Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I skipped my japanese class today and went to sleep because i'm having PMS..i don't know how long I can't stand this PMS..xboleh sembuh ka? feels like my stomach pricked with torn..hell yeah..I slept like I haven't sleep for 1 days..xsedar ape2..i can't find where is my menstrual pills..and after i am lil bit released baru jmp dalam bag..but i don't need you anymore. 

my emotions is very fragile now cause of this penyakit org perempuan..don't bother me if  I meroyan tibe2..
i need to start searching any materials for my persuasive speech next week..thank to kak kiki cause gae me brilliant and near topic for me..:) i need to prepare earlier cause there's so much thing to do for next week..midterm for sure..i need to master ,i mean really really master in psycholinguistic :)

I hope everything gonna be fine..INSYAALLAH

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