Monday, January 3, 2011

true love

okayla...lame gile tajuk..but whateverss..ii just want to write the state of mind...i used to believe in true love..but now maybe bukan putus cinta entahla...for me..true love exist once i get married...then my husband will be my true love..yea..i dunnno current bf or whoever GOD determines for me..GOD willing..:)

it is so damn hard to know you love someone deeply or not..i also don't know..c'mon la..i am 22 years old no..still 21 years 24 days nk kire...congak je la..but i always get confused about my heart.. i want this, i want that...sometimes i want both and sometimes it is better for me to just escape from my past or my current..i don't know..why la i mcm ni...i have seriously problem about my kidding..

i want trustworthy, honesty, determination , loyalty..and respect..that's all i can think for eh...sometimes i love SIMILARITY :p

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