Thursday, February 10, 2011

sokmo xde idea nk letak tajuk

seriously i can't be a procrastinator anymore..i will get all oldies punye penyakit nt..blood pressure, diabetes, migrain and what not..dam..mlm2 wat assignment smpi pagi..ok..i lied a bit..i will start doing my assignment from 1am till 4 am..bkn la straight  3  hours but i still feel depressed doing that..pagi2 woke up at 8 am and went to class till 5 pm..yea..i have a few hours gaps but if i balik bile confirm xpegi kelas petang2 nt..i think i am the same level as the PHD student..duhh

still got a lot of assignments to i said before..i am too much procrastinate, so i know i will do everything 1 day or a few hours before i submit all my assignments.. and my face look like damn dull and dehydrated a lot..*maybe due to depressed and diarrhea previous day .. so..just now i bought a few masks to moisturize my skin and sedut air balik..haha..ya..silly me..i don't know how to describe..gaga..

ade x lotion yg bagus tuk kulit kaki? feet's skin xleh klik dgn johnson,nivea and what so ever named  lotions..i need any moisturizer lotion..damn ugly my feet now..kering hoi

photo disabled..
sbb buruk hoi ::B

*gmbr ni kan sy upload tp sy xnmpk rupe gmba ni cane..laptop ni kabur2 sbnrye..laptop lagi 1 x update lg wifi..kt bwh 10rm  nk regis wifi..mahal sial..haish..g lab cen free je daa pic ats ni true me kot..x edit secoet pon..and yes..muke xckup tido langsung.mata ade eye bag...panjang giler caption pic..harharharh

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