Tuesday, February 15, 2011


can i talk about blogging? okay..i'm not a famous blogger..i didn't do blog walking everyday..maybe once a month..tu pun blog people i know..i just like to be a silent reader..some  i know very famous one ..maybe cause of her/his writing and perhaps she/he is famous but being hated by most of people*get what i mean?. it is up to you to evaluate them..

you can write all your crap to your blog..ya la..your blog kan..and if you don't want others read your little crappy blog, private it. 

mind you,blog is technology thingy to express all of your feeling,creativity,business and etc.. if you don't like it,do not read it again. if i come to read to the blog that over exposed of their personal and single day lifestyle,i won't visit that blog again.  

my blog is little piece of mind that sometimes i can't utter with words..but just only with fingertipsss..despite my words might be a bloody rubbish ..who cares? i am always a typo..making grammar error and i don't give any bombastic words..maybe if read it again i can understand what did i write..

i feel like i want to disabled the comment section..yea..i am the one who hardly can;t take any shitty comment..but think twice, just a few knows about my blog..and again..who cares? :D

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