Thursday, February 17, 2011


caption by nas..i can feel my emotion..bile die amik pon xtaw..
ok..again..mind yaa..don't read this..i feel like writing on my private diary..fine la..all my entries are about my luahan like my life over pathetic kan..i don't want to make it private cause i want certain people bace ..:)

haish..mula2 rase xnak marah2..but now my blood boiled at a high temperature..geeshhhh..WTH haa..
i can even switch my mood even in 1 minutes..seriously..i don't want to start a, i'm not that kind of girl yah..i fight for my right but sometimes i can be backstabber or a smart liar..feel it ya..

this is for's kind of mix poem,songs,quotes and  what so ever la that genuinely my thought

i won't say goodbye cause it seems like a fake goodbye
hye is not my words,but bye is what i feel most..

malas pulak nk buat..

as a check your self and if you feel you are so that honest,
don't fuvk

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