2 orang xtentu pasal pdhl kita bukan selalu jumpe pon..nak kate,kata dalam hati je la..yea..we do have our own negative perception about someone we saw, we look ..kann,..kalo x,pegi ah try audition masuk club gossip girl...even me selalu gosip with my friends..but never expand it another day..stop smpai situ je..i know you 1st name is sarcasm ..HARHARHAR..ilep-ilep suda..

memang kadang2 kita xsuke dgn care seseorang tapi kalo tegur baik2 lagi org tu leh terime kalo kite makin kutuk die makin die confront u kan..especially girlss..REBEL one..and i know your always melenting if someone kutuk you..mind you..people always complaining about you  but they just keep it cause they know you can't accept what people say to you..nanti kau akan cakap..*bodoh ah ..apesal dorg sebok jage tepi kain aku..macam ah dorang tu baik sgt..haa..macam tu la jgk kite..

tibe2 aku rase ayt aku tunggang langgang..macam ni la..kalo xsuke care org lain tegur elok2..x baik perli2 ke heboh2 ke kutuk2 ke..kau buat macam tu kat orang kau x tahu belakang kau berduyun kutuk kau balik..:B

sorry if i'm tooo sarcastic cause my ic name is syarifah rosanida syed ibrahim..heh..

Monday, January 24, 2011

out of the blue

out of the blue i'm writing this..gaggaga....gila worried T__T..i will going to give my public speaking this wed..ohmiamia..2 days more..i don't want to act like a clown in front of my friends and Dr.Raja..i am afraid if i can't reach 7minutes .i am too scareddddd! FTW..i'm having serious nervous breakdown is common maladies maong us..yea..i know..but me too scareddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!

i will talk about suicide and how to deal with it..i relook  at my points and i feel like my points is not arranged well at all..point by point..there's up and the contents is everywhere..can"t i drop this public speaking subject?T__T.. it is compulsory dude..i hate you speech..

again..i am having bloody serious nervous breakdown
                   meet my classmate ayien(in purple's outfit) and nasri nazzzz..*this is our routine in Dr.Aliasss lecture ..facebooking while listening to his bloody british accent's lectures..*_*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

tell me when you are sober

sometimes i think it is okay to be alone..when you with someone you may give them all of hatred, burden although he cares about you.i don't know..i wish GOD helps me..give me a strength ,enlighten all of my days..ALLAH  wills..

hold me when i;m sad, be with me when i am just nothing.., comfort me when i am crying..i know..i am over sensitive sometimes..i am too much an ignorant person... i don't try harder..i have friends here but you are is okay ,i just care about it a is not much affects us actually.but all this question turn to our heart.. 

you know but you always pretend like nothing happen..yes,.maybe you are a person that can be cold in every minute then..but me not..for me,if it happened yesterday, the next day i will remain the same like yesterday..nah..i know i take something seriously..but is'nt it good ? comparing 4 someone who always pretend..hipocrite? 

takpelah..rabu ade public speaking..i will talk about suicide and my nervous breakdown is high as chronic high blood preasure but my confidence level is zero.. *__*..lols

30 days challenges *favorite song

hello walla makhluk2 sekalian i would like to talk about my favourite song yeaa..*dah mcm rupe nk public speaking rabu ni..damn scared about my favorite song,hmnm..lemme think ya...nahh..i am a universal person..i do have a lot of favorite songs and kind of fancy the songs that have a beautiful lyric..but i am quite closed to english songs-slowrock-ballads-pop-r&b-HIPOP yoo!..amik kau sume..oh yaa..but i hate dangdut and hindustani...korean songs too cause i don't paham sepatah haram meaning dorg..:P sorry 4 k-pop D.H.F..:|

tapi lagu yang paling membuatkan sy jatuh hati ever with the song is tadaaa...JET-LOOK WHAT U'VE DONE..I love the arrangemnent of music, vocalis voice, and much much love is the lyric..and i heart that band too..:)

 Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to prove

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Give me back my point of view
'Cause I just can't think for you
I can hardly hear you say
What should I do, well you choose

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone

Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to do

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone

that's all for today..though i have a lot of favorite songs but this one is evergreen greenish evah..heh



aku memang berusaha untuk kita..tapi kadang-kadang orang x nampak..memang aku tolak tepi perasaan aku..ade orang nampak..aku sedih..ada kau tanya * awk..ade problem ke ni? kenapa ni..* ade kau tanya macam tu? ape yang aku tahu benda same kau ucap tapi ade kau ambik kisah perasaan aku? memang kau banyak  buat jasa baik tapi ada tak kau tanya apa2 pasal aku? aku cakap tension ke takut ke kau lagi menambah tension aku..bukan kau nak bagi aku kate2 semangat ke hape kan...

orang cakap aku tak matang..memang aku retarded sikit bab2 cenggini..tapi takpe lah..tu bad side of me..fair la kan..ape aku celoteh ni? aku rase nak tulis aku tulis la..nak kate aku selalu emo time pagi2 buta kate je la...aku xkisah pon..aku tulis aku punye la rase aku..bila aku takde rase aku pandai2 ah nyorok..


Saturday, January 22, 2011

trouble..gaahh...mybe  la i'm having pre-PMS..guees what..i write this while talking to my bf on the mood like hell now...fine la..see my expectation is going to be true or not..heh..

oh yaa..i saw few blogs are taking 30 days challenge..nk wat jgk here's the rulesssss

day 1 : your favorite song

day 2 : your favorite movie
day 3 : your idea for perfect first date
day 4 : your favorite photograph of your best friend
day 5 : a picture of something you want to do before you die
day 6:  a photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet
day 7 : your dream wedding
day 8 : a song that match your mood
day 9 : a photo of the item you last purchased
day 10 : a photo of your favorite place to eat
day 11 : what's in your make up bag?
day 12 : your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is
day 13 : a picture of your favorite band or artist
day 14 : a tv show that you're currently addicted to
day 15 : something that you don't leave the house without
day 16 : a picture of someone who inspires you
day 17 : how you hope your future will be
day 18 : 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/ same sex
day 19 : a picture of something you want to do before you die
day 20 : the meaning behind your blog name
day 21 : a photo of something that makes you happy
day 22 : a letter to someone who hurt you recently
day 23 : 15 facts about you
day 24 : a photo of something that means a lot to you
day 25 : who are you ?
day 26 : a photo of somewhere you want to go
day 27 : what kind of person attracts you?
day 28 : in this past month, what have you learn?
day 29 : something that you could never get tired of doing
day 30 : a photograph of yourself today + three good things that happened in the past 30 days.

but only if i rajin i buat lah..heh

Thursday, January 20, 2011

happy a bit..holalala

i'm typing this entry while crunching coco crunch like tiger..raw raw raw..yea..lamely lame..
oh ho..i don't want to write much cause i have  no udea..still worry about what i need to talk about on my public speaking next week..tak lame da woi..and i preapre nothing even topic doesn't chose yet..wawa...most of people rather die than speak in open public..aiyaa...da la classmate aku sume awesome2 except me..when i speak english or when i speak i sound like stupid dumb ass..nah amik ko..

oh ya, i'm not bother if i gemuk coz i love to eatttttttttt soo much ! yesterday i went to watch movie at queensbay  with eida,ayien,eida's bf and his gang..and i ordered chicken grilled with mash potato..oh naa..i fEll through the stairs..malu woo jatuh tgga dpn i said..xpe..dpn pkwe eida je pon..err..maybe his friends noticed when i was sio embrassing evaaaah!..maybe because of the shit high heel. T__T

and today as not usual..heh..i went to padang kota and what not..saya pusing penang jalan kaki je..leh r join org sambut thaipusam..cume x cucuk2je la..hee..afoods there are nice but damn..mahal nk mampus..see..i dun care if i fat..i just want to enjoy the in different person..:(


 i love thisssss!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

posto from Mars

today is not all good actullay..went to lectures from the morning sampaila 6pm baru ade bilik.. alamak..sem ni banyak betol gune duit...hundred ringgit need to buy few books only..FTW!..yea..most of my money i spent on book this can't photocopy them cause it compulsory..:( more for shopping..

oh today i got a gift from bf post a watch for me..i thought tak kan sampai cause i silap bagi alamat..and i went to hostel office and yes..there's a barang for me..thank you mister for giving me that.. won';t talk too much about us cos we are still under progress kan..fuhh...

*oh yaa..i xgtaw u pon brg da smpai right after u called me tadi..if u bace this u know la da sampai..:)

my tangan sangat burn it on..
oh ya...a bit besar..need to make it small 

Monday, January 17, 2011

i think i must make a lot of efforts  to make sure we both will be everlast couple..
tak susah..just giveeeeeee and takeeee banyak..xsusah..ulang byk2...(sbnrye susah)
i always  twist every single words he told me,asked me,..then he will
i can't be that such evil anymore la..

staple in my mind that i can't be a housewife who doesn't know even how to masak nasi kan...duhh

puhlisss lah

Sunday, January 16, 2011

masak sampai berasap

hari ini tong toing..saya bangun pukul 11 sebab rehan tibe2 ketuk pintu bilik..terganggu tidur sy..lepas bersembang2 saya pon terlelap balik sampai 2.30pm..

arini sy pegi masak2 ..kol 5 masak smpi la pkul 7 bru siap..wuwuwuwuwu...bodoh punye pesta ponggal..masak pulut nasi pastu rebus dgn susu..hidupkan api sendiri taw..kua mkn terus bau asap..dah la masam..haish..

hasilnye nasi itu ok lah walaupon xmasak sgt..kehkeh...manis woooooo!

haa...nila perasmiannye,..kire camni la kite msk tadi..

haiiya...berusaha hidupkan api smpi stu jam walaupon:(

bincang dlu ye kawan2

yeay..rehan da dtg nk tolong! :)

tibe2 budak ni yang plak dtg menyebok...mlgnye ni last pic die gn helmet die b4 ilang..hee

cantik woo

 api sudah hidup!
mari la kite bergumbira!
tibe2 mak cik bgun tido ni dtg ..heh... lom masak lagi..hee

itulah kesahnye..kitorg xmenang pon sbb sume bnde len msk siap ade hiasan pe bnde lg..kitorg potong botol susu pastu ltk nasi pastu mkn pastu balik..,.ape daa...

ok la..jaa mata..sayou nara..ittersahaii! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

sy syg pak cik polis la pak cik polis tu..tq pak cik :P

actually today we went to autisme centre untuk project subject we all nek bas sbb naks ewa kete x muat 5 org ..and bus is the solution..:P..then we all sesat jalan..dan kitorg pon lepak2 la depan pejabat polis dkt queensbay bajet mcm manusia sesat..we didn't realise that cermin pejabat plis to see pa cik kat ats ni pon kua la tny kenapa..kitorg gtaw la die nk tahu jln ke pusat autisme tu..and he said "xpela, bia sy hantar, jauh tu.."oh..pak cik polis baik doh! P ..dan dan..kitorg pon naik kreta polis,..yeya! 1st time! :P

jeng jeng..ini die kete plis ku naik itu..xtahu lah pulak kete tu mmg seat blkg hny polis je dpt bukak..heh

tp malangnya sesampai di sana , kna buat approvement bagai dr kl..fax tu la ni la..but miss Genges  baik bagi kitorg explore tmpt tu dlu..and the kids, boys sgt sweet! comey and yg besar is too big...haha..but all of them are cheeky although they have autisme problem..they are just live  in their own kesian tmpt tu kecik..bese la ngo kn..kite kna la bantu..but luckily most of them can speak englsih nk translate2 dh..insyaALLAH we will go back there next week kalo dluluskan...

posing jap..hehe

penat jalan taw..kurus xjgk yg depan tu..T__T

ni budak autism yg speaking english cam cam org our only one boy dlm course kitorg:P

sekian saje..bye..

psst: sy cube buat yg terbaik dlm hub kite tapi awk xusaha so sy decide yg terbaik jgk..:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

me love lah!

Asics Onitsuka Tiger

cun owhh!!

nak mengadu banyak boleh?

it is 4.25 am now..lying on my pinkish bed while crunching mamee..gile pe hoi....esok confirm ah aku gemuk...and skrg sgt room bese psg no 1 je kipas...sebab mlm ni panas..nk kuatkan takut my rumate sejuk nanti die bersin2 bagai..sianla plak..esok kelas pkul 11..bagus lah..xtidolagi...kesepiang aku malang ni...heh..kuar ayat ganu jap..mister k dah tido..malam ni time i tido lambat u tido awal plak...hmpph..nk menyampah boleh... malam2 u asyik2 ade klas..pagi ptg pon klas..ptg2 pegi surf...i pon pegi surf surf internet..err...xde mood nk ketawa sbb dah nk subuh...esok u kejutkan i confirm lah i xkn angkat sbb skrg i xtido pon lagi...

sometimes i give up with LDR(long distance relationship) bkn lah seorg yg bergntung pd technology...everyday my boyfriend akan call and sometimes i xagkat kali i xangkat cause kdg2 silent,kdg2 xde mood,gado or  etccc....we are not having any crisis..kalau ade pon maybe i yg create dulu...most of the time i la yang buat hal..i don't know..but i love my relationship..hmm..

i xtahu la we are balance or not..i mean with the differences and similarities..sometimes he is water and i am afire..not sometimes..always gitu lah.. distance makes it becomes harder than i thought..i miss to see him..a da1bulan xjumpe..boleh ke xjumpe 1 bulan or 2 bulan and yada yada..i don't know..malas la nk pk...redha dan tawakkal aje la...bye2

*habis mammee monster ni tumpah atas katil aku!

aku rajin aku tulis

aku tengok kat facebook..banyak giler manusia main no..apebende ni woi..menyemak je..tapi kan..aku tanya lah mmber aku amende no2 ni..dorg pon bagitahu la yada yada(malas nk cite wei) aku pon ade la bg no kt  2 of my friends..and they make a status of  what they thought about me without reveal my name..aku je la tahu sbb no tu aku yg bagi....

and honestly.yes...i admit that i am a  lil bit straight face..mksud i sombong kalo org tgok..and seriously saya bukan lah peramah and a bit quiet..but once you get closed to me, you know who i am :)

a piece pf mine

kadang-kadang aku banyak rasa
bila masa mengejar aku
rasa itu semakin hilang

bukan masa cemburukan aku
tapi aku terlalu menunggu masa
rasa aku lemas dalam masa

jadi itu lah aku rasa..apa aku merepek aku tahu..biar aku je tahu...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

jangan suke pakse orang la woi!

Friday, January 7, 2011

a temporary matter

yes..this is what i read just now..and now move on to intrepreter of maladies..all are written by a quite famous writer..JHUMPA LAHIRI...her stories quite cliche but i found that i mean in the 1st short story affects my observation about life..although it is a small thing happened in our life but sometimes it will affect  for the whole pdg remeh dgn sume bnde..buat la betol2..xkesah la in our study,relationship or whatsoever ye...
ayuh kembali ke jalan pulang dgn budak gemuk 
menunggu SOEDA SENSEI..jum study lu der

habiskan buku itu sampai juling ye

persiapan seorang bakal isteri

hari ni saya rase nak rase nak jadi ibu superhero..kan da cuak..x..hari ni sy rase rajin..rain untuk mengemas bilik dan selepas 2 o 3 hours confirm akan bersepah balik...basuh baju..dgn mesin la..kemas katil, susun buku, susun meja..yea..i'm not good in housekeeping..swear..T.T..but better than cooking..i know nothing..:"(..xpecaye kah..xpecaye sudah..
oh..btw ..i just bought is topshop 's jacket look alike..survey kt topshop harge die rm346 or 248 ..xigt i tgok bape....i xmampu nk beli topshop skang..but this is one i bought not so expensive and not so cheap ...i ingt saiz S ..but M..doesn;t suit me..sape nk beli kindly email me...unworn ok :)

i rely on these at night

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ats je kemas..bwh besepah..:(

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

we know we can all my darlings :)

my best classmates! eida and ayien...both over longy..huh
let us break the habit and go for the victory! :))

penyakit hati di zmn moden

betapa senangnye utk kite mdpt penyakit hati seperti riak dan takbur idgn diri sendiri tanpe kite sedarii..jum kite renung2kan dan selamat beramal..di petik dr ...

1. Blog dan "Followers"
Kebiasaannya perkara ini hanya menimpa dikalangan "blogger". Mereka berisiko untuk merasa diri hebat apabila ramai peminat ataupun "followers" yang mengikuti blog mereka. Ribuan atau ratusan "followers" menyebabkan diri terasa hebat dan dikenali ramai. Tidak salah untuk kita berasa seronok dengan ramainya "followers". Tetapi seronok atas dasar apa? Seronok kerana dapat mencurahkan ilmu kepada ribuan atau ratusan "followers" atau seronok kerana melihat JUMLAH "followers" yang banyak?
2. "Like" di Facebook
Post "status" di laman sosial facebook. Ramai pula yang tekan "like". Apabila ramai yang "like", mulalah rasa diri mendapat perhatian ramai. Setiap cetusan minda yang terpapar di laman Facebook dihargai dan rasa bangga dengan apa yang telah dihasilkan. Awas! Tidak salah untuk merasa gembira apabila orang lain suka apa yang kita lakukan, tapi janganlah sampai merasa riak dan berbangga dengan diri sendiri.
3. Komen di Facebook
Mungkin juga kita akan rasa teruja apabila ramai yang memberikan tindakbalas yang memberangsangkan pada "post" kita di Facebook. Apabila ramai sangat, mungkin bibit-bibit perasaan ujub akan mula lahir.
4. Komen Gambar di Facebook
Perkara ni mungkin berlaku pada lelaki yang kacak dan perempuan yang cun sahaja. Apabila cun atau kacak, ramailah yang komen. Tidak kurang juga yang memuji. Apabila banyak sangat terima pujian, mulalah rasa semacam dan seronok dengan pujian itu. Maka, perasaan ujub pun senang-senang boleh diterbitkan.
6. Ramainya Kawan atau Peminat di Facebook
Jumlah sekali lagi memainkan peranan penting bagi syaitan untuk menghasut manusia untuk berasa riak. Ramai bilangan rakan maya di facebook juga membolehkan perasaan ujub diterbitkan. Itu baru kawan, apatah lagi peminat artis yang mencecah jumlah ratusan ribu, malahan jutaan orang. Apabila ramai orang yang meminati artis tersebut, mungkin perasaan ujub akan muncul. Hati-hati!
7. Berdakwah di Facebook
Mungkin ramai kawan kita yang merapu di Facebook. Sebagai orang yang merasa dirinya wajib untuk berdakwah, maka Facebook dijadikan medan untuk berdakwah di tengah-tengah rakan Facebook yang banyak merapu. Maka, jadilah kita orang yang terpencil kerana tidak merapu sedangkan yang lain banyak yang merapu.
Apa yang dibimbangkan di sini, apabila kita berdakwah, kita turut akan berbangga dengan apa yang kita lakukan. Awas, wahai da'ie!
Jadi, berhati-hatilah dengan hati! Semoga kita dilindungi Allah daripada penyakit-penyakit hati ini. Ingatlah bahawa, setiap apa kebaikan yang kita lakukan semuanya adalah daripada Allah jua. Kita tiada hak untuk merasa ujub kerana tanpa izin-Nya ia tidak mungkin akan berlaku. Kembalilah apa jua pujian itu kepada Allah.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i love my japanese class

i am doing my degree in english studies but somehow i do love my japanese class and my sensei also..heh.(my harajuku is also from japanese kan...yet i have few clothes from harajuku brand.)..fall in love with the we pronounce it and yada yada yada...i love languages but my language including my mother tounge sucks giler..lolz..but yes..seriously...i have a problem to make a right sentence..xkisah la melayu ke english..and i am always a typo girl...ok...lets me introduce you a basic "nippon go" in introducing my self..
watashi wa Syarifah desu
watashi wa mareshia jin desu
watashi wa USM no gakusei desu
watashi no kenmon wa Eigo desu
dozou youroshuki..:P

i don't know why i blogged this but nevermind..i sometimes can;t keep memory lame2 in my brain way can make me recall this in the future..ceh..oldies bebenor...

Monday, January 3, 2011

true love

okayla...lame gile tajuk..but whateverss..ii just want to write the state of mind...i used to believe in true love..but now maybe bukan putus cinta entahla...for me..true love exist once i get married...then my husband will be my true love..yea..i dunnno current bf or whoever GOD determines for me..GOD willing..:)

it is so damn hard to know you love someone deeply or not..i also don't know..c'mon la..i am 22 years old no..still 21 years 24 days nk kire...congak je la..but i always get confused about my heart.. i want this, i want that...sometimes i want both and sometimes it is better for me to just escape from my past or my current..i don't know..why la i mcm ni...i have seriously problem about my kidding..

i want trustworthy, honesty, determination , loyalty..and respect..that's all i can think for eh...sometimes i love SIMILARITY :p

don't let your friend drunk

hari ini mari kite nak bercerita pasal kawan2 bukan la org yg pandai berkawan..serious x...kalau ade yg nak berkawan dgn sy pon kire bertuah dh..sbb sy sgt pendiam and xtahu nk start conversation someone talk to me i will reply..if not..silent will conquer the world..berkawan n kwn untuk mmbuat networking len..kalo as to make a networking..kwn dgn org xknal pon xpe..but to have a friend..i mean for  real friend (does real friend exist?) , ramai kawan xmnjamin papwe..the quality of friend is much to be care..for me la...ok..let me introduce ma friend...i mean the most close to me..ade jgk yg xde kwn sbb long distance friend tp still best friend smpi arini..
my form 6 best frienddd...maybe kwn2 ni mmbuat kan kitorg jd top student kt skul love you all

she is of my closest friend kat usm selain dr my roomate..she is my coursemate,shoppingmate, sesat-mate, malas mate..mate duitan mate..ngeh

she was my class mate and is my u-mate also! :P

terpakse letak pic ni tp terpakse letak wig sbb xpkai tudung..yg tudung kelabu tu is my kawan lame dr umor 6 tahun and my bff dr kecik lg..even my mom close giler dgn her mun...

my weird friend but lawa and giler2..haha..suke kwn dgn laki...

haa..yg ni kwn i yg buat kwn pelik sket..tgah lepak2 tibe2 die dtg mntak amik gmbr..budak unimap..i ckp ok tp dgn kamera i..and still friend sbb well..via facebook kan..heh
btw..aade lagi my 4 bff ever..and for me..really bff...i learn everything with da lame xbrjumpe..since 2 years..and kalo berhubung pon xpenah mcm xde modal nk ckp..i mean..still gurau2 bodoh and the happy thing is sume da jadi best student woi skang..aku je laaa,diana and my boohcan can..i love you..mmg best and sad with korg..thank all of my friend for everything:P

Sunday, January 2, 2011

i am crying..yes..i am..tq

Saturday, January 1, 2011

hari sabtu yang sakit

tidak la sakit sgt..sakit kaki n pinggang sebab berjalan bersesak bershopping  ke sana ke mari..fuhhh..pehal ramai giler org kt queensbay tadi..alahai....sakit kaki..motif utama mencari kasut..byk brand yg berkenan tp bende lain yang dibeli..heh...sukati la...malas nk tulis pjg2..byk sale woooooo...i laike...:P