Sunday, April 10, 2011

maju setapak.

ok guys..this is not maju setapak as i will get married or graduate with 1st class honour..i just create a tumblr of mine! wieww iweew..before this, i just like to view other's Tumblr and i love to read them..for me tumblr is a place to me to express my feeling without too much exposed myself..idk..i just feel that way..kan..

so, do follow my Tumblr BEAUTY-OF-TRASHES I'd give my tumblr's name beauty of trashes..wah..ape ke hey nye name and trashes if we mix them it will produce neutral thinggy..:P follow me wokeh bebeh!

psst : hujan ribut petir blackout all in one today ..ujian :)


SeƱorita Layla Zahara said...

thanks 4 following and i had followed you back :)

LOL ingt sape la ms check td. gmbr org lain. nsb baik aku cam muka bf ko. hehe

Anonymous said...

senang x tumblr?? lg senang nk buat blog or tumblr??

sya rossa said...

sennag tapi awal2 ni malas la sket nk bukak tumblr..belom addict lagi plus busy..tapi kalo rase suka luah persaan better buat blog..tumblr if youlike picture and quotess to blog about..

Anonymous said...

i prefer tumblr more actly..but,siesly..macam jakun nak mulakan sume..i already bukak ur tumblr..nice.cmne nak bt layout n others2 tu??siesly I do not know how to survey n explore those things.TQ :)

sya rossa said...

i pon x expert lg tumblr nih..main reblog post org je..hehe..layout tu i google search je...hehe