Tuesday, February 22, 2011

heloooo Februaryy...raw raw

something across my mind.. ok la..i want to forget that malu things just now..wuu..he still laughing at me.jahat ..jahat...wuu wuu..haha..forget it..:P

this february i think is the most ruined month for me..ya know y? 

all because of my procrastinate attitude..and the result is ? hands down to me lah..what else :(
today i had my nihon-go test..and it was suckss..i can't do well cause i'm too sucks in Hiragana's writing..damn..
i need to refer every single words in nihon-go books.. i mean when i studied derr ..

and now..i am broke up..i don't have enough money,..but it is not like i don't have any single cents to eat,buy necessary stuff and what not..but for shopping spreeeee..a big noo to them :(
honestly i don't like window shopping..there's no thing for cuci mata and it just cramp down my legs...i just like shopping and buy at least one thinggg so called.. dah la..i hate thinking i can't get what i want..

oh but but but..i love to online's window shopping..this is what we call CUCI MATAAAA! .actually. i don't want to show u about any branded designer shoes, jacket, wayfarer, expensive make up stuffs and what not..tapi sy cuci mata tgok hair style tadi..herher..but tu bkn  window shopping kan? lolz...sumimasen*japanese ma

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