Monday, February 14, 2011

cerita oldskul ungkit balik

saje nk cite..sbb aku ngantuk tapi still xnak tido..haa..tetibe semalam kan aku dapat mms..from someone in my former school..he was my senior actually..and nak kate lost contact x jgk, nk kate contact  pon x jugak sbb facebook ade..*oh, i deactivated my fb now..heh.. he sent me a mms..guess what? ok..don't guess..i'll show you..

kisah ni da enam tahun lepas rupenye..mind you, i was in form 4 okay..heh..and that was my card which i gave to him..tapi i da lupe giler bile mase i bagi..cause we used to give each other cards, songs yada yadaa... he still texted me, but i don't have time to reply..yeay..i am super bz with myself kot..and  the point is,HE STILL KEEP ALL OF MY SURAT AND CARDS! *puppylove moments*

ok..i'm having a damn problem now..i asyik makan x brenti bile tido kat blik eida..haish..i can be 42 kilos anytime and 46 kilo now in 45.8 kilos..FTW!

SPOT ME IN 46 kilos..shit! oh ya..don't blame me for having such a tall and beauty friends ya.:P

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