Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bad day ha! but still..chill ya! was  a bad day today..damn bad day.

i left my phone ..dlm lif bru igt's still not consider as a bad day for me..chill la...i still can live without it:) even my boifie bising2..haa..bru taw skarg prsaan i mase awak tibe2 tido xsdarkan diri! :D

scolded by lecturer..not really stressed me out but i think it was my fault..ok..chill..buat ape nk marah2 lecturer sbb marah kite dah kite mmg salah kan..:)

then, i got my mark for my demonstration public speaking..not really good..but ya know, i prepared the speech a few hours before the show babeh!..and it is a demonstration! so, xyah kecoh2 k jeles2 kt org yg dpt A la..i got what i deserve kan..chill la lal lala li tamplon..

i don't mind if i get damn fucking teruk giler result as long as what i did is what i la padan muke i sndiri and prepared well for the next persuasive speech baby! :)

nothing more..we went to disable people's rehab centre.. and my project is half done..thank GOD for that unplanned activity.. and happy for that centre sbb x banyak birocracy*i dunno how to spell it..duhh thingy..:)
their parents gave us full of cooperation and the subject(the guy) too..they are so cute and aggresive.. we chose syndrom down guy..but ya know..the way they act just like kids and fyi we are doing a project about  speech disorder..i wish i could upload the video here but i afraid if it is not appropriate  by doing that..

he knows how to read,write and draw quite well..but he speaks malay,english,chinese all together with me..cutie!

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