Friday, February 18, 2011

perhaps perhaps perhaps

i feel like posting every minutes so that i can feel release. i don't like to share with people..ya..sometimes i'd like too..but on the halfway i will stop  cause there's nothing much to utter out and about.

i need to go for mind is like dying...x cergas langsung..wth! fat is welcomed me with stick to me like there's no other skinny people alive..i am super hungreyyy baby! nakmakan..wait la a bit..after org sembhayang jumaat..jap je lagi hoi..

my hair grows well until i woke up today and i look myself as a twin to hantu kak limah balik doubt..lolz.. to tesco to buy some groceries..groceries? hahaha

rindu nak tengok LEGEND wait for it...DAIRY..!..u know if u r a big fan of it..i love Barney although he is gay btw..:)

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