Monday, August 23, 2010

i do love this sem..:)

*first of all...roflol...:) i dont have to take any english literature paper this semand i freaking love it! i;m not into literature..i dont have such a good POV and i hate to read shakspeare, emily dickinson,play,poem etc etc...sorry prof..i wish i will not take lite paper 4 the next sem..but..jgn harap lah..u still 1 lit paper to go..T___T

* i love all of my dr alias ghani who teach me phonetic and phonology subject..i do love ur british accent doc! bloody hot! and yes,..u can make variety of english accent also..but i didnt do well 4 ur test yesterday..sumpah menyesal..coz it;s really twisted question and nah..the answer is so easy..but shame on me..i didnt study at allb4 the test..yeay..i could blame myself..

*most of my assesment, assigment will be submit before hari's quite burden coz i need to do a lot of works in such a short period,'s a very hectic month..but bersusah susah dahulu bersenang senang kemudian..kan kan kan ..after hari raya,there's just a few of assignment but nvm..hope i'll make it:)

*i dont have any ridiculous commtment..yeay..4 me..i cant handle many things in once..i;m not multitalented person..:)
*hari raya coming soon..yeay and ok..i miss my family so u guys..umi mesti sdg sibuk preparing juadah buke pose skang..and it would be nice dishes.. :)


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