Monday, April 11, 2011

hey politicians

you are so lame,you are so selfish,you are so never think about 'rakyat', yet you only think about your self,your status.WHAT IS YOUR PRIORITY?

i can see your efforts but i don't see your kindness,i am just a typical youth of Malaysian, i know nothing but i still can make my own observations,my views and whatnot..i appreciate some 'wakil rakyat' which fight for OUR rights..but where anyone else? they gave us lot of manifestosssss, janji kosong,janji melayu.janji cina,janji india.. we don't ask much but we just ask what we need, we don't ask properties, we asked for unity, justice, and freedom..

don't give a crap about sex video or else.hey all..i mean ALL..rakyat can think but are you hear our voices? yes you did, but you hide it,you keep it..don't use any holy crap things to maintain your exposed those video or anythings ..what for? does your purpose is on behalf of Islam? I bet's all in the names of POLITIC.

sorry,i have my view, i hate biased, i hate crony and whatsopoliticsthings.. i am 21st and i can vote now! hahah

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