Monday, August 16, 2010

oh ..i miss this precious moment!

*this is very beautiful scenery i've ever seen of my entire life..OH GOD..i miss this
*this is where we were taught water confident**and i'd fail! lol
* i miss u guys..badly

  • sometimes when we used to hate what we did ..but after we r no longer in that situation we start to know what He has given to us..yea..experiences is the best teacher while we life..we know how to through this life wisely..
  • duh...miss everything in kem benum hill resort badly! no..infinates! though it has been 3 or 4 years ago..feels like it past a minute a go
  • i'd learned to be to bulid ur character in any situation..oh..thanx to all jurulatih..kinda love n miss u..
*charlie is the company in that batch..
charlie hot to go


Anonymous said...

34 years or 34 months??

sya rossa said...

lol....silap..i means 3 or 4 years sth