Tuesday, August 10, 2010

xde tajuk

yeay...it may annoyed u guys..i keep posting new entries about 2 or 3 times today...i just wonder why i love to do dis...but when times come, i will feel bored and bother to write any entry..

sometimes i hate my figure..what has given by ALLAH to me...i hate my boob! i keep jealous when i saw girls with nice figure walk in front of me and wondering why i cant be like them? yea...sometimes i hate it..no..most of the time...

*but no matter what..u just ask urself...
if u keep sigh with ur life but compare to what?

there r so many people out there somewhere are not lucky phisycally....but they are so grateful they have good mental so called mentality...me? enough sya..when u get the worst..naah ..now u know how to thank to GOD..

at this moment,,,i just want be at home..keep dreaming la big-unindependent-me..though i was in home i couldnt make my mom happy...i just stayed,,watched tv ..when meals preapared my mum just call me......she never eat without me because she knows the fact..I HATE TO EAT ALONE ....without her,,i love u mom...although my child attitude always annoyed u...i miss my dad and my grandma...tsk tsk..tsk..i cant wait forhari raya...loads loads loads of love,food,happines..

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