Friday, April 15, 2011


my tummy is going to explode by now..i ate nonstop at home..i need to go back to my uni as my  meal can get back to nafsu is too much when i'm home..i don't know what will happen to me in 5 months semester break soon..maybe no one will recognize me anymore.hahaha....look alike Susan Boyle kot nanti..i need to find a part-time job whatever it is..tak nak duduk rumah bela lemak,bela badan..nanti drumstick ashamedddddddd...

you maybe suprise what i ate yesterday,not just yesterday,but the whole one week me at home..seems like i kebuluran baru balik dari medan perang..

bangun pagi: breakfast
before luch: makan rendang dgn nasi kunyit
before lunch again: ratah ayam
before lunch again: jambu with asam yang debu2 tu
luch: 1 plate of rice with ayam,udang.etc
after lunch: ngadap movie
*belom mandi lagi ni
high tea: junk food, milo, cadburry
dinner: ayam rendang tadi T_T (umi masak sedap sangat.pedasss)
supper: maggi kari

ohmaygodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd..what am i??? an elephant? a baby one?

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cikkacak said...

OMG ! besar nye mulot gajah tu .