Tuesday, January 18, 2011

posto from Mars

today is not all good actullay..went to lectures from the morning sampaila 6pm baru ade bilik.. alamak..sem ni banyak betol gune duit...hundred ringgit need to buy few books only..FTW!..yea..most of my money i spent on book this sem..no...i can't photocopy them cause it compulsory..:( ..nahh..no more for shopping..

oh today i got a gift from terengganu..heh.....my bf post a watch for me..i thought tak kan sampai cause i silap bagi alamat..and i went to hostel office and yes..there's a barang for me..thank you mister for giving me that.. won';t talk too much about us cos we are still under progress kan..fuhh...

*oh yaa..i xgtaw u pon brg da smpai right after u called me tadi..if u bace this u know la da sampai..:)

my tangan sangat burn now...work it on..
oh ya...a bit besar..need to make it small 

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