Friday, April 29, 2011


yes..i envy them because all of my family will going back home today..all of my sistersT_T.. i extremely wanna go back also..but I have paper on thi 3rd May.. for sure i will be enjoying myself without doing  any revision if i'm at my little niece which I missed a lottttt also balik..

dulu xpandai jalan skang da pndai..alollo

wah..ketepi ketepi bontot sape besar tu

cik su rinduuu nak penyet pipi cinonet ninii!
i am sad..yes i am..i don't bother to go home for 3 days and come back again for the 2 papers left..but this literature's paper bothers me a lot!! urghh..this sem gonna be the last sem I took literature subject..I always hate u literature!

psst: i miss everyone's home

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