Tuesday, April 5, 2011

grow up please

actually i don't want to up this issue again..haish..people should move on..everybody's move on..in every relationship you had in the past..some people might hate their exboyfriends. but me not..seriously i don't..awal2 break up memang benci nak mampus..tapi lepas tu i start to move my life..forget the past and built the new chapter..kan..buat ape nak benci..just forget and forgive.. dulu mase ko couple bukan main la die la buah hati jantung ko..lepas break kau benci giler babi dekat die..xperlu kot..tapi tu depends kan..xboleh jugak nak anggap orang fikir macam kite..but just don't show it obviously in front others. for me, i will just forget the past and move on my life.. xpayah benci just xpayah ingat pape..and i believe everyone should be happy..even your ex boyfriend..xkisah la sapa yang salah. forgive and forget is the sweetest things  to do in your life..everyone will get the benefits. :)

 don't be too childish..yes..you may be childish but in certain things...just please don't..*okay..part ni aku 2 x 5..haha..xjadi lah nk ckp

just don't involve other's anymore..budaya block memblock fb ni sgt la childish dlm masalah2 gini..kalau nk block pervert tu xpe jgk..masuk akal..dulu  penah buat tapi skrg i dah unblock any person yg mengarut..tp pervert je still block...and i even asked my bf to unblock his ex gf..lol..oyasumi nasai! :P

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Myss Irah said...

dah trend skank ni blog menblog owg.. huhu..