Sunday, February 20, 2011

normal people always rude eh?

today was a damn fatigue day.. i ended up my day at almost 1 am..went to rapat umum *pilihan raya that, calon2 need to introduce themselves to the voters and convey people about their manifesto and etc etc..

whf! i can't hear at all ape yg calon2 ni ckp..cause of that rude and un-behaved  fanatic supporters and  the opponents...c'mon guys, we are in  university,think like educated people..just gives the candidate a chance to deliver their speech..don't interrupt them with all unappropriate thing..haish..penat giler and rase nk pekak telinge..i don;t want to go but my friend yg bertanding for kerusi, i just went there with my roommate dgn mata mgantuk giler..

eh eh..and i also met that budak tu budak tu..ahaha..

balik bilik dgn hati kelaparan nk mkn laksa ,tgok2 da basi...what to do..T_T

tomorrow nak study..i need to study for my own sake..i must get an excellent result wlupon test je..cause i love dr.alias subject..hehe...

tibe2 gntok..bye..

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Amie Tempoyak. said...

laksa basi. takde rezeki lah tu. tee hee :D woah, never attended pilihanraya kampus before. tak ambik port pun, lol. sounds interesting :)