Friday, August 13, 2010

hectic weekend! tsk tsk

*eida the classmate.. only 10 students doing my course..:)

*today..did lil bit so called part time job and get 10rm per hour..
*laptop finally da dpt ..and memory card pon..rm100..check! :(
*2morrow need to finish and find some materials for my out of ideas
*will attend eibah's birthday makan coz we r in fasting month..
*got discussion again..
*didnt reply any msg coz forgot to topup after a month..
*usually my mom calls me..and that mister...others i always x sedar nk pick up ur calls
*maybe i just spent 30 sen per day...with same conversation with eida:

S:wake up! tutor
E: baru bagun
S:waiting for u at sk
E:fucking shit bas xde!
S:begayut je...nt smpai le
*it happened everyday for this sem..lolol

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