Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 mengatuk hoi..sabo je la..tapi xnk tido awl2..nt jadi mcm semalam..kol 5 da terjage..ape mau buat? haiyaa..please..don't shut your eye ,lids..heh? FTW..

when i recalled back my lifetime..or even my childhood time..i am kind of a sensitive girl..easy word..cengeng la kot..i easy to cry for small thing but at the other side, i hardly cry for a certain reason..my tears heavily drop if:

  • watched any sad dramas or movies or even video clips!..even 1 minutes of scenes! haish..xkire la  putus cinta ke, mak mati ke, bunuh kucing ke..
  • i can't see any of  my family cried..i remembered the last time i cried in my sister's wedding..one of my sister cried sbb  our parents  nk balik hometown right after the reception....and me too cried seeing her..haha..sometimes it can be funny..but we cried! :|
  • i can't see my friend cry, at first maybe i want to comfort her, then i yg leleh air mata kot..lol
  • kalau ade bnde xkena dgn sy,i wil cry.yes..maybe it's too much and sometimes i feel like i've been pampered so much..dat's y i am like this..
there's a lot more,but i can't think if my brain keep telling me to sleep..
**sometimes i feel it is so embrassing having too much emotions ..but i can't stop it happen..:P

btw..oyasumi nasai... dozou yoru suki :D

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