Monday, February 28, 2011

big headed

no..i'm not the big head person..and i don't mean anyone..saje je tuh..i'm retarded in giving a title..seriously..
today's class was so so..we had a test and i can do just half of the questions je kot..i don't know..just wait for the result..

 i feel like want to skip my tutorial 4 mggu lepas da skip dh..ala..leceh la..i hate literature so much..i don't know anything when my lecture start talking in front..he asked us to search about the logical ideology in the novel..all i know the novel is all about the old man who actually in a death age want to have a sex with 14 years old adolescent virgin..damn..i hate literature..i'm not a creative person..i can't think any implicit or explicit  messages or what not..ok la..i don't want to read that novel..nk google je cari summary..well..orang malas :) we had a photoshoot with i don;t know people from somewhere..heh..all my classmates ade :) tp xde la pic dr photographer sbb xsiap lg..just upload from our camera je dlu :)

complete major mates sy..go english go! :)




budus gambo ni..berat sgt i..muka bambam..:P

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