Tuesday, August 31, 2010

good gone bad and wanna be good again

last nite..i had a lil talk with eida..usually we used to talk like bitchy..but last nite..or maybe this is ramdhan and all of syaiton xde, ktorg chit chat bnde bek sket,,not like before,,the stupid one,,bla bla..

E: sya..
M: yup..
M: me too! jum jum
E: tp cane?
M: jgn tggal sembhyang dlu
E:yup..smbhyg tu pnting ..
it's a pillar of everything..

moral of the story: we dont want just hangat2 tahik kambing...

*nk ttup aurat
*nk jage solat..
*nk jauhkan dri mksiat
*put what is important as our priority,.but can we?? GOD willing..(^_^)

may ALLAH open our heart..amiin..amiin

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