Friday, August 20, 2010

distracted! grrrrrrr



*there's no after pixa! :)
this week is very hectic..maybe bru 2nd day i pose..wolololo.....lapa..krok krel kro is 2.47pm..lmbat lagik...will break a fast at balik pulau...can wait cant wait...:"(..hungry like steffan salvatore craving for blood..

i'd ruin up my week..oh ok..only this week..promise...didnt wake up 4 sahur..2 x skip classes,skip terawih, didnt touch book at all for today test n i felt freaking stupid for the easy "questionggg",..

xkemas katil..bgun lmbt..lapar .lapar..ok..sabar..nt makruh pose tu..tsk tsk..

and i need 50 cent more nak basuh baju! :(..i mean 50 cents...xnk basuh tangan...wuuuu..nt makin lapar T_______T

i need to repair ma brain cells..manage my timetable..get focus..start making a revision..holla!

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