Sunday, January 23, 2011

tell me when you are sober

sometimes i think it is okay to be alone..when you with someone you may give them all of hatred, burden although he cares about you.i don't know..i wish GOD helps me..give me a strength ,enlighten all of my days..ALLAH  wills..

hold me when i;m sad, be with me when i am just nothing.., comfort me when i am crying..i know..i am over sensitive sometimes..i am too much an ignorant person... i don't try harder..i have friends here but you are is okay ,i just care about it a is not much affects us actually.but all this question turn to our heart.. 

you know but you always pretend like nothing happen..yes,.maybe you are a person that can be cold in every minute then..but me not..for me,if it happened yesterday, the next day i will remain the same like yesterday..nah..i know i take something seriously..but is'nt it good ? comparing 4 someone who always pretend..hipocrite? 

takpelah..rabu ade public speaking..i will talk about suicide and my nervous breakdown is high as chronic high blood preasure but my confidence level is zero.. *__*..lols

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