Monday, January 3, 2011

don't let your friend drunk

hari ini mari kite nak bercerita pasal kawan2 bukan la org yg pandai berkawan..serious x...kalau ade yg nak berkawan dgn sy pon kire bertuah dh..sbb sy sgt pendiam and xtahu nk start conversation someone talk to me i will reply..if not..silent will conquer the world..berkawan n kwn untuk mmbuat networking len..kalo as to make a networking..kwn dgn org xknal pon xpe..but to have a friend..i mean for  real friend (does real friend exist?) , ramai kawan xmnjamin papwe..the quality of friend is much to be care..for me la...ok..let me introduce ma friend...i mean the most close to me..ade jgk yg xde kwn sbb long distance friend tp still best friend smpi arini..
my form 6 best frienddd...maybe kwn2 ni mmbuat kan kitorg jd top student kt skul love you all

she is of my closest friend kat usm selain dr my roomate..she is my coursemate,shoppingmate, sesat-mate, malas mate..mate duitan mate..ngeh

she was my class mate and is my u-mate also! :P

terpakse letak pic ni tp terpakse letak wig sbb xpkai tudung..yg tudung kelabu tu is my kawan lame dr umor 6 tahun and my bff dr kecik lg..even my mom close giler dgn her mun...

my weird friend but lawa and giler2..haha..suke kwn dgn laki...

haa..yg ni kwn i yg buat kwn pelik sket..tgah lepak2 tibe2 die dtg mntak amik gmbr..budak unimap..i ckp ok tp dgn kamera i..and still friend sbb well..via facebook kan..heh
btw..aade lagi my 4 bff ever..and for me..really bff...i learn everything with da lame xbrjumpe..since 2 years..and kalo berhubung pon xpenah mcm xde modal nk ckp..i mean..still gurau2 bodoh and the happy thing is sume da jadi best student woi skang..aku je laaa,diana and my boohcan can..i love you..mmg best and sad with korg..thank all of my friend for everything:P

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