Thursday, May 6, 2010

die PIMPLE die! go awayyy!!

shooh..what do you fucking on ma face?? i hate u..can u please dun stick with..oh grooshhh.....pimples! 3 bijik! erghh....easy to get pimple and hard to throw it all away..if i could ...urghhh...u spoiled everthing....i need to find something new...what brand?? i dun have enough money to buy damn branded stuff now..i am totally pokai ..huk3...take a granted of my mum my sis bole la..ngiaaaa.....

urgh,,u touch my big pimple!!'s getting bigger..ouhh...i'm juz kidding..:)
someone did give me last advise: 'blik umah jge muke'..."i taw u xske jrawat"..
hello mister! all human being hate pimples...if it can make u looks adorable it can be accepted...instead u kan..urghh..wait n sem u'll get suprised..:P

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