Tuesday, August 3, 2010


rasa nak menyampah ke..

ok..those who read this..its up to you..
tell me..harsh me...i dunt wanna keep those words..
it doesnt make any sense..

name me jiwang if u want to..
bear in my mnd..
we r human..

but now..
i'm so tired of all this fucking stuff..
yea..i love being loved and for sure everybody does..
even either u r gay or practically had an accident in ur life..LMAO

but..yet..i dont want to have any relationship that related to someone someone someone..
it sucks....although we never talk but we know each other pompuan..
dah..stop it..the end...

i did call my mom and feels like crying like cats and dogs..no..it just if it rains la..
i mean cry baby cry..

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