Sunday, August 8, 2010

what a day

*it's 11.18 pm..i'm craving for variety of sushi and just had it last few days..*srot srett srot srett* while having my PMS pain..erghherghh*it was 6.30 am and it was raining through the thunder..lil bit wide awake and rushed 4 solat subuh

*it was 7 am and the sleep temptation came..zzzz

*it was 12 pm..i hate to wash clothes by hand ..but i didnt have any coins left..wadafark

*it was 5pm..zzz...i need to sleep to reduce my pms..


Pinky Pixie said...

i'm also got the pms yestrday. huh. i know how the pain it is. =.='

♥ Shopping & coconut shake terbaik ♥

sya rossa said... sucks..(=