Thursday, January 20, 2011

happy a bit..holalala

i'm typing this entry while crunching coco crunch like tiger..raw raw raw..yea..lamely lame..
oh ho..i don't want to write much cause i have  no udea..still worry about what i need to talk about on my public speaking next week..tak lame da woi..and i preapre nothing even topic doesn't chose yet..wawa...most of people rather die than speak in open public..aiyaa...da la classmate aku sume awesome2 except me..when i speak english or when i speak i sound like stupid dumb ass..nah amik ko..

oh ya, i'm not bother if i gemuk coz i love to eatttttttttt soo much ! yesterday i went to watch movie at queensbay  with eida,ayien,eida's bf and his gang..and i ordered chicken grilled with mash potato..oh naa..i fEll through the stairs..malu woo jatuh tgga dpn i said..xpe..dpn pkwe eida je pon..err..maybe his friends noticed when i was sio embrassing evaaaah!..maybe because of the shit high heel. T__T

and today as not usual..heh..i went to padang kota and what not..saya pusing penang jalan kaki je..leh r join org sambut thaipusam..cume x cucuk2je la..hee..afoods there are nice but damn..mahal nk mampus..see..i dun care if i fat..i just want to enjoy the in different person..:(


 i love thisssss!
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