Monday, February 21, 2011


hari ni..semangat bangun awl..ok..early for me  is like 9 am onwards je kot..woke up...took a shower...texting ..went upstair for the selection process..* xleh blah..undi rosak sbb pangkah 1 je..haha...went to class a bit early..just Haifa there ,revised again about brain's diagram..had a test..
then my day started  to be distracted..
i had two classes today which are psycholinguistic and contemporary literature..
as usual, dr .alias"s lectures for me are quite interesting but mind went nowhere..
i switched on the computer and start facebooking while dr. talked in front semangat giler about speech perception..sorry dr..:(

yes..masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri..haish..2 hours class is like 24/7.. i knew that Dr. also noticed me..alah..ya know..bila mate konon bagi 100% attention tapi tubuh badan otak melayang...haha.. in my mind, i just want dr. to stop his lecture immediatelyy..geesshh..but today we finished our class sharp on time la pulak..what to do..herher

and we continued our literature class with doc.R on 2pm..yes..i am kinda punctual person..ecece...not..but we finished our lunch early and straight to the class.. kalau dah nama study literature so mestila kena beli buku..soooo...we learnt about ideology and memories of melancholy whores(tajuk pun agk sensitif ye) and mee? still like before..i seat at the 2nd row and really at the centre of the class and straight to the dr...but i still can't give my attention..i started to explore dr.'s face and wrote a short note to a friend next to me..i was so boreddd just now..:P
          eh..tgok telinga dr..bersambung la..hahahaha..
          eh..tengok seluar dr...funny..hahhaa

yaa..i know it is quite lame..but GOD..i can't help it..i can be distracted of any simple things...maybe i should skip classes if i'm going to act like this again..hehrher
waiting for ina

psssst:congrats to my sis finally dpt keje di HSBC bank..haish..2 org keje bank 3 org keje i still don't see my future :(

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